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  1. Miss Fig

    What are your MUST DOs on Bermuda?

    "Check the high tide/low tide times in the Royal Gazette (the local paper - it makes a great souvenir) and if you're there at the right time (at the changeover from high to low tide) you can watch the water rush out of Harrington sound like someone pulled the plug." This! This! This! We rent scooters (tons of fun, we know how to ride) and we will regularly drive to the Flatts and check out the current. You see all kinds of fish on the pier opposite the aquarium (be careful crossing the road) or on the bridge - sting rays, parrot fish, cuttlefish, etc.....Sometimes the local kids are jumping off the bridge + floating in the current, I've never seen anything like it, and it's endlessly entertaining. Took us several trips to even venture into the aquarium (which is really great).
  2. Miss Fig

    Restaurant Recommendations

    These are spot-on rec's. This would have been my answer - you can't go wrong with any of these. Enjoy!
  3. Really I'd keep doing the things I already do. I feel validated for buying a case of water & bringing it on my cruise - we stashed it under the bed. DH thought it was overkill, not anymore. When I fly, I always have a big bag of trail mix, I bring granola bars, my honey brings cookies or muffins, and I'll make sure we have some food stashed away. I like those individual peanut butter servings. And always, always get a balcony! We keep very few things in safe, so it'd be easy to pop that open and grab the wallets and passports. I always have extra plastic bags for wet bathing suits or shells or any other finds. I am old fashioned & always have extra magazines and books - perfect to trade or share with others. I always bring cash on my trips, may come in handy. New things - ziplock for safe contents. flashlight. keep phone, camera & ipad charged at all times.
  4. You're right, the 3rd tug was to speed up their arrival to port. They are facing a major headwind and making much slower progress than anticipated.
  5. Originally Posted by CruisenFunToo A private jet flight plan out of Opa-Locka Executive Airport this morning has been amended. The flight to Mobile, Al was to depart at noon is now set depart at 5:30pm est. Looks like the executives from Carnival are going to fly in just before the ship docks at 7. LOL, we are not talking about the EMPLOYEES,, we are talking about the CEO. His goal is to arrive at the dock 1 minute before the ship does. He cannot waste his precious time in Mobile any longer than necessary. Saw a clip of his press conference, he's a very cold fish. Hopefully he's better for the bottom line than his PR skills.
  6. CNN said that Triumph only had 1 tug when they were in the Gulf. Ridiculous.Dispatch more & lets get them there quickly.
  7. Honestly, this is what I would do, just cut my losses, spend $100-$150 for a nice room in Mobile, and find my own way home. Not sure I'd even bother trying to chase down Carnival or a TA for reimbursement. The price of an immediate shower, a clean bed, some fresh food would completely outweigh a free 2.5 hour bus ride, long wait in the lobby for a room, free meals with tables full of cranky pax, etc....
  8. From an earlier recap - "the overnight position of the ship was chosen exactly for the reason it is out of cell range. wonder how much money it cost for someone to make sure it is parked in the position that has no bars for a myriad of carriers." I could almost believe this.....please assure me this is not true. Now hearing that they won't reach port until 7-8pm is just awful, and if CCL did anything to prolong this miserable cruise....
  9. What a senseless, thoughtless comment. That's really cruel.
  10. Just stumbled on this now, and am trying to catch up. I wish there was a way to just see OP's posts. These should be copy/pasted somewhere special in cruisecritic.com so they can be utilized more easily.
  11. Miss Fig

    Southern Caribbean Cruise

    I did the 2nd itinerary on the Serenade a year ago. I just loved Dominica & St. Kitts and seeing some new Caribbean islands outside the usual.
  12. Well, there you go, that doesn't count as "minimal". Answering this question personally, I wouldn't sail on a Carnival ship ever. Now I'm a big RC fan, so once those cutbacks trickle down, I'll probably choose another line.
  13. These types of comments are so unhelpful. Why bother posting it? :cool:
  14. Miss Fig

    Swiming with Turtles, what beach?

    It was less than a 10 minute swim. I waited until the Jolly Roger & big catamarans had left, and went out when there was a small cat. there. The guide was very friendly. I saw the turtles popping up & by sticking my head in the water using my sunglasses, lol, no mask. Fun!