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  1. Oh; I'm always prepared, so no worries there! I'm just hoping that they have used their technology to update their system to show vaccination cards on file!
  2. Has anyone cruised twice to tell me if you didn't have to show your vaccination cards again? Since they took photos of them on our recent cruise, I'm wondering if that's one thing we won't have to bring on our next cruise in November? Wishful thinking?!?
  3. I'd love to have some, but I can't find it on any menu in the three ports we are visiting...
  4. 6 of us will be on the Sep 3 Ovation cruise, with stops in Juneau, Skagway and Sitka. My original plan was to eat at Halibut Point Crab & Brew in Sitka, but unfortunately they are closed. Any other suggestions?
  5. I'm hearing that there is a maximum of 4 people at a time for on ship activities (ie: North Star), sitting together at shows, and maybe even the dining room?? Is there anyone who has recently traveled with more than 4 that can tell me if this is accurate or not? (We are all adults and all vaccinated if that makes a difference!) Thanks!
  6. Have you checked back on your cruise excursions list to see if something is now offered? Mine was just added a couple of days ago. In fact there are now 2 to choose from.
  7. Even if Seattle requires this, I'm wondering if once the ship is out in international waters, the mask mandate goes away??
  8. That’s interesting! Maybe the repo cruise isn’t going to happen but others will? So much for my theory! Haha
  9. Yes, we booked Ovation on the 3rd. Our TA was able to get the deposit moved over and FCC credited before we made the final payment, so that all worked out well. We are excited! Airfare and hotel are booked and now we are looking at excursions.
  10. I had reservations on Vision for September 5th, November 6th (reposition), and January 24. I ended up cancelling September 5th and moving the reservation to Alaska. That seemed like a much better bet for us! At the time I was betting that Royal will bring the smaller ships back last, concentrating on the bigger ships for revenue potential. September 5th seemed too soon, but we kept the November and January cruises in place. Here's what's interesting.... When I go into my reservation and look at planning my Alaska cruise, all sorts of typical discounts come up for excursions, beverage, dining, etc. When I go to the November Vision cruise planner - NOTHING! When I go to the January Vision cruise planner, lots of discounts are there. It might be a coincidence, but my guess is they already know Vision isn't sailing this year, and just haven't told us yet... 😟
  11. For those of you who are familiar with the whale watching boats, do you know of one vs another that might be better for people with mobility issues? We will have 2 family members who will be using scooters while on the cruise, but can walk short distances without it, or a wheelchair. The RCCL excursions all say not handicap accessible, so it's unclear how difficult it might be getting on and off, and walking on the boat. Thanks for your insight!
  12. Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions! I really appreciate it! I'm planning to call my TA tomorrow and move to the Alaska cruise. It just makes sense with everything that's going on. I'd much rather get rid of the uncertainties and know that Alaska is a definite!
  13. We are pretty loyal to Royal... I should be D+ next Spring after all the extra points -- that is if these cruises go as planned! We also live on the East Coast, so very familiar with hurricane season!
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