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  1. BILLCO, thank you for your suggestion to choose option 5 - “to speak with your cruise planner”. I was connected right away and was able to cancel my cruise. I had previously called earlier and went the regular route but ended up being disconnected twice. Now I just have to wait for the refund.
  2. I too had to make that decision. Had a cruise for end of Nov/Dec out of NY that I had to cancel. Considering I'm working from home until June (so far per the owner of our company), it may be longer with pay cuts as well. I still have flights that I switched from a May Ireland land trip to Sept. to deal with but I have a feeling we won't be going there either since anyone flying into Ireland had to quarantine for 14 days once there and our trip was to be only 7 days! Hopefully Aer Lingus allows me to get a credit or a refund. I also have a Princes Australia/NZ cruise booked for March 2021 that is already paid for. We shall see if that goes ahead as well since currently Australia & NZ don't want people to come into the country from overseas as per my BIL who lives there tells me. I think we'll be lucky to go to the Jersey shore this year for a weekend!
  3. My parents were on this cruise as well. They are 82 & 79 and went with another couple. They cruise a lot and have gone on HAL many times. She agreed that during the day there wasn't much to do and the shows weren't up to par. She said she wan't fond of the ship in that there were so many places with music at the same time that sometimes you couldn't go anywhere without hearing it (loudly). She also wears hearing aids which did not help with the loud music. Other than that she had a good time and is now hunkering down in West Palm Beach.
  4. I had a SE Asia cruise booked for January 2021 in which I had a non-refundable deposit & had paid other money towards. I called yesterday to cancel the SE Asia cruise and book another cruise for March 2021. They were able to move all the money over to the new cruise including the non-refundable deposit (which will be a non-refundable deposit for the new cruise). I also received the BSE perks except for the refundable deposit (which was fine). For me I think it's more of the fact I didn't want a refund, I just wanted to move the money to another itinerary. They were very helpful for me and I wasn't on the phone for long. If you call, choose the option "Book a new cruise" - that's where they directed my call when I spoke to "Already booked". Give them a call and see what happens, you might be surprised!
  5. Thanks so much for the replies. I booked directly with Princess so I'll give them a call. I just wanted to know my options before calling. The booked cruise is a SE Asia cruise (Singapore to Singapore) and with what's going on lately my husband may want to change our plans and do that cruise another time. MJSailors - I pay a little each month for budgeting purposes (right now I'm paying down 2 cruises)
  6. This is my first Princess cruise, we are booked on a cruise for Jan 2021, final payment is due Oct 30, 2020. I have a non-refundable deposit and have already paid over $4,000 towards this cruise. I do have Princess insurance as well. My question is this - can I cancel the January 2021 cruise and transfer what I've paid to another cruise that year. I know I'll lose my deposit, but will they transfer the rest that I've paid? I've only had to change one cruise in all the years I've cruised and it was with NCL and I didn't change the itinerary of the cruise booked, just the date and everything transferred to the second cruise. Thanks.
  7. I'm also booked on a cruise out of Singapore in January 2021 and booked a regular balcony and received an email that they upgraded me to a B4 aft balcony. I was surprised that this far out they would do that, but I'm not complaining, we were looking at aft balconies anyway!
  8. We did that cruise last year in June (early June, same ship) and it was in the 90s for the entire cruise and the seas were like glass. All the Brits onboard said the weather was a fluke and it usually isn't that warm. Before I left home on NY I checked the extended forecast for those 2 weeks and it said at the most low 80s - we got a surprise.
  9. I'm going on an 11night leaving 10/8/19 on IOS and the lowest it's been per day is $54, it's now up to $57 per day again. I can't drink that much with only 4 sea days!
  10. Best thing to do is to look at a Google Map of the area - I wouldn't book in the Temple Bar area if you like to sleep/quiet or any hotel next to or above a pub. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Centre on Upper O'Connell St and it was the first time I stayed somewhere that they gave you complimentary earplugs! There was a pub with outdoor seating behind the hotel. We had our room changed to the other side of the hotel (view of a church) and it was quiet & the breakfast was very good. Next year we are staying at Jurys Inn at Parnell St (we know the area and it is quiet and have stayed at a Jurys in Edinburgh). It's west of Holiday Inn Express Dublin City Centre. We really wanted to stay at Hilton Garden Inn Custom House, it's in a quiet area near the River Liffey but is was over $300 a night for when we will be there. Also, if you take the Airlink bus from the airport into town it goes past many areas with hotels. The Airlink stop was right next to our hotel (near the church). Good luck!
  11. We did the Trans Atlantic last year that stopped at Cobh/Cork - no shuttle since train is right next to dock in Cobh, we took the train to Cork (very easy); at Le Havre I don't recall a shuttle since it wasn't a long walk to town, although not much was open for us to do except a few churches, even a lot of restaurants were closed and it was a weekday; Zeebrugge - NCL did not have a free shuttle, it was an "On Your Own" excursion of sorts, we booked a taxi with out Roll Call for that port.
  12. I just received an email today for my May 4th Nieuw Amsterdam Alaska cruise. We have a VB (aft) and they offered NS at $239pp and SS at $199pp. I've sailed with HAL 2x and booked direct. We will pass on this, my husband wants to keep the aft that we have.
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