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  1. Air travel and cruising aren't going to be coming back quickly. So the ships that require the least expenditure of cash and can generate the most income will be the first to be carrying passengers. Even the minimum shipyard/drydocking that only take care of the mechanicals and required hull inspections are quite expensive. The total Revolution package for the M-class ships have to be very pricey with the total redo of cabins. I would anticipate that after the E-class and revolutionized S-class ships are back in business, they will start doing the minimum required to get the remainder of the S-class back at sea IF demand warrants. This may be apples and oranges, but Delta just finished a total refurb of its 777 fleet only to announce last week that they will all be taken out of service and retired as they have newer aircraft A339 and 359 that are more efficient to operate and they don't anticipate the need for capacity.
  2. Don't forget that most of the attractions in Florida including beaches, Disney and otehr attractions closed. Beaches are just now reopening. Restrictions are just now starting to be lifted in South Florida.
  3. I suspect that Connie and Infinity will not be sailing with passengers for at least a year. Cash conservation is king right now. RCI announced that several ships will be going into cold layup (https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/884887/000110465920058425/tm2018985d1_ex99-1.htm). Hopefully they will return or be sold to other lines able to upgrade and not end up on the beach in India at the breakers. As Blackduck said, Edge and Apex along with the S-class that have received the upgrades will likely be the first back in action.
  4. Not sure how an NCL (or RCI/CCL) bankruptcy would be filed in US courts as they are not US corporations.
  5. Most hotels are franchisee owned and managed by the brand.
  6. Captain Albert has restarted his blog with summary of recent events. https://www.captainalbert.com/24-march-10-april-2020-panama-to-fort-lauderdale/#more-150189
  7. The aft deck 11 cabins are great. We have a total of 42 days in 1140 aboard 3 of the 4 M-class ships. After the first day of people being lost, very little traffic inthe area. An empty elevator bank takes one to Blu and three sets of stairs to Oceanview bar and buffet. Enjoy.
  8. I am having the same problem on Chrome, but works OK with Firefox.
  9. We enjoyed the Doubletree and Renaissance. Renaissance is off the main drag by a block or so. Check out That Dam Guide who offers some great small group tours in the city and around the countryside. He and his team are excellent.
  10. You can also put it in the space between the door and doorframe. You will have it in your hand when you open the door.
  11. The lack of guest lecturers on our last two HAL cruises caused us to cancel a previously booked cruise and book similar ones on Celebrity.
  12. We toured with Alla and had a great visit seeing much more than the ship's tours. We noticed on the first day of the tour we visited the sites outside the city. On the second day we were much closer to the ship - just in case. The major firms, Alla, SPB. etc. have contingeny plans. One vendor reminded us that in this day of social media, if they don't get us back on time, they are out of business. BTW, HAL/X tours promise that you will be at the head of the line. Our group of 10 walked around the line with our guide and entered.
  13. From personal experoience, taxis that can go in the port can be hard tofind at the Civi train depot.
  14. Celebrity Millennium has discharged all her pax in Singapore and cancelled the remaining Pacific/Japan and trans-Pac cruises. Speculation abounds on the X boards. Some sleuths have discovered recent additions to the Hawaii and West Coast port schedules that indicate she may be doing a Hawaii to West Coast cruise followed by a few extra coastal cruises before the Alaska schedule begins. Right now she is at anchor off Singapore.
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