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  1. We are planning to rent a car at the airport a couple of days ahead of the cruise....wondering if there are any good options to drop off the car at a location nearer to the port (and preferably with a free shuttle) to avoid going back to the airport? If you know which companies offer this, please let me know! Thanks!
  2. You're welcome! Click on the link I provided to the company website and you can see what they have listed as suggested tours and prices. Just to clarify, this is a private tour... not joining a bigger group of people. If it's just you and your mother, you can see if he has availability the day(s) you are there and you can hire him for just the two of you! They are very flexible and will go anywhere on the island that you would like. Val (owner/driver) is very patient and I think your mother will be very happy with him. Our group of 7 ranged from 55 - 95 years old and everyone felt the t
  3. We just got back from Bermuda and I want to pass along that https://aplustransportservices.com/ was a great choice for our family. We had 7 of us, with two scooters, so I had to hunt around for a company that could accommodate all of us. Val (owner/driver) was great! We spent 5 hours with him, and saw everything on our wish list, and more! He has some sample tours on his website, but he is very flexible and will take you wherever you want to go! I highly recommend!
  4. We just got back from our Bermuda cruise and I want to pass along a recommendation for https://aplustransportservices.com/ We were a family party of 7, with 2 who were using scooters. I wasn't sure if I could find an excursion where 2 scooters could be accommodated, but APlus was able to do it! Val (owner/driver) was terrific, and we all said this tour was the highlight of our stay in Bermuda. I highly recommend, if you need similar accommodations!
  5. Thank you! That’s helpful. We are thinking of an excursion with a handicap accessible van so that will cut down on battery time. I knew about inclines impacting battery life but hadn’t thought of weight of person on it! I guess we will have to experiment a bit the first day just to see how quickly it drains. We’ll make the best of it! 😊
  6. Our family is also using scooters for the first time for 2 family members when 7 of us go on a Bermuda cruise in October. Here's a question I haven't seen asked: Has anyone drained their battery before the end of the day?? The scooter company told my brother that he has never heard of anyone getting stranded! I've read that a battery is good for about 9-10 miles before needing to be charged, but I have no idea if that is good for a whole day, on and off the ship?
  7. Can anyone offer their experience on using scooters off the ship and what activities they did? We have rented scooters for my SIL and my 95 year old father! We are excited to bring him on the cruise and I really think he will enjoy it, but we have no experience with scooters on cruises. (They are both mobile, but not for long distances, so will definitely need the scooters.) I've read the scooters are good for about 8-9 miles before the battery needs charging, so I am being mindful of that and don't want to get stuck somewhere! Feedback is much appreciated. TY!
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