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  1. I think the better approach is to only allow people who have tested for the antibody to board. Of course that’s only if we know for sure that it gives immunity ( which in theory it should, but who knows with this crazy virus. But then the cruise line would have to antibody test every crew member also.
  2. here's a thought - why not set up 2 field hospitals in the parking lot of the port. One for sick passengers, one for not sick. This way everyone is contained, if you have no symptoms, you just hang out for 14 or however many days to make sure you do not get sick and then you can be released. but not just to anywhere, flights will need to be arranged to home states or countries. if you have any symptoms, you stay in the sick tent until you recover. Of course any seriously ill people who need to be hospitalized will be. at least its not a just let them off the boat to travel who knows where
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