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  1. Just an update for all of you RCC fans. I did get my cruise credit today. It only took 4 months. Anger is subsiding...
  2. My complaint isn't so much they have jacked up the prices. My complaint is waiting 3+ months now for a credit (which I was promised in 45 days) and now they are telling me it could take up to another 4 months to get the credit. 7+ months? That just isn't fair. And this was coming from a supervisor. Look, I could have kept my original cruise, paid the whole thing in full, and then just waited until they canceled the cruise and requested a full refund (or cruise credit +25%). I chose not to do that, because I didn't want to pay for the whole cruise and have them sitting with my
  3. I am a Diamond member and have been cruising for Royal Caribbean for years. I had two Suites booked on a cruise out of Rome in June 2020 booked on the new shop. I canceled my rooms in January knowing that they would never be sailing because of Covid, and I knew they were going to try to get the full payment before canceling the cruise. Anyways, I have been waiting for the cruise credit now on the deposit for close to 3 months. Since then, the cost of Suites on future cruises have gone up over 200%. Crazy. Anyways, I called to find out where my deposit is, and they now say it will could t
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