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  1. Thanks again for all of your information. Good to hear that there were only a couple of mishaps throughout the years and miles-well not for that poster that's for sure! Sounds like with careful packing I'll be just fineπŸ˜„. Sailing 3 weeks from today. Let the packing begin!!
  2. Thank you for your replies. We arrive too early to hit the packie before they open on a Sunday so will bring from home if safe to do so. I will research alternatives to bubble wrap as DH is not a fan of pink clothing!! Thank you.
  3. Hello Cruise/wine fans! So I'm thinking of bringing the ALLOWED 2 bottles of (red) wine wrappedin bubble wrap in our checked baggage from Boston to Miami. Have not done this before but know it is allowed. However with the way luggage is handled...has anyone experienced broken wine in their suitcase? We then need to remove said wine to board the ship. It would be then that we would discover the breakage. DH woulld NOT pleased. We arrive too early to purchase in the city. Has anyone experienced Broken wine? Would anyone else try it?
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