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  1. The links in the opening post did not work for me.
  2. The French balconies will be a hot item -- new ship and new cabin type and least expensive.
  3. The French restaurant, Jacques, has been replaced by French balconies.
  4. What time will bookings open on the 15th? And will TAs be able to book before non-TAs? The French balcony cabins (deck 7) appear to be over the casino and below lifeboats. Would those factors make those cabins less desirable (noise, poor light)?
  5. Good day. I'm seeking advice/tips as to a good plan for quickly booking a cabin on Vista once bookings open in September. Will travel agents be able to view itineraries and reserve before the general public? Related, will a deck plan be available by the time bookings open? Thank you in advance.
  6. Any update on this? Can non-refundable OBC from a TA be applied to the the standard gratuity charge?
  7. I've reserved directly, then transferred to an agent, if I was concerned that delay in hearing back from an agent might result in the loss of a promotion or a specific cabin, or if I knew that I wouldn't take the cruise unless a deal came along and so didn't want to get an agent involved until then. Related, I've never found an agent who has been particularly prompt, welcoming of contacts to check pricing on new promotions, or willing to "go to bat" with a cruise company if necessary. Just wish I could find that agent.
  8. Lots of great information on re-pricing -- thanks. Is there reason to transfer the reservation to a travel agent soon after booking rather than closer to (but still before) final payment?
  9. Can we reserve a cabin and pay a deposit, then take advantage of later sales and price drops before final payment? Assuming so, would it be best to deposit through HAL initially, then switch to a travel agent only once a sale occurs? Thanks for any advice.
  10. Thanks for all of this helpful information. Where do the HAL dry docks usually take place? I see 14-day gaps for the Westerdam in February 2022 (South America) and April 2022 (Fort Lauderdale) but not sure if dry docks occur on those locations.
  11. Many thanks for the thoughtful input.
  12. Stay far clear, above or below, of the music venues.
  13. It seems that the last Reflection dry dock was in January 2018. Will there be any dry dock (or substantial updates) prior to its revolutionization in 2023?
  14. Thanks. On which side is the hawsepipe?
  15. We're considering a C2 cabin on Insignia, Deck 4, cabins 4000-4007, but are concerned about noise from the lounge on Deck 5 just above. Any information? Thanks!
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