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  1. I was completely confused by this thread as when we docked in Cartagena a few months ago we were in the middle of the city. Eventually realised that you must all be talking about Cartagena, Colombia while we were in Cartagena, Spain!
  2. aquilegia

    Emerald Princess cabin question

    I've never had a magnifying mirror in any Princess balcony cabin.
  3. aquilegia

    Star Princess transferring to P&O Australia...

    Sorry to hear this. Star Princess was the first Princess ship OH and I ever sailed on.
  4. aquilegia

    Bristol Cruise Port Taxis? Shuttle?

    I think you are worrying unnecessarily. The port officials at the gates will know when there is a cruise ship in port and what time it is due to sail. Why would they want to stop you? I only live a few miles from Avonmouth port and I have never seen or heard any reports of passengers having problems getting back to their ship. I'm sure the local papers would highlight any such occurrences.
  5. aquilegia

    Reviews of Share and Salty Dog with Pictures

    I loved your review, helenb. Thanks very much. One thing I hope you won't mind me explaining. Sunchokes are not 'artichokes from Jerusalem'. They are what we in the UK call Jerusalem artichokes but they have nothing to do with the city. The word Jerusalem in this case is a corruption of the word 'girasoles' which is French for sunflowers. The plants are members of the sunflower family (hence sunchokes).
  6. aquilegia

    Need Advise on Return Flight to US

    Hope it all works out for you. It wouldn't be a bad idea to be aware of later flights, though, just in case you have to make a last minute change. I say this because we sailed out of Southampton on Crown Princess in May this year and couldn't board till late afternoon because the ship had come into port 3 hours late, due to storms in the Bay of Biscay. So problems can occur, even at that time of year,
  7. aquilegia

    Has anyone used Viator for tours?

    I wouldn't use Viator as I prefer to deal direct with whichever company is actually operating the tour.
  8. The Grand Harbour hotel opposite the Holiday Inn also offers this.
  9. I really would hate this. I am quite capable of introducing myself to others at the table. And it's really patronising to tell people to welcome their table mates, as if otherwise they would just ignore them. It's also not the place of the Maitre D' to announce where your cabin is. Wasn't there another similar thread on here recently, if not on the Princess forum, then on the Ask a Cruise Question forum? The overwhelming opinion there was against the suggestion.
  10. aquilegia

    Crown Princess question

    They didn't do it on Crown from Southampton in May either.
  11. #11 is so true. I have eBayed old cruise menus in the past. Think twice before you throw them in the bin.
  12. aquilegia

    Do dating anniversaries count?

    Some years ago, Princess did a promotion for people celebrating 25th, 40th, 50th (and perhaps 60th!) wedding anniversary. It was a bottle of fizz, canapes and a photo on formal night as I recall. However, you had to send Princess a copy of your marriage certificate
  13. aquilegia

    Too much more of the same in Norway?

    All the ports in Norway are different and the fjords all have their own particular scenery. They're not all small ports by any means. A typical cruise will include cities such as Bergen or Stavanger.
  14. We were on a Princess cruise when they had one of their stargazing evenings. It was held by the Cruise Director, who was clueless. He arranged it for a time when, according to that day's Patter, the sun was only just setting, so it was obvious to anyone with a bit of commonsense that there wouldn't be any stars visible. We were by one of the pools when the disappointed stargazing group came down from the deck above, together with a very flustered and apologetic CD. The idea is good but I don't think this sort of activity should be offered unless there is someone knowledgeable and competent to run it.
  15. aquilegia

    Sea sick injection in Australia

    No, you can't get it before you go because it is not a preventative. It is a treatment for when you are actually seasick.