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  1. Thanks for everyone's replies! I figured there would probably be info in the cabin but as the leader of our gang of 18, I wanted an answer to give people. We're having a sailaway party in our cabin, so maybe I'll have everyone bring their dining information. I'm sure the Medallion will be very exciting once we get used to it.
  2. I tried to find the answer but was unsuccessful. We are traveling with a large group of family and friends. 18 in all. Our bookings are all linked together and we have Traditional Dining. How do we find out what Dining Room and Table(s) we are at? It's usually on the Cruise Card, but I've heard they are not giving back-up Cruise Cards on the Regal anymore. Does anyone know?
  3. I have a basic question: What comes with the medallion? Do you get a lanyard or wrist band or clip, or do you have to purchase those things? I'd be fine carrying it loose in my pocket, but we will have the grandkids with us. I don't think I'd trust their pockets!
  4. Thanks for the links! I ended up booking the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina through Hilton. It was cheaper going through Hilton than Booking.com or Expedia.
  5. We'll be needing 3 hotel rooms for the night before our cruise in March 2019. DH and I stayed in Fort Lauderdale once many years ago and had a view of the port. Unfortunately I can't remember the name or where it was. Can anyone recommend a good hotel that's not too expensive? :eek::eek::eek:
  6. Good to hear the outcome and that your daughter in law is okay. We've had to cancel one Princess cruise with Princess insurance and one river cruise with independent insurance. We were very impressed with the Princess insurance, not so much with the independent insurance. But insurance is a wonderful thing! Never (plan) to leave home without it!
  7. The Cruise Director on the Star Princess in January 2018 was Gary Golding. He was very good and his staff was excellent.
  8. We were on the Star in January and movies offered were: Victoria and Abdul, Three Billboards, The Greatest Showman, Battle of the Sexes, Gifted, Goodbye Christopher Robin, Dunkirk, The Mummy, Murder on the Orient Express, Valarian, Guardians of the Galaxy, Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman and Spider Man. It was a 2 week cruise. ;p
  9. I'm intrigued by "video on demand". What sort of things are on demand? Is it the movies and shows that are currently playing on the ship or is it more extensive?
  10. Debarkation begins at 7:00 AM and runs until approximately 10:00 to 10:15 AM. For independent arrangements you can request a certain time frame and will probably get it. If you don't get the time you want, you can usually change to the time you do want. You will get a questionaire in your cabin once you leave Hawaii on the way back and that's when you say what time you want to debark.
  11. We took our 10 year old twin grandchildren (boy & girl) to Alaska last year. Their parents know we don't "approve" of the electronics so they only brought Kindles with them and then only read them in the cabin. We had Anytime Dining and nearly always made a reservation. We were always given a table for 4. They both enjoyed choosing their own appetizers and desserts. The boy would usually have the Kids Menu spaghetti, (a very generous portion) and the girl would order an "adult" entree. They are both good eaters so very little was wasted. I brought along a list of "conversation starters" that we used between courses at the table. Of course I can't find my list right now, but the questions can be as general or as specific as you want. I'm sure you could Google it and get a good list. For instance, what do you want to be when you grow up and why, who's your best friend and why, what's your first memory, etc. Adults at the table also have to answer the same questions. Anyway, it worked for us and we never disturbed the other diners.
  12. How much is the UBD? Is there room for 4 people to eat on a mini suite balcony?
  13. I notice under Premium Sparkling you list the Villa Sandi Prosecco. Where did you find it in the US?
  14. We would like to go whale watching in Honolulu and do a "Lunch" cruise at the same time in January. Princess offers a 4 hour excursion which includes 1 1/2 hours on a bus to get you to and from Pier 6 "near Aloha Tower" for a boat called the Majestic and then 2 1/2 hours on the boat. Star of Honolulu is 2 1/2 hours out of Pier 8, Aloha Tower Marketplace. Has anyone done either of these, or both? We have cruised to Honolulu many times and I can't imagine Pier 6 or Pier 8 being a very far walk. Does Princess still dock near Aloha Tower?
  15. We took it in August in the late afternoon and got up to the top without a problem. When we got off we noticed there was a LONG line to get back down. We quickly walked around the area and then got in line. I think we waited 40 minutes to get a tram back down. It was kind of a nerve wracking experience. :eek:
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