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  1. I volunteered for the Pfizer study and got my last shot in October and had no side affects from either shot. My wife just got her second shot today. I believe in science and the vaccine is safe. I understand how fast it came up but when we are at war time was not a luxury we had. Please be safe. I cannot wait till my son has the opportunity to get vaccinated
  2. How about the seas are they pretty rough. I can deal with the cold but would not rather have very rough seas.
  3. My brother booked a 14 Barcelona / Portugal relocation cruise next November. I decided to join him on theLegend as this will be family event and I have never been to Spain and Portugal. Their will be the last 6 days at see in the North Atlantic in November. I have never cruised across the Atlantic and in November. How bad are we looking at the weather or should I not be worried. Thanks
  4. I called today and wanted to move our March cruise to January of 2022 and Norwegian would not only not give us the same perks but wanted to charge me more. You would have thought they would be doing everything in their power to keep loyal customers but rather it seems they are doing the opposite. i just things will not be back to normal next March and wanted to have price of mind. Not sure what they are thinking but it does not seem like they understand we are in a pandemic. what do other think
  5. I got an email that under our Piece of Mind that we would have the FCC credit and my TA checked with the cruise line and only our excursions where their. I called NCL and the lady said I had to go through my TA. I also have not seen any of the other things supposedly that should be given back to my credit card. What should I do.
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