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  1. 1cruiselvr

    Moveup Bidding

    Comes directly from Celebrity. Only if you are upgraded do you receive a confirmation email from both X and your TA for the new billing. Bid on Aqua, and all the suite categories. Bid high on the suites hoping to score. Bid low on the Aqua. Was shocked to get upgraded a few weeks later from CC to A1. Only sad part is it is under the pool area. I thought for sure my really high suite bids would win for sure. Live and learn.
  2. 1cruiselvr

    Silhouette Aqua cabin 1581 bed configuration?

    Thank you for your response. I was thinking it might be by the balcony.
  3. We were just upgraded through the move up program to Aqua cabin 1581. Can someone who has stayed in this cabin tell if the bed is near the balcony or bathroom? I did a search in the cabin matrix but it's not on the list. I don't know any other way to find out other than asking the cruise critic family. Thx.
  4. Where did you get the information that your cabin wouldn't be assigned until the day of sailing? I think maybe there's been a misunderstanding as GTY booking is as described by others.
  5. I'm not sure if you are saying both cruises are in the Caribbean, the difference being small ship vs. large ship and # of days. I would think it depends on what is more important to you - the small ship experience or a longer vacation.
  6. 1cruiselvr

    2017 US Passport Renewal

    I think those with Global Entry already are getting their passports processed faster but it's just my opinion. Got mine on Saturday 7-29 so that was 12 days counting the day I mailed it. Not what I expected at all.
  7. 1cruiselvr

    2017 US Passport Renewal

    Oh, thank you for the reminder!! I didn't think if that!
  8. 1cruiselvr

    2017 US Passport Renewal

    Quick turn around for me. Sent mine in 7/17/17 to Philadelphia address, no special processing time requested. $110 for renewal. $6.65 for priority USPS overnight (BTW since PO BOX address, can only use USPS). Got an email from them today with ship tracking #, estimated arrival 8/1/17. Now that's fast. I do have the global entry card so maybe that helped. Who knows. I'm impressed. Expected the 6-8 week time frame.
  9. 1cruiselvr

    Summary of Winning Bids on Priceline/Hotwire et al

    Sorry, but this is a site for listing winning bids on Priceline or Hot Wire. It is not a forum for advice on how to bid, where to get good prices, etc. There are other internet sources for that. It seems that the thread has lost it's original intent and we seem to be going off into the weeds a bit.
  10. 1cruiselvr

    Do you win on slots in casino?

    I used to love playing the slot machines on a cruise. but not anymore. I don't even go into the casino unless it's the only way I can get from point A to point B on the ship. I have definitely noticed they have tightened them up tremendously. They have squeezed the fun right out of them IMHO. No more for me.
  11. 1cruiselvr

    How NOT to get an upgrade

    This is speculation and not a fact. Nobody knows how Celebrity or any other cruise line makes their upgrade decisions.
  12. 1cruiselvr

    Upgrade after check-in?

    I found this not to be true on X. As I stated, when we sailed in February on Summit, the poor people down the hall had to suffer thru a flooded cabin because there was nothing available for them to both to. And how you book has nothing to do with whether or not there is a cabin available and pricing. IF there is a cabin available there is no price deal to be had. The days of open cabins to be gotten for a 'deal' are long gone. Cruise lines just don't operate like that anymore. If they ever did. I never experienced it in my 20 yrs of cruising over various different lines both booking specific cabins and gty bookings. I wish people would just be satisfied with what they booked, the fact that they are able to enjoy a fabulous cruise vacation and quit trying to 'score' a deal. It gets old reading all these threads on how to get a better cabin for free or almost free. Ok, that's my soapbox 2 cents, I'm done venting. And it was not aimed at anyone in particular, just the subject in general.
  13. 1cruiselvr

    How NOT to get an upgrade

    Remember if you booked a Guarantee, putting do not move on your reservation is not a protection. As part of the gty booking, you have given Celebrity the right to assign any cabin within that category or above and also (the fact that most don't know or forget) change it at any time. Just an FYI.......
  14. 1cruiselvr

    Curling iron and power strip?

    To clarify again, as it seems there are various ideas of what power strip vs. power cord means. Their policy does not allow anything to be used onboard that will allow the pax to plug in more than one electrical 'appliance' into a power cord. Call it strip, cord, whatever you want. Usually the mutliple plug cords do include surge protectors. But there are electrical cords that offer multiple plugin opportunities without a surge protector. We had both in our PACKED luggage and they were confiscated before our bags were delivered with a note that they can be retrieved at the end of the cruise at security. There were plenty of people in line retrieving their various strips/cords at the end of our cruise. It was a long line. A single plug in extension cord is allowed and will be provided at no cost by your room steward if you ask. That's what we ended up using and had to tape it to the floor so it wasn't a hazard.
  15. 1cruiselvr

    Upgrade after check-in?

    Very rare, and totally dependent on how cooperative Guest Relations wants to be. I have found them less then helpful.