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  1. We began our 7 day cruise 3 weeks ago, yesterday. I can assure you that you will be delighted. DW and and I have very restrictive diets - She is borderline diabetic and I don't eat meat, poultry or shellfish. DW managed to lose weight but we both always found something healthy and tasty to eat. MDR modified menu items several times. Generally, the MDR offers at least 4 new entrees at every meal. This is combined with another 4 standard entrees. The four are meat, poultry, fish and vegetarian. So you have 8 entrees to choice from. You can always choose two entrees and hedge your bet. If you like Indian food, they can make that for you every nighty. The Windjammer has improved drastically from previous cruises. Don't miss their seafood night! At every venue, if you tell them what you want, they will bend over backwards trying and please you. And like everyone else who has responded, I can assure you that, after the cruise, you too will laugh at the suggestion that Allure food is terrible!
  2. Hello, We just got off Allure on 12/15. It was amazing. Ask more questions if you think of others. -does the Allure have the Way-Finders throughout the ship? Yes, they are near the elevators. Take some time now and get an idea of what is on every deck (and try and remember forward, mid or aft). To get one end of the ship to another, you have several options. Maybe the least desirable is to go through the Casino (it is very smokey). The next worst is to go down a long hallway of cabins (its just boring). The better paths are the Pool deck, Central Park or the Promenade. Those three are much better choices. -besides the shows that were available for pre-booking, are there other shows during the week that you just walk I to? (I remember on Harmony there was an extra ice & aqua theater show, and there was a hypnotist in the Royal theater on Oasis (and I am asking about shows as opposed to the Royal Promenade shows & dances like 70s night). They had an extra night for the Comedians in Comedy Live. The piano guy was just so -so but the jazz improv guys were very good. There was a 70s night and I think something about Michael Jackson. The High Cs (RCL brass band) was very good and appeared in different forms throughout the week. Karoeke was good, at times. A band played on the pool deck and in Bolaros. There was even a botanist talking about the plants in Central Park! In general, the level of professional entertainment was up a knotch or two from smaller ships. -are the days of the week on the elevator floor? Yes. There is so much going on that you will certainly wish you had a B2B! Dan
  3. If one can learn from this story, it will be worth it! We were at Coco Cay 12/15 on Allure. And for us at least, it was a perfect day. But for one of our unlucky fellow passengers, it was not. DW happened to be near the scuba hut as a young couple were talking to the person working the booth. The young man produced a bracelet and asked the worker if he thought the bracelet (he just found) contained real diamonds. The bracelet soon found its way to his partner's wrist while the young man bragged about his find. My DW was aghast. All she could do was to shoot the young lady a motherly (disapproving) glance. When we return to the ship, DW felt the need to report it. The security person asked if DW had the bracelet or knew the names of those who did. She answered no but could identify them. The matter was summarily dropped. Don't assume your fellow passengers are as honest as you hope.
  4. Rogue, We're leaving home now and will board on Sunday. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your posts. I'm certainly not a foodie but I did enjoy your posts. Maybe I will start a thread of all the Bass ales I drink!!! Enjoy the last 1.75 days! Make every minute count! Dan
  5. Rogue, Love the Cruise Compasses - Keep 'em coming! Can't wait to come home from work tomorrow to see your report. We are seeing the ship through your eyes. Have a great time on your vacation but keep us in the loop from time to time. Dan
  6. Rogueperson and fellow Marylander (we're near College Park), We board immediately after you! So I'll; be watching your posts very carefully. We're also staying at Wyndham FLL Airport (before and after the cruise) so we'll be there also 12/8 (we board at noon). Maybe we can meet up? Its also our first time on an Oasis ship and we don't know if bigger is better. So when you post, please give first impressions and ways to make avoid issues. We'll be watching through your eyes. Your comments may affect our packing! My initial questions: - Is the free onboard chat (via app) good enough or do I need RCL WiFi? - Recent reviews have knocked food. Have standards slipped? - Promenade parades and shows - tell all - How "dress down" are MDR and formal nights?
  7. Couldn't everyone set a reminder every hour to look at messages (after turning on wifi and opening the app)? What next ... Maybe tin cans and a lot of string!
  8. How is the free text feature on Harmony? Only Harmony and Allure currently have it.
  9. OK, I didn't mean to insult anyone at the WJ. My only point was to say that there is an implied dress code for various locations outside of the ship. One may normally not wear a dress that was worn in a club, to a religious service. One would not normally dress as you would by a pool, to a job interview. On the ship, one may bring clothes specific for various events such as 70s night; 80s night; prohibition event; etc). Those same clothes would look weird in another venue. In my article, I was suggesting that there be an area for those who want to conform with the social norms and a place for those who choose not to.
  10. Milwaukee, I would rephrase the question a little ... Why does dressing up for a formal meal make it special? Maybe "special" is the wrong word. I don't usually dress for a meal. I don't usually go on a cruise. I don't usually go to a wedding. I don't usually go to a funeral. I don't usually go to a religious service. But when I do these things, I dress the part. As I stated earlier ... There is a time and place for everything. So the question becomes, why do we comply with such formal norms? And I would answer, to signify that these occasions are special. So "special" is not how I feel (I am a very humble person). But the occasion is special.
  11. People who like to dress formally once in a while should not be scorned. If I chose to dress in a tux and go to the Windjammer, I'm sure I would be welcomed. But I would imagine some may look disapprovingly. But what really matters is how I feel. I can tell you that I would feel uncomfortable if, at a formal dinner, I wore a polo shirt and others had a tux or a suit and tie. There is a time and place for everything. I get that people want to be comfortable and not pack formal clothing. I understand. That's a valid choice. And I get it that people may want to eat in the main dining room. One purpose (IMHO) of the formal night is to look around the table and see every one dressed up. It makes it special. Maybe there could be a section of the main dining room for people who don't want to dress.
  12. We used an Uber in 2018. I believe it was about $45 (but our trip was on an early December weekend). I understand I-95 can get crowded sometimes so timing is everything!
  13. I concur with cruisegirl1. There is an electric hanukiyah in the Chapel. I can't imagine they would deny you bringing your own but best to call first.
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