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  1. Loving your cruise review. We did the same route on Jewel mid September and feel like we are back on the trip with your pictures and commentary. By the way, the soldiers at the Acropolis were not a “changing of the guards”. They are the Color Guard who moments earlier raised the National flag at the top. Watching them march down in a precision line, eyes straight ahead, never looking at their footing while navigating uneven terrain and steps we ourselves had trouble not tripping on while looking down with ever step was an incredible show. Only those who get to the Acropolis at o
  2. Loved your review. Laughed that I don’t have to make any notes for our trip, just send my friends to your journal. Glad your family visit worked out. Happy cruising and hopefully our paths will cross. R&M
  3. Loving your pre-cruise review. The Jewel cruise, weather, and ports were awesome and I agree anyone considering the ship and/or itinerary shouldn’t hesitate. Can’t wait to see your pictures and review on that portion of the trip. We are still unpacking and trying to get caught up on life! (We sat with you on the bus to Chania.) Ron
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