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  1. Still my concern re not booking Regent is it's survival in a format we will recognise !! In Uk today talk is of all summer 2021 overseas travel as a tourist is maybe going to be cancelled and entry into UK and Europe requiring compulsary quarantine as your own expense so killing the tourist industry. We are next due on in SF on 04/01/22, think that is a possible?
  2. But will ports or airlines accept non vaccinated passengers, I cannot see this happening.
  3. Was not when on 2 years ago my only fear for booking Regent now is it goes bust; as in UK we can't go anywhere and cruising is very unlikely for at least 6 months ; can any company survive 15 m0nths with no core activity- cruising and overheads and maintenance to pay. the restart costs to get the ships up to the standard we all knew will be enormous.
  4. In view of the UK imminent lockdown. Cruising looks sadly even further away Lets hope Regent will survive !!!
  5. Ports are important, but so is the convenience of not driving and packing up in several hotels every few days. Like others we prefer the small ship experience, why we sail Regent, with all inclusive experiences and no water slides, climbing walls etc
  6. Problem is the Geo-politics of this area which excludes Yalta, Sevastopol, Odessa from most itineraries. We were due to visit in 2014 when Russia annexed the Crimea, its status is still not recognised by most Western countries. Equally Sochi , was on our itinerary, now not visited by Western Cruise lines. If you go to Ukraine and have a Russian Crimea stamp in your passport you will be refused entry. On our trip they substituted Sinop ,Trabazon in Northern Turkey and Batumi in Georgia, where I think we were the first cruise ship in, they laid on a band on the quayside and some guests were
  7. And post Brexit you will not be fast tracked at Barcelona airport........... You could be leaving the ship 6-15/6-30am.
  8. Agree the longer this goes on the more likely the companies including Regent will not survive.....I have £40k tied up in FCC, but from the UK the situation is getting worse , there is little light at the end of the tunnel and most 2021 cruises may not sail. Then after so long out of operation crewing the ships plus ongoing maintenance may be the final straw especially for the 3 older ships Navigator, Voyager and Mariner, a year plus out of action is a long while on a ship, think about all the ongoing maintenance when you have sailed they are always painting, repairing , cleaning etc etc.......
  9. Be aware that the number of flights and airlines post covid-19 will be very limited. Many airlines will not survive and lots of routes will be scrapped from schedules. This will limit your options and increase your stress and financial loss. In these circumstances looking beyond Regent air might be fall hardy , it may save you $300 but think how much you lose if you don't make embarkation?
  10. Do not take 1001, or 1002 as these are under the connoisseur club which sees heavy chesterfield chairs being moved and noise and then the staff replace at midnight !! on Explorer or Splendour. Catergory D is a good choice just not these 2 suites.
  11. No Letdown from Regent. Our NEW YEAR wish has got to be that it survives the pandemic, and that the ships will sail again? not go to the breakers yard. The way things are going now re covid-19, much of 2021 could well be a write off. The relaunch costs after 18 months no sail will be enormous. I hope that this is too pessimistic having around £40k tied up in FCC for 3 more bookings, but it's hard to see travel positives for 2021, we in UK are now barred from 40+ Countries. Hopefully the vaccine will come in time to save the Cruise industry and Regent ?
  12. Is this new or a repeat. Sunday Times TV listings has a (R) repeat symbol, whilst others do not?
  13. Think this is a question of which lines and ships survive the covid-19 pandemic. For us simply going to the coast 45 miles away at present is impossible !!!! Many of the pre -covid cruises will not get through this IMHO
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