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  1. We stayed at the Homewood Suites Airport West for our July cruise. We parked for the week for free. Since it was weekday we enjoyed a light dinner. We also got transport to the POM. This was using their cruise rates. We were pleased. The only extra charge was the Lyft charge back to the hotel after the cruise. We were pleased with the entire package.

  2. I have a question about the YWYW. On my cruise one must take a minimum of 7 excursions to qualify. But, do my 4 "free" excursions count towards the 7? If they do, do I get the 25% reduction on excursion 5, 6, and 7? Just curious and trying to figure how we should do this. Thank you.

  3. Just noticed yesterday that our flight now goes to Haneda instead of Narita. I was just routinely checking our flights and noticed the change. I got no notice from Delta. There was a message that the flight had changed when I looked at the reservation. Our departure time changed by 15 minutes so not a big change.  Now I can figure out how to get to our hotel. 


    Thanks everyone.

  4. We are booked on the nonstop Delta flight from Atlanta to Tokyo on April 9, 2020. Delta is supposedly no longer using Narita but will change to Haneda in March. So, it looks as though we will be flying into Haneda. The reason I would like to know sooner than later is that I am trying to organize tours and don't want to schedule one if we will still be in the air. I am sure the departure times will be different. If it is really much later, we could arrive a day later than originally planned. I realize Haneda will be much more convenient to central Tokyo. I just need to know about flight times so I can figure out how and when we will tour Tokyo.  My reservation still says Narita as does Delta's website when I do a dummy booking. They have changed the ones from Minneapolis that involve a connection. Just curious as to when Delta will inform us. Yes, I know to check the reservation periodically for changes. Thank you. 

  5. I just made reservations on Delta last Friday. It still has our nonstop flight to Tokyo arriving at NRT. That will probably change. On the way home from Singapore we fly to Seoul on Korean Air and then nonstop from there to Atlanta. Yes, a long time to get home. But, I was able to limit connections. Hopefully all goes as planned.

  6. There were no dessert choices on the menu my husband received the day before. I agree this all has to do with communication. We repeat passengers need to know what things are in comparison to the older versions. We did speak to the head waiter about this issue. Again we were directed to the plant based options. The chef was not available to answer our questions. On the Nautica we met with the head chef and maitre’d, but on this short cruise we were just given the menus.


    Lyn, the iced cappuccino is still on the menu but not the no sugar added one just the regular version. It is so good!


    We do not utilize Terrace so perhaps there were options there. Usually if that is the case, the wait staff will indicate that. My husband said he did not see any sugar free cookies at Baristas.


    I guess we just weren’t ready for such a drastic change from our May departure on the. Nautica to our July Insignia Cruise. Another learning curve.

  7. Thank you everyone! I ended up calling Delta to answer my question about upgrading one segment. Lo and behold the agent was able to get me the flights in Premium Select for an even lower price! I am happy. I did take the longer layover in Incheon to either see some of the city or get a dayroom and rest and shower. It will break up this very long trip. We got the nonstop flights to Tokyo and back from Seoul. The only part I’m concerned about is the overnight flight from Singapore to Seoul in economy on Korean  Air. Three flights and no weird connections. Hopefully Premium Select will work on these long flights. It should be better than economy.

  8. Not sure how we would work a day in Seoul. I found another option still the Premium Select. There is a nonstoip flight to Atlanta with a 10 hour layover in Seoul for the same price. Is there a place where we could catch some sleep at the airport? I realize we would really only have about 6 hours to kill. Does Korean Air have a stopover program or would the 23 hour between flights be the max? I really appreciate your help as you have far more expertise than I do. Also, is there a way to use miles to upgrade the overnight flight from Singapore to Seoul? Thanks.


    We were just on the Insignia. There are no more sugar free desserts. Our waiter on several occasions pointed to the plant based options. My diabetic husband was not happy.  Not everyone wants everything to be soy based. Plus there was only one plant based option unlike before when there were several sugar free options.  We wondered what was in these "new" desserts and if there was something in them he should not have. Oceania needs to help us understand these new menus.. The waitstaff needs to be better informed so they can advise the passengers. 

  10. Wow! Thank you for all the information. Using the time bar really helped. I have found Premium Select for $2120 approximately for each of us. Flights are as follows:

    ATL-NRT April 9  Premium Select on a Boeing 777-200LR


    SIN-ICN   Ecoomy on a Boeing 777-300ER    This is an overnight flight.


    ICN-DTW  Premium Select  on an Airbus 350-900


    DTW-ATL  Delta Comfort  Airbus A320


    This looks like a good choice. Are there any drawbacks? Yes, the first overnight flight from Singapore but this was the best I could find.


    Thank you all!

  11. We (there are two of us)need airfare from Atlanta to Tokyo on or about April 10. We want at least one day in Tokyo before we board the Nautica on April 13. There is a nonstop flight from Atlanta on Delta but I just read Delta is shifting their presence to the downtown airport. I am not sure how that will affect things. We also would like either comfort plus or premium economy. I know those are not the same. These are very long flights. We do not have enough miles to purchase business class even if we bought miles. We have both United and Delta miles. We prefer Delta if we must fly economy. Then we need a return flight from Singapore on or about May 3. This can be flexible if another date would give us better options.  I also just read that Delta is ending its presence in Singapore which explains the many connections to get to Atlanta. It would mean Korean Air which I know nothing about. We could fly from Charlotte if there were better options.


    i need some suggestions as to where to look. I have checked both United and Delta. The former has better connections on the return but Delta has the nonstop on the outbound. Delta also has a premium select on some flights. I am not sure what this is so not sure if it is worth the additional money. I did check British Air from Charlotte. Price for premium economy and some business are more reasonable but it means American(not my favorite and no alliance with them) and connecting at Heathrow which can be difficult. From Heathrow it would be on BA. We are not opposed to a stopover if this would add to our comfort level. We are flexible with time.i tried to use the matrix website but there were so many options even when I used some filters. I also need to take in consideration layover times that we have enough time to go through any immigration, customs, and security. I am thinking at least three hours.


    Thank you for all suggestions. 



  12. We are staying at Homewood Suites Miami Airport West for our upcoming cruise. We took the cruise package which includes one night hotel stay, parking for the duration of the cruise, and shuttle to POM. We will need Lyft to get back to the hotel after the cruise. We have stayed at this hotel before and used the shuttle to the port., but have not used the cruise parking feature. I can let you know how that works out in a month or so. I found this rate by going on the hotel’s website and checking special offers. This hotel was $50 cheaper than the Hampton Blue Lagoon. And, a lot cheaper that POM parking.

  13. Try the Columbus Motor Inn on Columbus Avenue. Not sure about $150 but we didn’t pay much more than that. We stayed three days. The location is excellent plus the bus stops right in front of the hotel. It isn’t fancy but it is clean and staff is very helpful. We walked to Ghirardelli Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, the boat dock for Alcatraz, Chinatown, Lombard Street. We even took in a ball game which was super fun. Took the bus to and from for a very reasonable price. We used Lyft in from the airport and to the ship .  San Francisco can be done reasonably. You just need to research. Good luck and have fun.

  14. We will need to get from San Pedro port to LAX(probably Delta) on Dec. 14 to catch our noonish flight. Should we rely on either of these ride services or use Super Shuttle or taxi? We will have one medium size bag each(there will be 2 of us). Which is most reliable and reasonable? Bruin Steve, I read you did this recently but you did not have a flight to catch. We do have a TSA and Global Entry which is not at the port. Interested in the cost.


    thank you.

  15. Thanks to all who responded. I finally got a paper map from AAA to see all the recommended places and routes. I did make reservations at the Hilton Garden in Calabasas and the à Résidence Inn in Yorba Linda. Bruin Steve, your suggestions several years ago were spot on. My husband loved the Luxe hotel near UCLA. You have raised an interesting dilemma: the Getty Villa which we have not been to or the other Getty which we have been to! I can always change these reservations but at least we have them.


    Thanks for the rental car information. Monterey worked out. Returning the car to San Pedro did work but the agency closes at 1 pm so here’s hoping we can get there from Yorba Linda in 3-4 hours. We didn’t want to leave that early but we will do it to save getting to the port from LAX.


    two other pieces to complete: flights which are through the roof price wise and figuring how to get to LAX from San Pedro on disembarkation day.


    Thanks again. We are excited to see Southern California.

  16. We understand that there will be major traffic but it is on my husband’s bucket list. That is why we are doing them on separate days and the library is the only thing we are doing on those days. So any help with car rental questions?


    Thank you.

  17. We are taking a short Oceania Cruise Dec.7 which leaves out of San Pedro. We want to come in several days early to see the Reagan and Nixon libraries. Here is my tentative plan. Fly in on Tuesday and spend two nights at a hotel close to Reagan and the Getty. See Reagan Library on Wednesday and the Getty on Thursday. Sometime in the afternoon head towards the Nixon library possibly near Corona so we could visit with family. Spend two nights hotel there. Saturday am return rental car and somehow get to the ship which has a 9 pm departure. Is this doable? My questions are where to stay and where to return the car rental. Are there drop offs near the port or at least closer than driving back to LAX?


    We have a port stop in Monterey. Are there close to the port car rental agencies? We want to do the 17 mile drive. This is a tender port so I am  wondering if this is doable. How long does it take to tenders dhow long to drive the ocean route?


    Thank you in advance for suggestions.

  18. We stayed at a Best Western that was recommended by Rick Steves. We took the train in from the airport. We walked most places except Vinland Park and to see the Fram. Breakfast was included and you were encouraged to make sandwiches for lunch. They even provided the waxed paper. Prices will be high in Norway for food and hotels.

  19. My question has to do with not being familiar with both Air Canada and YYZ. I am used to Delta where I can track my bags. I thank you, Flyer Talker, for answering my question.

  20. We are flying Air Canada tomorrow CLT-Toronto-Dubai. We have 9 hours between flights in Toronto. I am fearful that during that time our bags may get “lost”. AC said our bags would be checked through to Dubai. I believe our flight is the only direct flight to Dubai. So, should we be worried? To protect ourselves a little we are taking a carryon with a couple of days’ worth of clothing. We are flying in three days before our cruise. This isn’t an overnight but the timing is similar. And, we know not to pack in checked bags medicine and electronics.



  21. We are flying Air Canada tomorrow CLT-Toronto-Dubai. We have 9 hours between flights in Toronto. I am fearful that during that time our bags may get “lost”. AC said our bags would be checked through to Dubai. I believe our flight is the only direct flight to Dubai. So, should we be worried? To protect ourselves a little we are taking a carryon with a couple of days’ worth of clothing. We are flying in three days before our cruise. This isn’t an overnight but the timing is similar. And, we know not to pack in checked bags medicine and electronics.



  22. Thank you so much, Simon. Your information has been very helpful. We will be in Dubai next week so fingers crossed. I realize the flowers may be past prime. We have one full day and two half days before our ship sails. I read your previous posts about transportation. We will see how we cope with the heat.



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