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  1. Only complaints I have heard have been from those travelling in foggy conditions when they must sound the horn every two to three minutes.
  2. While we have found all our cruises interesting and fun, one that sticks out was a B2B that started in Buenos Aires around the Horn, up the west coast of South America, through the canal to FLL. A group of about 20 banded together for private tours in each port after starting with a two night, three day land trip to Iguazu Falls. It was a fun group of people to hang with both on and off the ship. An added benefit was we picked up a rental car in FLL for our drive home. Nice not to worry about the airline weight limits. The cab driver to the airport wasn't too happy about lifting the suitc
  3. We thoroughly enjoyed Club Orange on NS and Kdam. It's smaller with a dedicated waitstaff who quickly get to know you and your preferences. Some food comes from the main kitchen with final prep made in the small kitchen area. Other items are cooked in the restaurant facing CO kitchen.
  4. What a great cruise. We did it two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the time in ports and at sea. Thanks for the great writeup which brought back wonderful memories.
  5. The US dollar will be the currency on board.
  6. Most of the cabins on deck 9 are AQ2, while the ones on 11 are AQ1. That may explain the price differential.
  7. I doubt that Infinity and Connie will be sailing anytime soon. At a minimum, they will need a basic drydock for hull inspection as they were both scheduled to revolutionized with a major overhaul and drydocking. Even if they do the minimum required, it will cost money. Until all the other ships in the fleet are operating again and X needs more capacity, I wouldn't expect to see sailings on either Infinity or Connie.
  8. Captain Mercer summarizes the end of this year's world cruise, his (and Karen's) departure in Manila and his career at HAL. http://captainjonathan.com/
  9. Wouldn't be surprised as they are not going to start sailing 11 ships at the same time, particularly when most of them will be in the Caribbean.
  10. Good idea to book your seats now, but airline equipment may change by February as the August schedules are just now firming up. Check back often.
  11. For the R- and S- class ships, disposal or moving to another line may be determined by time until the next drydock is required (not scheduled). In other words, a ship not needing a drydock for 2+ years is probably worth more than one needing (or overdue). If the ship is going to another line, it will need some refurbishing so it's going to be in the yard anyway. Totally different for the newer/bigger ships that will be kept long term.
  12. A friend of ours taught us to take a picture of the port agents name and info from the daily in the event something happened and also a picture of the return by board. Provides a reference should you start to say was that 4 or 5?
  13. We were quite pleased with Alla. Found out the difference between front of the line (as advertised by the cruise line) and skip the line - Alla. I am sure RO, SPB, etc. are similar.
  14. Definitely agree with Ken. We were on the NS last summer to Norway. No guest lectures (14 day cruise) with several sea days. The EXC guide (who now doubles as the CD) gave a 15 minute memorized script with slides and disappeared as soon as she was done. No questions - nothing. Although the HAL crew was pleasant, there seemed to be little enthusiasm. What I enjoy about X is seeing the officers who are willing to sit a talk with you, listen to any concerns and rectify the problem, volleyball in the pool - O's vs. pax, etc. On HAL, one rarely sees the officers unless you go to the buffet an
  15. Another vote for the DoubleTree. You may want to try some tours with "That Dam Guide" who offers small group tours. Also impressed to ride in a Tesla from Schipol to the hotel. Enjoy Amsterdam.
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