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  1. We should be on this sailing, August 7, Nassau r/t, however we cancelled on 28 July. We had completed the Bahamas Health Travel Visas and purchased the vouchers for the test to return to the US, which we also lost the cost of. We were fine with the changes in itinerary but the final straw was Miami, now we know 100% that we made the correct decision for us, 3 couples. This cruise was not the one we chose and paid for, and each post I read reinforces our decision. I can’t imagine having the constant worry while ‘on vacation’. This is only my opinion but glad NOT to be on Crystal.
  2. Cancellation date 7.28.2021 for cruise 8.7-8.14.2021 Received full refund back to our credit card 8.5.2021 Future travels will not include Crystal due to vaccination changes on the above cruise. Tho kudos for such a rapid refund.
  3. Hi, we’re on an AMA pretrip and cruise in December 🤞🏼. Have you gone into their website https://www.amawaterways.com, top right corner is the header My Cruise, click into that, you’ll need your booking number, there’s a wealth of information and lots of info you’ll need provide. Also there is an online health questionnaire you’ll need to fill out NOW. Sorry if you’re aware of this, just wanted to pass along what I found today. I haven’t heard anything from our TA or AMA. Also saw that AMA is requiring all guests to be fully vaccinated. Enjoy your travels.
  4. Sadly we have decided (3 couples) to cancel our Crystal sailing 8.7.2021. With the itinerary change to Miami and the “possibility” of unvaccinated passengers and/or children this isn’t for us. Having been so vigilant for 16+ months, vaccinated, masking, distancing and all we could do - we aren’t comfortable being on constant lookout for the dreaded red wristbands or however Crystal will differentiate guests. I’m not saying the same could not happen here at home however the amount of money spent on the cruise, air, health visas, transportation, it doesn’t make sense to feel uncomfortable. This is only my opinion! I hope everyone has a fantastic time whenever your travels are. For Sale cheap…Bahamas Health Visas and test vouchers! 😆
  5. We’re on the 7 August sailing, Nassau r/t. Husband called Crystal this morning and was told NO REFUNDS would be given. Yes, we will be on a flight for2 hours, non-stop and yes we do go to the grocery, an occasional dinner out but we have the choice of when and/or whether to go. On a ship this isn’t the case. Very disappointed with this change and with Crystal in general. If we go or lose our $$$ this will definitely be a done deal with Crystal for us. No cruise line is that special. This is only my opinion.
  6. No, please don’t assume it was a dig at you, I apologize if I’ve offended you. Just that fact that Disantis is making the rules for Florida and not understanding why we’re going to Miami at all.
  7. It all comes down to the almighty dollar, Crystal isn’t getting what they anticipated/expected so now they’re changing what we booked. I totally agree, look at Viking, they’re setting the bar to a high standard, not only during this trying time but always. Maybe not as luxurious as Crystal is said to be but they have their ducks in a row. Personally we don’t care how luxurious, wonderful Crystal is, we will not be back. Truly disappointed.
  8. OK so don’t dock in Florida, short and simple. Not on the original plan so why now?
  9. Yes they have, we called Crystal this morning as we’re currently, and I use that term loosely, on the 7 August sailing. It’s true, when we asked about unvaccinated in regarding to dining, pools, decks, shuttles and tenders to name a few my husband was told the ships are far from full and the passengers unvaccinated will not be on tenders or shuttles as they can’t leave the ship. They also said their cabins would be in an area together, they’d have their own dining areas in the main dining rooms, can not go to the speciality restaurants, will have to wear a certain colored wristband and must wear a mask on all public areas of the ship. Uhhh OK! So will they also have their own pool…NO, will they have dedicated crew, servers, cleaners, etc to cater to them, probably NO, who in their right mind would do that? Just so very disappointed in Crystal. Obviously it’s a money thing, I think these cruises are not doing as well as hoped for so,now they’re jeopardizing their passengers who booked under one pretense and making dangerous changes. Bye Bye Crystal, my $$$$ will go to companies, cruise lines, etc who stand by their word, not some money grabbing company only interested in the almighty dollar.
  10. Thank you wesport, my thoughts exactly, Miami wasn’t a stop on the July cruises, this was an exclusive Bahamas cruise or so we were told when we booked back on March. We can go with the constant itinerary changes IN the Bahamas but this last one is too much. This would be our first cruise with Crystal, have heard so many good things in the past, we asked two other couples that we haven’t seen in nearly 2 years to join us so we have (had) a total of 6. Now I’m sure we’ll all cancel. While our insurance doesn’t have cancel for any reason I guess we’ll have to eat the loss, a big chunk IMHO. Luckily we made our own flight arrangements and can change for a future voucher. I never would have thought Crystal or any other cruise line, in these times with Covid would make changes like this other than to benefit making $$$ for them, with no consideration to there loyal client base and those eager to try Crystal. Yea, protocols that “must” be followed for unvaccinated passengers, yada yada yada. I think we’ve all seen that many unvaccinated are not known to wear a mask, but Crystal will enforce these protocols…..don’t see that happening. Unless they have their own floor of rooms, own dining areas, service & staff, and aren’t allowed on tenders, shuttles, etc what difference will this make? I’m sure the service will remain impeccable, staff wonderful but corporate changes and policies deplorable. Crystal you blew it, very disappointed. Our cruise line of choice has been Viking River & Oceans, have sailed with them 13 times, had 4 cancelled due to COVID - if they pulled this bait and switch we’d feel the same way as we feel about Crystal. In these times when we’re all itching to get back to travel we chose what seemed to be the safest avenue, now…NO. Sorry to be so negative but we’re beyond upset with this new change and I’m sure many others are also.
  11. Just got an email from Crystal regarding an itenerary change for our upcoming August 7 cruise. After Bimini we have a day stop in Miami to embark ‘a limited number of UNVACCINATED guests! It is very early and I hope I’m reading this incorrectly. ONLY reason we selected this cruise was due to all guests being vaccinated. Thoughts? What is the rationale behind this? If correct, what a huge disappointment. As it is we have to deal with unvaccinated daily and would never had gone with Crystal or any other cruise line if we had known this. Thoughts please!
  12. We’re 3 couples traveling on 7 August Bahamas cruise, first time with Crystal for all. We received upgrade offers form Deluxe Veranda cabins to Penthouse cabins several weeks ago however none of us were interested in accepting the offer feeling the upcharge wasn’t worth it, IMHO. It’s a short cruise and we have cabins adjoining so we’re happy with our originally booked cabins.
  13. Thanks Keith, Very helpful info. We’re on the 7 August sailing so should have lots more info after the first few cruises end.
  14. Quick ? What is a Global Entry Card? We’ve had global entry since 2012 and have never had a card? I know all about GE but confused with having a card to speed up the process in Nassau. Thanks in advance. Susan
  15. We booked several months ago and were told, by a Crystal cs person we’d be at 40-50% capacity…..don’t think that’s going to happen now.
  16. We don’t sail until 7 August but this am received an email from Crystal via our TA and the itinerary still shows Spanish Wells. I know that doesn’t mean it won’t change but ? heres the itinerary I received
  17. Fingers crossed this happens 🤞🏼 We’re scheduled on our first post-Covid river cruise beginning with 4 nights stay in Switzerland prior to embarking in mid December. Thanks for sharing!
  18. Thank you PaulMCO. I didn’t see the Brazilian Churrascaria, sounds delicious!
  19. Stickman1990 - thank you for your help. We really appreciate your insight.
  20. Hi. I apologize if this info has been discussed but I have a few questions regarding dining. We will be a party of 3 couples meeting from different areas of the US, this will be the first Crystal cruise for all of us, we’re on the Bahama itinerary 7 August, Nassau r/t. We have completed our PCPC. I’m uncertain - do we need to reserve a table for 6 to dine in the Main Dining room nightly? I’ve read, or thought I read, that there is open seating between 6:00-9:30pm. Special Dining, I think there is a $30 pp upcharge to dine in these venues. Today I thought I read that there is complimentary dining, one time in each venue. Now I’m confused. Could someone please set me straight please? Thank you in advance for your help. We’re looking forward to not only our first post Covid travel and trying Crystal. We hope to be Crystalized!
  21. We are also doing our own air and was told by our TA that we can book transfers with Crystal for $50pp each way. We’d rather have more control and will take care of our own transportation as well.
  22. Hello. Don’t hold me to it and this and I’d check with Crystal before believing me 🙂 but I was told last week, by Crystals air department, that we have to be onboard by 2 pm. This was in relation to our August 7 cruise Nassau r/t. Just throwing my 2 cents worth in.
  23. I’m just a little disappointed having been told by Crystal that they would only be booking at 50% or less. Maybe it’s time to cancel?
  24. We’re scheduled for the August 7 cruise and it was my understanding....from a Crystal rep last week that they’ll be sailing at 50% or lower capacity, not the full 900. has anyone else heard or been told this? If they’re sailing at capacity I may be rethinking paying the deposit. thanks for any inout you can share
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