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  1. I spent the afternoon on hold with Delta. There was no option of a call back like in the past. I used the SkyMiles number. I needed to cancel our flight back from Singapore since we cancelled our October transpacific cruise on the Regatta. Miles are back in our accounts and the fees and taxes will be refunded to the credit card. No reloading fees. I needed to book our March Nautica cruise flights. Since I don’t have enough miles and no availability, I had to pay for the flights. If the cruise is cancelled and we have to cancel these new flights, I get an air credit for the entire amount and ha
  2. Thank you everyone. I contacted AMEX about the credit card issue. The rep said it would automatically go to the new card. I also filled out the form contained in the email and emailed the cruise agent. Hopefully I’ve gotten the ducks in order. I don’t anticipate a quick refund. Fortunately it was just the deposit. Happy Easter.
  3. We are sorry to have our Black Sea cruise cancelled but we were expecting it. My dilemma is I used a credit card which was compromised and is no longer viable. I saw the form to fill out but am reluctant to use it. Do I need my travel agent who no longer works for the company to deal with it? I am expecting this to take a very long time to sort out and get our refund. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Thank you.
  4. We were in that cabin on our very first Oceania cruise back in 2010. It was great. It was midship so it was quite stable. If we book a balcony we would consider it if it were available. We did not have any tender ports so don’t know about the noise level.
  5. Thank you, Jan. Was there any mention of Covid tests onboard? Flights to the US require a negative test 3 days before flying back to the US. I am also assuming we will need to take ship excursions. Was this addressed? We are hoping our transpacific goes in October but many hurdles before that one sails since it includes Alaska and Canada. We all want different four walls but also want it to be safe. Again, thanks, Jan.
  6. We are booked on the August Black Sea cruise round trip Athens. At this point we only have paid the deposit which is sizable. We will probably not be on this cruise as much as we want to do this itinerary. We would need to get flights and a Russian visa. Final payment is first part of June. If I read Crystal’s website correctly, penalties do not incur until 60 days out. Is this correct? Trip insurance won’t kick in unless Crystal cancels. To minimize monetary losses, do we cancel now or wait for Crystal to cancel? I am not sure the cruise will be a go but if it goes the itinerary may be totall
  7. Kate and Paul, Do you hear me? Why couldn’t they have made it May 15? I don’t see Spain letting us dock there or us being able to see anything. I just want this behind me! Then I have to deal with air. So far Delta has only a few flights to Europe. They, too, are going a month at a time. The President says June. So we wait! Patty
  8. Senior Citizen, Our fcc of 25% seems to be on what we paid. Let’s put it this way, it’s fairly close. I didn’t figure it out exactly. Our refund from the cruise was exactly what we paid. We are now booked on another Oceania cruise to Barcelona. Hmm. We might be going through this again. We are trying to stay positive. Good luck on getting your refunds.
  9. We were booked on the Nautica April 13 Tokyo to Singapore. We booked a European cruise. Our money from our cancelled cruise was applied as well as the fcc. The cruise was cancelled at 5 pm last Wednesday and our account was straightened out today. Considering the number of cancellations I think the time was very good. We made our own air arrangements. We used the credit from the previous flights to make our new ones. Fairly even. Plus Delta did not charge us a change fee. I said the magic word: Coronavirus. i think we are all set and happy this has worked out. Not sure if we will b
  10. Absolutely! You better believe it.
  11. The cruise was going from Tokyo to Singapore. If you go under Refund Oceania you will find the list of all cancelled cruises. Both the Nautica and the Insignia were impacted. There are no Oceania cruises in Asia through June.
  12. My travel agent just emailed me that our April 13th Cruise is cancelled. I know no details about compensation.
  13. We just got this update. I guess the cruise is a go. We are okay with the changes so far. We are on the April 13 cruise out of Yokohama. Thanks. Important Itinerary Update Dear Valued Guests and Travel Advisors, We would like to inform you of some very important itinerary modifications that have been made to Nautica’s April 13, 2020 voyage from Tokyo to Singapore. This itinerary update also applies to guests on our April 3rd and April 13th Extended Journey voyag
  14. We are on the same cruise as Mamaclark. I understand Oceania has to refigure its Cruises but could they at least tell us that the China Ports are cancelled. Many of us have private tours scheduled and would need to cancel them. There are deadlines associated with those as well. We do have trip insurance but am not sure if these expenses are covered. I also realize it takes time to make these adjustments but could we have word stating that they are working on it and possibly a date by which we will be informed. We still get emails about getting our Chinese and Vietnam visas. Just today I got a
  15. BruceMuzz, we have a port stop in Hiroshima. We are on Oceania Nautica. All the ship tours have limited time at the Peace Memorial and gardens. We are afraid we will be hurried. So, we thought we could get there either via taxi or train. Neither of us speak Japanese. From what I have read on their websites the explanations are also in English. I tried to find a private guide but we need to get to the Memorial. I could not find any that would meet us at the ship which could be regulations. Are we being foolhardy? We are not planning on visiting other sites. Thank you again for your
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