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  1. This is not true. The ship offered this perk two years ago on certain Mediterranean cruises and the laundry worked flawlessly. Stop worrying. You are wrong.
  2. I was in the military, too. The difference is I had to be there.
  3. We are fully paid for a cruise in May, but will probably need to change to a later date and a different itinerary. As an aside, this is our decision alone, it’s not a family or illness decision. Since it is our decision, our travel insurance will not reimburse us. My question is, what is Regent’s policy? Can we use the fare we’ve already paid for a different cruise, would we lose it or would we be penalized? Even though we have taken many Regent cruises, we’ve never needed to make a decision like this. I’m hopeful someone has had a similar problem and wonder what the outcome was. Thanks everyone.
  4. We were on the Explorer when the documentary was filmed. It was Barcelona to London mid-May 2019. Great cruise, folks filming were very nice and unobtrusive.
  5. I’d suggest the Hotel Colon. It’s a very nice hotel with a wonderful staff. The location is great. It’s in the Gothic district and literally across a plaza from the old Gothic Cathedral. If you do choose to stay there, request a room facing the Cathedral. There is something special about opening the shutters in your room early in the morning and seeing the Cathedral all its glory. The plaza gets very busy during the day with tourists and buskers, but by 10:00 pm, all is quiet. Hotel Colon is in easy walking distance to La Ramblas and the market, but did it, saw it, that was enough. Spend your time in the fascinating Gothic district. Oh, they have a very good included breakfast, too.
  6. We docked in Southampton three weeks ago and then spent 4 days in London. We used Blackberry and dfound them to be excellent. Their office is extremely responsive and answers any email questions almost immediately. Not only are their prices very reasonable compared to some other companies we checked, but you can also track your driver as he is moving live on their website, so you know he is coming.
  7. Hi folks, We just returned from a Explorer cruise, which was wonderful. As an aside, we had the same cabin stewardess, Mel, that we had on a Voyager cruise last year. She was wonderful as always and great to catch up with her. Love how this happens on Regent ships. We are booked on a 22 day cruise in May, 2020. Explorer is, without question, beautiful and with one more specialty restaurant, which are much larger than the other ships, we never had to wait for a table. Actually, we went to 3 of the restaurants multiple times. Never a problem getting a reservation. My question is: this will be our third cruise on the Voyager, once before its 2016 refurbish, and one after. We do know her strong and weak points (who thought it would be a good idea to eliminate all the drawer space?) but when is she do for a partial or full refurbish? How was her condition from someone on a recent cruise? We were on Mariner just before her dry dock a few years ago and she was of course clean as a whistle, but pretty beat up. Any thoughts on how the Voyager is holding up?
  8. A question about waitlisting. Do you get any choice of cabin number in the class you are waitlisted for, or does Regent assign the first cabin that becomes available in your class? If Regent does just assign you a cabin you don’t want, can you still be on the list or do you just take what is offered. Thanks, folks. We will see some of you in a week on Explorer!
  9. We want to thank TC and ME for this wonderful thread. Your information has been most welcome. We’ve cruised with Regent multiple times but never on Explorer. We will be rectifying that in May! One comment - no crew member has ever volunteered where they are from. But, we usually ask and they are more than happy to tell you about their country and family. Last year was our 50th anniversary and our son’s and daughter-in-law’s 10th, which we celebrated on Voyager. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time and the Voyager crew outdid themselves to make our joint occasion special. We were a little concerned that two very-well traveled Milleniums might find Regent a little “staid” but nothing could have been further from the truth. They loved Regent and we are convinced with passed the Regent “gene” on!
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