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  1. On RSSC Facebook that these are waitlisted prior to cancelling all Oct and Nov cruises. Now think our Jan cruise on Voyager must be at risk. (BA to Lima)
  2. The problem is that you could argue that they are not in the US domain?
  3. The problem with so much of this is the basis of the cruise lines. Out of US ports the rules of the CDC will be applied, but the ships once out of US ports and water are then able to apply their own protocol as all are registered/ flagged offshore and any port will apply it's own national criteria and protocol. US .laws will not apply. As stated here could you put off a passenger for not following covid protocols in another Country, would they accept? Although they are US holding companies they are not really under the jurisdiction of that Country or any other, this is how they get round the laws re the casino and gambling, which are curtailed in ports or coastal waters and tax free shopping as well The issue is not the CDC or USA law: makes it harder?
  4. Who would buy a cruise ship in this climate? Only option will be breakers yard?
  5. As a Brit I find this tipping idea so 19th century Master & servant , why not pay everything up front in a higher fare so the staff are not on slave wages and there is no need to pay them to do their job. This approach as Regent use is so much easier. Tipping is simply a way to top up substandard wages and often is bribery. In UK law both of Costa and NCL is not legal ( Its what Ryanair so often fall foul of adding in costs to a published fare which is compulsory ).
  6. Sadly I fear pappy is correct, even though we are booked on the Voyager from Buenos Aires to Lima in January 2021. Hard to see the ports opening up before this, how are the airlines going to work, few are now contracting fast. Equally how they will get the crew to the embarkation point. Cruises will not be multi-national, US citizens are not going to be allowed into Europe for a while, NZ and Aussies are not allowed to travel and the states is out for most Europeans
  7. Agree , as long as you choose a cabin with the shower not bath/ shower. Also the PH suites on the Mariner are great. Don't worry re the spa as post covid it may be irrelevant. Theatre in Mariner is great , if the Splendour has not improved the Explorer then the theatre was very poorly designed- not yet been in the Splendour.
  8. There is an amazing press release from Emerson Barnes of this organisation on safe Countries to visit by USA citizens in the light of the EU not accepting Americans at present. He lists the Countries which include 4 European ones, none in the EU. However these are all Micro states, none with its own airport, in 3 cases the only way to get there apart from parachuting in or maybe a helicopter- but their range is such that you would need to start from an EU country. The 4 are San Marino and Vatican - both enclaves in Italy Andorra - in the Pyrenees between Spain and France Monaco - you could arrive by sea, but otherwise have to go through France The lack of knowledge of European Geography is staggering. Hopefully he and the Organisation are not linked to renewing Cruises or we will have Ports in Hungary, Czech Republic and Moldova on routes. And Us Cruises to North Dakota , Idaho and Vermont WORRYING !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. How will you board in Barcelona, as Spain has shut to cruising for the foreseeable future. Also you will need to be a strong swimmer to get to Barcelona as most flights are not operating?
  10. The Elephant in the room on all this, re: cruising. How are you going to crew the ships? Where are they coming from? It will not be the US. So how do they get to the embarkation ports if international borders are closed or restricted , or need quarantine periods. Also will there be the flights especially from countries like the Philippines or Bali or India where many crew are from. Equally the cramped sharing nature of crew accommodation on most cruise ships makes this a problem? Lots more questions than answers even if passengers wish to cruise?
  11. Taking it back to borders closing and loss of international tourism , this will have an existential affect on the cruise industry and indeed airlines, many will not survive this? Boeing is already in trouble following the 737max issues, who is going to buy new planes in this economic climate? I can see many cruise ships going to the breakers yards, especially the mega 4000/ 5000 passenger ships. Equally with reduced flights globally getting crew to the ships will be challenging, few are from developed western countries.
  12. W Where they will staff the ship's from? It will not be USA. So how they will get there to the ship? Half baked ideas.
  13. First 24 hours on the ship, Mariner, when we really saw how much of an upgrade this was to our previous ships and cruises, with no extras, no nickel & diming, fell in love with the PH-C suite, pre butlers at that level , so much so we have returned 3 times to the same suite. The first dinner in Compass rose a 2 top by the window was the icing on the cake, never wanted to look beyond Regent again, in early 60's now , then mid 40's: this is what we had worked hard to achieve, wanted more........... never gone elsewhere.............missing it in the pandemic.........but will be back!!
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