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  1. Right they didn’t but it’s obvious because of the type of rooms they did mention. And there is no exception for being across the hall. It’s clearly states in Connecting Cabins.
  2. Or maybe you need to read what I wrote or what OP wrote about the two rooms NOT being connected. So still wrong!
  3. Actually the person is correct (remember OP stated that they were NOT in connecting rooms). And since this is about RCC not Celebrity why mention their policy. Not every policy is the same on both lines. And also this: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/international-age-policy And this from Celebrity (not that it matters because this cruise ISN'T on a Celebrity ship): Rules for cruising alone: When sailing from North America, passengers must be 21 years old (as of the day the ship sets sail) to travel on their own. When sailing from Europe, Asia, South Am
  4. But have any of you who replied actually done it?
  5. Connecting. We always consider a JS but then always decide that you can’t beat having the extra bathroom, and we only have 4 people. If you’re looking to save I’d look into connecting insides. This is our go to room selection. We like being out and about the ship so don’t mind an inside. But, we have done connecting balconies when the prices is right. We have talked about switching to one inside one balcony now that they are even older (17 &13) and I’m much more confident in their ability to handle it.
  6. Yes outdated. We cruised Oasis 2 years ago with my then 10 year old and we didn’t get anything other then the standard muster bracelets. No gps no special phones. I bet they found that most people wouldn’t pay the extra $17 for the phones.
  7. I’ve never seen gps wristbands! Were did you see this information?
  8. Good catch. We rented from Enterprise and I knew there were other companies there.
  9. We rented a car. For our party of 6 it was the cheapest option. It’s not a bad trip and we stopped off at Ron Jon’s and had plenty of time to make it back onto the ship. just be aware that you might not be able to get a shuttle back to the pier from the car rental depending on your return time. But the walk back is less than 2 miles a totally walkable.
  10. Tacking on to this thread instead of starting a new one. I see that you can now get whatever beer is on draft. Would this apply to Playmakers too? I’m guessing that they are going to have better draft selection.
  11. Night Light! The actual bathroom light is super bright and it will be super dark otherwise. We use one we have from ikea that stays charged forever so we just charge it up before we leave and are good to go. Magnets are the best thing ever! There are so many uses. We have a set of strong magnets including ones with hooks that we keep in our cruise bag. We also have fun magnetic door decorations we bought at the dollar store. This bag also includes all our RCI branded stuff (pens, highlighters, lanyards, bags, and reusable water bottles) this stuff comes with us on t
  12. I really appreciate your review, it was detailed and fun to read. We are heading to the Symphony in April over Spring Break, I'm expecting there to be a ton of kids. My kids have enjoyed the clubs in the past but this will be my youngest first time in the Teen portion so it will be interesting to see how it goes. My oldest gripped endlessly about the Teen Club last cruise because all the fun kids were in the older section and she was in the younger section and on and on. Honestly I was totally okay if she didn't get to go but that meant she was limited to hanging with us or in the room. That s
  13. Choose Wonderland. As previous posters have said a lot of the food it's self isn't all that adventurous its more about the presentation. I'm sure you will be able to find something enjoyable for yourself and your daughter will really enjoy the experience.
  14. Thanks for your detailed breakdown of our options. I appreciate your knowledge and assistance. We are all arriving at different times. Some will be in by 1 pm and others not until 8 pm.
  15. Are there any suggestions for a hotel that provides a shuttle to the port? Or would it be easier to rent a car? We do have to get from the airport (mia) and then to the hotel and then to the ship. We have done this in the past but haven't sailed out of Miami in many years so I'm not sure what the best options are and what will be the most cost effective for our group of 6. Thanks for you advice.
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