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  1. Both in Monaco are on bus route #1 a €1 each trip, the bus runs from jardin exotique via the station and ends up on the rock only a short stroll to the oceanography building. You can get a good value ticket for here and the Royal palace, worth considering. Also good restaurants in the alleys of the old town.
  2. Osborne house is the best in Cowes area, only a mile from East Cowes Red funnel ferry . Beautiful house and grounds designed by Victoria and Albert, their favourite home.
  3. Yes they do ,it's Europe wide, no need to tip as in USA Leave the tipping at home, pay the bill as it is, or just round to nearest Euro. Croatia is in EU so labour laws apply, Montenegro whilst not EU uses the Euro currency and is likely to join soon.
  4. Really irrelevant now that all cruise ships from US are going to be banned from visiting Cuba. So therefore all cruise ships will not visit and the locals will miss tips and all other tourist income.
  5. Ticket machines require a PIN number to work
  6. But do not waste your time on the Mermaid, the most overrated tourist site anywhere( along with the Mannekin Pis in Brussels). Copenhagen is great: the little mermaid a massive let down !!!! Even the backdrop of an oil depot makes photos impossible,
  7. But the issue is spreading out the tourists. Holland (The Netherlands) is so much more than Amsterdam. So few people go to or visit cities like Leiden, Delft, Breda, Dordrecht, all have much to offer. Plus unfortunately Amsterdam has this stag/hen do 'label' plus the Brown cafes and Red light district. Even The Hague fails to get it's share of the tourist trade.
  8. Surely the only answer to a precise walk like this is not to use Google maps, ok for general navigation, but buy an OS map not the 1:50000 but a walkers map with the path properly shown. Google and phone maps have their place but OS maps have the detail especially when avoiding walking on a trunk road. It always annoys me the people who try to walk in mountains with only a phone map - its irresponsible.
  9. Why not use a 'proper' taxi service rather than uber, as cheap and more reliable
  10. June could bring anything you need to be prepared from cold winds to sweltering. Last year June got up to low 30's and no rain. Many years its mid to high teens only and mixed. If you follow tennis at Wimbledon you will have seen this !! Temps are in °C. When here just get daily updates from TV BBC or use the BBC website for hourly forecasts, they are pretty good.
  11. Get your hotel to organise a 'proper' taxi company. So much more reliable and no more expensive than uber
  12. It really does not matter which side you are on, there are no guarantees as to docking. Equally on lower decks you do not know the state of the tide, so at what level you are compared to the quay, is equally uncertain. You might just have a concrete quay wall outside, this is often the case on smaller ships with the MDR windows.
  13. But this is CC ,if you have a secure cabin, leave it there. Perhaps this is more against Airbnb , which UK insurance is wary of as unlike a hotel the security situation is uncertain, have heard of many Airbnb insurance claims being challenged.
  14. Sorry this is incorrect. This year is open from late July till end of September only, also you will need to book in advance, rarely tickets on the day.
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