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  1. Sadly, my partner fell and broke her patella. We will have to cancel our 55th anniversary celelbration to Greece. If I cancel before a certain date, it is said that we would get 50 % of the cost back. I fully insured the flight and the cruise with another insurance co. Can I get the money from the cruise and the insurance Co or is that illegal.
  2. I walk with a cane, knee and back problems. We are doing Dubrovnik on our own as pretty sure I can walk the old town. Also able to take a bus to Chania, but how difficult is walking around the market. How far from market to the nearby harbor. I am a 76 year old woman.,living with an active 76 year old woman who can do just about anything. This is a special trip for her and I don't want to hold her back. This is our 55th anniversary.
  3. Thanks for all your comments. We are going at the end of May and dont expect it to be too crowded.
  4. Thanks, sounds like Fira is far from Oia. Guess the cable car or donkey path can't be avoided.
  5. If you take the Celebrity excursion, I know they drop you off in Fira, but how do you get to Oia.Where is the cable car. We are going at the end of May and hope it is not too crowded. Thanks
  6. We can't find the answer to having water in the room daily. We are Elite and cruising in Aqua class on the constellation. Hate to have to buy water every day. I drink just plain water, not evian or perrier. Can anyone answer this with certainty? Thanks, Jane
  7. Thanks for your answers. I will take the ships offerings
  8. I can walk with a cane but because of the long wait for the cable car I am hoping I can use my walker to visit santorini, Oia and Fira. The walker folds up and would be needed for the cable car wait. If not, are there areas to rest while waiting. Would my cane be enough to walk the towns on the tour? Thanks
  9. Thanks from Viktoria. I am happy to hear that 9110 is a good cabin on the constelation and we will not smell smoke!:D
  10. We are on the Constelation room 9110 is that port or starboard. How can you tell?
  11. Did you do only the city tour. Celebrity is doing a panoramic Adriatic tour lasting 6 hours visiting a few different cities for meals. Sounds good but might be a little long. Dubrovnik is supossed to be a quaint city.
  12. Thank you. I guess if I do this I will not be able to see the old town. Is the tour better? :)
  13. :mad:If they allow vape smoking in the bar or any other place even in the room, we will lose the ability to stop smoking everywhere with the vaping. Who knows what is the in pipe. Bad idea, Keep allowing the smoking on deck 5 and nowhere else.
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