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  1. chessie4588

    Premium Wine List

    Does anyone have a recent premium wine list? We sail the Odysses in January and my last list is from November 2017 which is undoubtedly way out of date.
  2. chessie4588

    Seabourn wine list

    I received the wine info. Thanks again for your help.
  3. chessie4588

    Seabourn wine list

    Would very much appreciate it. I'm at g40bull@ATT.net. Thanks
  4. chessie4588

    Seabourn wine list

    Does anybody have photos of Seabourn's premium wine list?
  5. chessie4588

    22-Sep Tokyo-Hong Kong Shadow Itinerary Changes

    I'm sure that somebody at SS realized that the original docking date in Tianjin was in the middle of "Golden Week" and transport to and back from Beijing would have difficult--and thus the changed itinerary. My regret with the cruise is that they eliminated a half-day in Shanghai and added a stop at a port (Ishigaki) that would be FAR less interesting to see. I would have liked to see them keep the Shadow in Shanghai for an extra day.
  6. chessie4588

    Tianjin Port

    I was asking if Silversea has a free shuttle to someplace like they do in many cities in Europe.
  7. chessie4588

    Tianjin Port

    We'll be arriving in Tianjin at the end of September on the Shadow. Having been to Beijing pre-cruise, I would like to know what my tour options are--other than the $200 tour of Tianjin. To that end, does Silversea offer a shuttle bus from the port to any place?
  8. chessie4588

    Civitavecchia dock access with rental car

    A few years ago, the next to last day of a Seabourn cruise was an overnight in Civitavecchia. Since my wife and I were going to spend another week driving around Italy, we went into Rome for the day and in the late afternoon, picked up a reserved rental car in Rome, drove it back to Civitavecchia and parked it overnight on the dock outside the ship. There was no problem doing this but I have to admit I was a little nervous about leaving the car overnight on the dock.
  9. chessie4588

    Silversea currency exchange

    We'll be sailing the Shadow from Japan to Korea to China to Hong Kong in September Altho I'll get most of my foreign currency from ATMs, near the end of each stay in a country, I may need some small amount of additional local currency to see us through until the end of our stay. Does Silversea do currency exchange on board and if so, will they take back the remaining foreign currency when we leave the country? If they do currency exchange, any idea on how good or bad the exchange rate would be?
  10. chessie4588

    Silver Spirit

    We just got off the Spirit on Wednesday. Stayed in Veranda 722--no DVD player only an iPod docking station.
  11. We took a similar Seabourn cruise a couple of years ago--Montreal to Ft Lauderdale- and it was okay altho some of the ports weren't too exciting (Sydney) and others we had all ready been to (Bar Harbor, Boston, Martha's Vineyard). We've booked another Canadian cruise for next year--Crystal 10 days, Montreal to Montreal departing October 5. You might want to look at the itinerary--besides the usual stops, also includes St. Pierre & Miquelon and Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Another plus is that the cost is 2/3's of Seabourn's.
  12. chessie4588


    We're on for two weeks starting 8/20. Can someone update me on who the CD and maitre'd are expected to be.
  13. chessie4588

    Legendary review

    We're doing the same sailing on 12/6. Can you tell me if it was easy accessing beaches (i.e., walking from tender disembarkation point).--specifically, Road Bay and Le Marin. Also who is the current cruise director? Thanks
  14. chessie4588

    How hard is it to change your room

    As to storing your luggage, it's quite easy to pick up the end of the bed and slide your luggage in. We did this on our last Legend trip--it didn't hurt our luggage but that of course depends on what type of luggage that you have.
  15. chessie4588

    Time to get to Rome airport

    We did this trip last month using Civitavecchia cab service (highly recommended on tripadvisor). He picked us up right on time. We left the port at 9 AM and we were at the airport at 9:50. Cost was 69 Euros.