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  1. Couldn't everyone set a reminder every hour to look at messages (after turning on wifi and opening the app)? What next ... Maybe tin cans and a lot of string!
  2. How is the free text feature on Harmony? Only Harmony and Allure currently have it.
  3. OK, I didn't mean to insult anyone at the WJ. My only point was to say that there is an implied dress code for various locations outside of the ship. One may normally not wear a dress that was worn in a club, to a religious service. One would not normally dress as you would by a pool, to a job interview. On the ship, one may bring clothes specific for various events such as 70s night; 80s night; prohibition event; etc). Those same clothes would look weird in another venue. In my article, I was suggesting that there be an area for those who want to conform with the social norms and a place for those who choose not to.
  4. Milwaukee, I would rephrase the question a little ... Why does dressing up for a formal meal make it special? Maybe "special" is the wrong word. I don't usually dress for a meal. I don't usually go on a cruise. I don't usually go to a wedding. I don't usually go to a funeral. I don't usually go to a religious service. But when I do these things, I dress the part. As I stated earlier ... There is a time and place for everything. So the question becomes, why do we comply with such formal norms? And I would answer, to signify that these occasions are special. So "special" is not how I feel (I am a very humble person). But the occasion is special.
  5. People who like to dress formally once in a while should not be scorned. If I chose to dress in a tux and go to the Windjammer, I'm sure I would be welcomed. But I would imagine some may look disapprovingly. But what really matters is how I feel. I can tell you that I would feel uncomfortable if, at a formal dinner, I wore a polo shirt and others had a tux or a suit and tie. There is a time and place for everything. I get that people want to be comfortable and not pack formal clothing. I understand. That's a valid choice. And I get it that people may want to eat in the main dining room. One purpose (IMHO) of the formal night is to look around the table and see every one dressed up. It makes it special. Maybe there could be a section of the main dining room for people who don't want to dress.
  6. We used an Uber in 2018. I believe it was about $45 (but our trip was on an early December weekend). I understand I-95 can get crowded sometimes so timing is everything!
  7. I concur with cruisegirl1. There is an electric hanukiyah in the Chapel. I can't imagine they would deny you bringing your own but best to call first.
  8. I signed DW and myself for a tour on Adventure of the Seas recently. I was mainly interested in the Bridge and had very little interest in the Galley and Engine Room. They had a window into the bridge so passengers could view (for free). The blinds were closed most of the time but open when I watched as they pulled out of port one day. They had displays showing the stations and a brief write-up on each. I canceled the $89 (each) tours.
  9. I noticed on our recent cruise (3 weeks ago) that the carry-on luggage fit nicely under the bed but the larger (checked) luggage did not. I didn't try the idea from cb at sea. In our home, a chair is a clothes hanger (especially for coats but there are no coats on a Caribbean cruise). So the first thing I do is put the chair (from the desk) in the closet. The chair is never used at the desk and it functions better (for us) as another shelf. In the old days, when they had a coffee table, I also put that in the closet (as it was a needless piece of furniture in a small cabin).
  10. I must admit that I never heard of pickleball before I googled it (after your question). But it looks fun! I didn't see it on any Compass (I have all but Day2). The major thing (outside of the equipment) you would need is a net. On other cruises, is the net attached to the basketball court or is it freestanding? It would be much easier if it were freestanding. I was on the sports deck during the soccer competition and they had two freestanding goals. You may want to contact RCL to let them know there is interest here.
  11. Karlee, we were on the same cruise and I totally concur. She had so much energy - it just translated to all in the room! Did you happen to catch the piano guy, Keith? I'm hoping that someone got his last name. It was his 1st RCL contact and 2nd cruise. He was amazing. And it was Marvin's last cruise of this contract. I hope to see him as a CD soon!
  12. Thanks for the opportunity to tell my Mount Liamuiga hike story. The one word I would use is strenuous. I am not a hiker but I love exploring nature. They drive you to a point that is 700' above sea level. The path is rocks and roots so your attention is confined to looking down for your next. Needless to say we climbed (the peak is at 2800 ') and I felt my ears pop. Rests were frequent but very short 1-2 min. The slopes got steeper and the footing worse. As people fell back, they were collected at the half way mark. I passed that point (about 1800') but also opted to fall back (my pulse was fast and hard). But a guide stayed with us (15% of the group). It was here that we had a chance to discus the ecosystem of the vplcano. The descent was less hurried and more informative. I picked up a volcanic rock (basalt) and brought it home. If you are in good shape, do it. If the group is small, do it. But don't get mixed in with 30 year olds when you are almost 60!
  13. You can carry off your luggage between 6:30 and 8 AM. The main obstacles (at Port Everglades) is the escalators. We went to the Windjammer (it was pretty full) at 7 AM and left the ship by 7:45 AM.
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