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  1. Oh sorry, I thought you got the Royal Up - confirmed.
  2. you can refund that right now, can't you?
  3. mine says the room will be ready! But I don't care, I just thought it was odd.
  4. No way to tell but if you purchase it and it goes down, you can refund and repurchase. No risk!
  5. The royal app tells us our cabin will be available at 11am which doesn't seem right for a 3pm departure.
  6. Is it outside outside or just outside on the Royal Esplanade? Jamie's is the only specialty restaurant we haven't tried so we were planning to this time. I liked Wonderland but DH didn't so much.
  7. We like to get onboard as early as possible and enjoy a drink and people watch - embarkation day is the best for people watching. Then we eat somewhere and then check our our cabin.
  8. Unlimited while in the DL plus then three on your card so you could drink several in the DL then head out and get three more. And yes, all within whatever the happy hour time is.
  9. There are 54 now. Still all balconies.
  10. sewing kit ziplocks for ice, cookies, large one for wet bathing suits when you leave an excellent attitude!
  11. Same here except Anthem in March. JS to OS, so excited.
  12. I've got an exec who I used to work with looking into it for me as he finds it odd as well so I'll get my answer, thanks for all the possibilities! And again, I was just curious, it's not a need to know thing 🙂
  13. It is unusual in my experience to go from zero cabins to over 50.
  14. Thanks, that just seemed really excessive since the cruise is so close and we got our Royalup a few weeks ago. We sail 3/1.
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