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  1. Kate and Paul,


    Do you hear me? Why couldn’t they have made it May 15? I don’t see Spain letting us dock there or us being able to see anything. I just want this behind me! Then I have to deal with air. So far Delta has only a few flights to Europe. They, too, are going a month at a time. The President says June. So we wait!



  2. Senior Citizen,


    Our fcc of 25% seems to be on what we paid. Let’s put it this way, it’s fairly close. I didn’t figure it out exactly. Our refund from the cruise was exactly what we paid.


    We are now booked on another Oceania cruise to Barcelona. Hmm. We might be going through this again. We are trying to stay positive.


    Good luck on getting your refunds.



  3. We were booked on the Nautica April 13 Tokyo to Singapore. We booked a European cruise. Our money from our cancelled cruise was applied as well as the fcc. The cruise was cancelled at 5 pm last Wednesday and our account was straightened out today. Considering the number of cancellations I think the time was very good. We made our own air arrangements. We used the credit from the previous flights to make our new ones. Fairly even. Plus Delta did not charge us a change fee. I said the magic word: Coronavirus.


    i think we are all set and happy this has worked out. Not sure if we will be able to reschedule another trip to Asia.


    We just got this update. I guess the cruise is a go. We are okay with the changes so far. We are on the April 13 cruise out of Yokohama. Thanks.

    Important Itinerary Update

    Dear Valued Guests and Travel Advisors,


    We would like to inform you of some very important itinerary modifications that have been made to Nautica’s April 13, 2020 voyage from Tokyo to Singapore.  This itinerary update also applies to guests on our April 3rd and April 13th Extended Journey voyages.


    To ensure the continued health and safety of our guests and crew, and in an abundance of caution with the current outbreak of Coronavirus, we will be bypassing Shanghai, China and Hong Kong.


    In their place, we have crafted a revised itinerary that includes a bevy of remarkable ports including Busan, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, and Ha Long Bay.


    To thank you for your understanding with this prudent change, you will receive a Future Cruise Credit equal to 25% of your cruise fare paid. The future cruise credit will be issued and added to your Oceania Club profile.  You will have until February 10, 2021 to redeem your future cruise certificate on any Oceania Cruises voyage departing by February 10, 2022.


    The revised portion of the itinerary is detailed below for your reference:


























    4:00 PM








    7:00 AM


    2:00 PM








    9:00 AM


    7:00 PM








    9:00 AM


    5:00 PM






    South Korea


    10:00 AM


    7:00 PM








    8:00 AM


    6:00 PM








    8:00 AM


    6:00 PM




    At Sea








    8:00 AM


    8:00 PM




    At Sea




    At Sea




    Ha Long Bay




    8:00 AM


    6:00 PM




    At Sea




    Nha Trang




    8:00 AM


    4:00 PM








    12 Noon










    3:00 PM




    At Sea








    8:00 AM  Disembark



    Any shore excursions you had reserved for Shanghai, Beijing, and Dalian will be refunded to your credit card on file, where applicable. Shore excursions for the newly added ports will be available online shortly.


    Important Notes:


    Guests who have made their air arrangements independently are solely responsible for ensuring that none of their flights route through mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau and the return flight is changed to depart from Singapore.  Oceania Cruises will pay up to US$300 per guest in the form of a shipboard credit for any change fees incurred by the airline.  Please forward copies of the airline’s change fee charges prior to the cruise to the attention of specialservices@oceaniacruises.com for review.


    Any guests having traveled through mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau within 30 days of the voyage will be denied embarkation. In addition, guests that presents a Chinese, Hong Kong, or Macau passport will be denied boarding.


    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your travel advisor or Oceania Cruises.


    We thank you for your understanding of this prudent and important change.                    



    Carlos Ortega

    Vice President, Guest Services

    Oceania Cruises




    This eMail was sent by: Oceania Cruises


  5. We are on the same cruise as Mamaclark. I understand Oceania has to refigure its Cruises but could they at least tell us that the China Ports are cancelled. Many of us have private tours scheduled and would need to cancel them. There are deadlines associated with those as well. We do have trip insurance but am not sure if these expenses are covered. I also realize it takes time to make these adjustments but could we have word stating that they are working on it and possibly a date by which we will be informed. We still get emails about getting our Chinese and Vietnam visas. Just today I got a repeat email about the specialty restaurants, internet, and beverage packages for our cruise! Is it too much to ask for information rather than letting the rumor mill become even more active?


    I should have known better. We were originally booked on the maiden voyage of the Marina. That voyage was cancelled twice because the ship wasn’t finished. We were compensated fairly well but communication was lacking then as well. My TA even called to ask if the cruise was still going to happen. We made final payment and two hours later we got an email stating the second cruise was cancelled.


    My big question is when will we be informed. Hopefully before we fly to Yokohama!

  6. BruceMuzz,


    we have a port stop in Hiroshima. We are on Oceania Nautica. All the ship tours have limited time at the Peace Memorial and gardens. We are afraid we will be hurried. So, we thought we could get there either via taxi or train. Neither of us speak Japanese. From what I have read on their websites the explanations are also in English. I tried to find a private guide but we need to get to the Memorial. I could not find any that would meet us at the ship which could be regulations. Are we being foolhardy? We are not planning on visiting other sites. Thank you again for your kind words and advice.

  7. Thank you, BruceMuzz. I appreciate your information on Japanese phones. I guess I have been put on hold and played the phone game too many times. You mentioned earlier about staying in Yokohama. Originally our flight flew into Narita. I was just breaking up the trip. We have never been to Tokyo so wanted to see sights close by rather than spend so much time on trains. We have two full days to explore. We are looking forward to experiencing Japan and a more civilized approach. Learning about different cultures is one of the reasons we travel. Thank you for your perspective on Japan.

  8. Thank you all for your suggestions. I think we finally have this worked out. First of all, Green Tomato only does shared Transport for Princess passengers. They would do a regular taxi but that was very cost prohibitive. I did finally find email addresses for Transfers. Calling Tokyo could be very expensive especially if I was put on hold. We do not have free international calling. Thank you , BruceMuzz, for your details about using public transportation. Our hotel is sort of connected to the Tokyo Station. The hotel website shows a video of how to navigate the station. We will probably still get lost but should eventually get it figured out.

    Aussgirl, thank you for your suggestion as we found them to be the most reasonable. Plus, we found another couple to share the ride to the port. We are relieved to have this figured out.

    i will try to report back how this works out after our cruise.

  9. We are arriving at Haneda mid afternoon on a Friday in April. Our hotel, Metropolitan Maranouchi Tokyo Hotel near Tokyo Station. We will have 3 large cases plus a backpack and a CPAP machine. We are in our 70s. We know that taking the monorail is the suggested method. But luggage is our question. Are there reasonable alternatives? I have tried to look at various options but all involve connections or waiting almost two hours for the bus. After a 15 hour flight I don’t think that is an option. Suggestions?


    Secondly, we will need transportation to the port in Yokohama. This will be on a Monday. We are in port overnight so we have time on our side. Again, there is the luggage question. The train has been suggested but we have no idea how to accomplish that. I know this will be expensive but are looking for reasonable costs. Again, suggestions? We do not transport after the cruise as it ends in Singapore.


    i have tried to research some transportation companies but cannot contact them directly. They give a phone number but no email address. I can fill out a reservation form but I don’t want that unless I know the cost. I also am unfamiliar with the various pickup and drop off locations. I found one with a reasonable cost but cannot figure out if the price is per car or per person. That makes a big difference. Also, are credit cards accepted or do we need Japanese currency.


    Thanks to all responses. I have tried to figure this out but. Just get more frustrated.

  10. Try looking at an SVU. We had a Rogue and never had to fill the tank. We have found sometimes SVUs are cheaper to rent for some reason. Short term rentals are always pricey. It was cheaper to drop off back at LAX but oh the hassle. I understand about keeping costs low but trust me when I say you will be happy to return to San Pedro. By the time you get transportation to the port you won’t save that much. You can always cancel if you find something cheaper. I did not see cheaper prices for paying upfront. Good luck.

  11. We did this a couple of weeks ago. We rented from Enterprise at LAX and dropped the car off at Enterprise in  San Pedro. They shuttled us to the port. Easy peasy and I questioned about a drop off fee. There was none. I even called ahead of time to ask. Trust me when I say this is the easiest way . The only glitch would be if it is a Sunday and Enterprise is closed.

  12. We stayed at the Homewood Suites Airport West for our July cruise. We parked for the week for free. Since it was weekday we enjoyed a light dinner. We also got transport to the POM. This was using their cruise rates. We were pleased. The only extra charge was the Lyft charge back to the hotel after the cruise. We were pleased with the entire package.

  13. I have a question about the YWYW. On my cruise one must take a minimum of 7 excursions to qualify. But, do my 4 "free" excursions count towards the 7? If they do, do I get the 25% reduction on excursion 5, 6, and 7? Just curious and trying to figure how we should do this. Thank you.

  14. Just noticed yesterday that our flight now goes to Haneda instead of Narita. I was just routinely checking our flights and noticed the change. I got no notice from Delta. There was a message that the flight had changed when I looked at the reservation. Our departure time changed by 15 minutes so not a big change.  Now I can figure out how to get to our hotel. 


    Thanks everyone.

  15. We are booked on the nonstop Delta flight from Atlanta to Tokyo on April 9, 2020. Delta is supposedly no longer using Narita but will change to Haneda in March. So, it looks as though we will be flying into Haneda. The reason I would like to know sooner than later is that I am trying to organize tours and don't want to schedule one if we will still be in the air. I am sure the departure times will be different. If it is really much later, we could arrive a day later than originally planned. I realize Haneda will be much more convenient to central Tokyo. I just need to know about flight times so I can figure out how and when we will tour Tokyo.  My reservation still says Narita as does Delta's website when I do a dummy booking. They have changed the ones from Minneapolis that involve a connection. Just curious as to when Delta will inform us. Yes, I know to check the reservation periodically for changes. Thank you. 

  16. I just made reservations on Delta last Friday. It still has our nonstop flight to Tokyo arriving at NRT. That will probably change. On the way home from Singapore we fly to Seoul on Korean Air and then nonstop from there to Atlanta. Yes, a long time to get home. But, I was able to limit connections. Hopefully all goes as planned.

  17. There were no dessert choices on the menu my husband received the day before. I agree this all has to do with communication. We repeat passengers need to know what things are in comparison to the older versions. We did speak to the head waiter about this issue. Again we were directed to the plant based options. The chef was not available to answer our questions. On the Nautica we met with the head chef and maitre’d, but on this short cruise we were just given the menus.


    Lyn, the iced cappuccino is still on the menu but not the no sugar added one just the regular version. It is so good!


    We do not utilize Terrace so perhaps there were options there. Usually if that is the case, the wait staff will indicate that. My husband said he did not see any sugar free cookies at Baristas.


    I guess we just weren’t ready for such a drastic change from our May departure on the. Nautica to our July Insignia Cruise. Another learning curve.

  18. Thank you everyone! I ended up calling Delta to answer my question about upgrading one segment. Lo and behold the agent was able to get me the flights in Premium Select for an even lower price! I am happy. I did take the longer layover in Incheon to either see some of the city or get a dayroom and rest and shower. It will break up this very long trip. We got the nonstop flights to Tokyo and back from Seoul. The only part I’m concerned about is the overnight flight from Singapore to Seoul in economy on Korean  Air. Three flights and no weird connections. Hopefully Premium Select will work on these long flights. It should be better than economy.

  19. Not sure how we would work a day in Seoul. I found another option still the Premium Select. There is a nonstoip flight to Atlanta with a 10 hour layover in Seoul for the same price. Is there a place where we could catch some sleep at the airport? I realize we would really only have about 6 hours to kill. Does Korean Air have a stopover program or would the 23 hour between flights be the max? I really appreciate your help as you have far more expertise than I do. Also, is there a way to use miles to upgrade the overnight flight from Singapore to Seoul? Thanks.

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