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  1. Tahanks for the great feedback. 3117 is the option we are taking for an around Japan cruise next fall.
  2. There have been reports that these cabins are smaller than the ones on the starboard side. True/False?? Thanks.
  3. This is one of our favorite cruises. We were lucky enough to be able to continue through the canal (Infinity) to FLL and drive home.
  4. Connie is a great ship with a product we enjoy more than HAL. (YMMV) Connie will have just completed its "Edgification" which completely renovates (or replaces) the current cabins - walls, bathrooms and furnishings.
  5. Our TA has always been able to select cabins when we did paid upgrades to NS. The earlier you decide the more from which you can choose.
  6. Actually the aft facing AQ cabins on M class deck 11 have a lot of cover and a lot of space. Our favorites. You will quickly learn what the Maltese flag looks like.
  7. If you want to be among the first off, walk to the staircase nearest the gangway. Security will let you off as soon as the ship is cleared This is generally a few minutes before it is announced, but well ahead of the ship's tours. We have been off before the posted time on occasion. Enjoy Naples - lots to do near and far.
  8. As others have said, you can get lite bites in the Neptune Lounge. The Neptune Lounge concierges were willing to help resolve any issue and were quite upbeat and outgoing, particularly Paulo. To us, CO dining on the NS was a major perk. From various posts on the boards, it appears that the majority of passengers who have used it really liked it. .
  9. We thought the ports on our Norway trip were some of the most interesting that we have visited. CO has a nice casual ambiance which we enjoyed. Like the MDR, it is casual dress even on Gala nights. We got excellent upgrade deals on our last two HAL cruises. It is somewhat dangerous in that it can become addictive. 🙂 The Neptune Lounge offers a very nice place to grab a few snacks throughout the day. Unlike Celebrity, you are charged for all drinks (unless you have a drink package). Enjoy your 30th.
  10. We really enjoyed CO on our cruise. It is anytime dining, but I never saw anyone waiting. If they ran out of two-tops, they seated us at a four and removed the other place settings. Unlike the MDR, there was lots of space between tables. Waitstaff and sommelier were outstanding. Food is always served hot as CO is right next to the galley. Many items were prepared by the chef while we watched. I would encourage you to try breakfast there as the chef does all the cooking. Glas to answer other questions about NS and/or CO.
  11. To us it depends on the itinerary and number of sea days. If you go for the OV, suggest cabins 3112-3144 (more forward are better) and 3115-3127 on Connie. Not sure if these cabins were added during Summit/Millenium revolution. These cabins were added within the past five or so years and feature very large windows.
  12. I would definitely go with Paul Gauguin. We did and thoroughly enjoyed the ship and crew. Food was excellent - most of it shipped in from LA with the fresh fruit and veggies not available in FP flown in from LA. If available, local fruits and some products (delicious jams and jellies) are used. With the exception of Tahiti all ports are tender ports and the crew has this down pat. We had bad weather predicated for Moorea, so they shifted the schedule a bit so we still got to see it. Since the local guides are familiar with PG, they adapt their schedules accordingly. They cater to the PG since it is there every week along with the local Windstar boat. Concur with Copper, PG is the local expert.
  13. Aruba Bob offers great snorkeling experiences.
  14. Just back from Norway - seemed like every vendor took credit cards, evn for a postcard. So no need for Norwegian kroner. Have a great trip.
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