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  1. Just back from our wonderful Japan cruise - the data sim worked perfectly everywhere - extremely good coverage even far out to sea! It was simple to set up, clear instructions and data speeds seemed very reasonable despite being LTE rather than 4G.Totally recommend this product. Waggie
  2. waggie

    Port of Kobe

    Hi Tara Jane We are setting out from UK today for our cruise - I must thank you for all your advice when planning it! one point- we have booked goodwill guides for Himeji and Hakodate and there is a charge of Y1000 for one and Y5000 for the other plus transportation, meal and entrance fees for the guide. Not a lot compared to cruise excursions but worth noting when costing your visits. Waggie
  3. Thank you all for your responses - that is what i love about CC! I ordered a Docomo and FOMA Data Sim ($30 for 16 days unlimited) online from Japan Experience - JapanRail East. I collected it in London today and the paperwork for activation looks straightforward.🤔 I will report back for those people following this thread. Thanks again, Waggie
  4. Sorry - I will be using an iPhone
  5. Thank you for such a detailed response - really helpful!
  6. Hi Any thoughts on the best data only SIM card to buy for our trip around Japan? Thanks Waggie
  7. Donna was in Future Cruises last December on Constellation
  8. I hope this answers your question - assuming your cruise uses this terminal It shows a range of sizes and prices. https://osanbashi.jp/english/floor/
  9. Thank you so much - it looks wonderful Waggie
  10. Yes it is great service if you arrive at Narita later in the day. However, as I mentioned we arrive at 12.35 so are unable to take this bus.
  11. I have just received this reply from the Limousine Bus website: Unfortunately we have no direct bus service from Narita airport to “Hotel Monterey Yokohama”. We regret only 3 buses are operated from Narita airport to Hotel New Grand, leaving at 16:00, 17:50 and 20:20. We have the bus service from Narita Airport to Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT), where it takes about 10 minutes by taxi and it costs about 1,500 yen per a vehicle to “Hotel Monterey Yokohama”. The timetable and details are shown as follow: https://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/areas/bus_stop/nrt/ycat/dep/23/5 We are sure to deal with the senior discounted ticket for the bus between Nariata airport and YCAT. It costs 2,200 yen for an elderly person. Great information for later arrivals, but unfortunately, we land at Narita from London at 12.35 so will have to take the very frequent bus to YCAT. If anyone else is landing around that time on Friday 8th.November maybe we could link up and share a taxi from YCAT?
  12. Thanks for all your help. I will wait and see in November.
  13. Do they also have Apple watches for sale? We will be on Millennium in November. Thanks
  14. Can you tell me when Dubai Garden Glow opens? The website isn't showing dates or prices yet. Thanks Waggie
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