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  1. Great reports, Dave. We embarked in Rotterdam-how do I find you to say hello? Amy
  2. Great reports, Dave. We embarked in Rotterdam-how do I find you to say hello? Amy
  3. Sansterre, I will happily join the knitters, as my DH and I will be on the return trip. Perhaps you could keep in touch. We are going to be in 6103. Amy
  4. You are correct, Dave, we booked the return just last week when we learned that our Elbe river cruise was to become basically a bus tour due to low water levels. Viking refunded everything, and when we called HAL we had a pretty good choice of staterooms, a cheap up sell to a Signature Suite, and one way air from JFK was less than $300pp. Looking forward to meeting you onboard. Amy
  5. Hi Dave, Really enjoy reading your blog! We'll be joining you in Rotterdam on the 16th, so we're also quite disappointed to miss Nanortalik. Hopefully HAL will offer an interesting hike in Qaqortoq to replace the one my DH signed up for in Nanortalik. I was also looking forward to the open air museum there, so hopefully the one in Qaqortoq is just as good! Amy
  6. My husband and I had a fantastic all-day, private taxi tour last Wednesday (July 25th) with Quinton Bean, who was recommended on this Board, I believe. He charges the standard $50/hr rate, and of course we tipped him above that, and also payed for his lunch. Quinton has been a taxi tour guide for quite a long time. He knows everyone and everyone seems to know him! We told him that we were particularly interested in Bermuda's history and natural beauty, and he shared a great deal of knowledge with us. He knew every bird, tree and flower we asked about, and also took us on great tours of two forts and 3 churches. We stopped at a lunch spot that seemed to be just for the locals and the fish sandwich was great. He will pick you up anywhere - we were on a cruise so he came right to the ship to pick us up. You can book him via email, as we did. His address is quianreu@logic.bm. Be patient - it might take him a few days to get back to you, but he will. Enjoy Bermuda!
  7. Thanks, everyone. So just to be sure I understand correctly, if I buy unlimited for two devices I can have them both online at one time, and log out on one if I want to use a third? For example, I'm sure my DH and I will both want to catch up on the news simultaneously on our iPads, but I could log off of mine, log in to my phone, and iMessage my family at home, right? Thanks!
  8. First time sailing Celebrity (past cruises on HAL) and need advice about internet packages on the Summit for our Bermuda cruise leaving 7/22. Pricing right now for two devices for the entire cruise is $269 per adult for two devices. I’m confused by the per adult quote. Does this mean it’s $269 for me to logon with my iPad for the week and $269 for my DH on his iPad as well? Does anyone know if they will also be offering internet per day or per hour once we board? What have you found to be the most economical way to go with this? Thanks!
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