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  1. I’m sitting here looking at the port of Galveston thru a Harbor House window. We also came 2 days early, first time out of Galveston. Used Galveston express, they were great, waited for us as our plane was a few minutes late. Lots to do and see here. The oil rig museum is interesting. Take a dolphin tour, only $10pp! The ship is within walking distance, and we will be heading out in about an hour. 🙂
  2. Maybe get a life? And BTW, I’ll be on a cruise tomorrow so if you respond I really won’t see it. Bye
  3. And yet you take the time to call me out and you do the exact thing you are calling me out on.... maybe you should have voiced your opinion to the moderators or just moved on.
  4. I’m hitting the Havana area in 5 days and not leaving. Well, maybe a little....
  5. Our waiter and his assistant sang happy anniversary to us. It was slow and painful and we got a lousy dessert. Lol, learned my lesson
  6. HMC is heaven on earth. I wish they had a cruise that would spend several days there.
  7. Maybe if you are answer the question, which you DID NOT.
  8. Funny, I’m going to HMC in February and I find it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Worth the $.
  9. San Juan just walk. I printed out a walking tour and we just went with it, up to one of the forts, old churches, place that created the Pina Colada, the Coach store, etc. St Thomas take a taxi to Magen’s Bay. There are plenty when you are ready to come back to port. Grand Turk there isn’t anything away from port. We rented a golf cart and were back within a couple hours. Waste of time. One of my fav things there was an excursion thru carnival for sting rays and snorkeling. I’d recommend that one. Never been to amber cove.
  10. I thought I wouldn’t like it, especially the crowds. As long as i stay away from the Lido on a sea day I’ve really enjoyed cruising.
  11. So not good quality? I thought they were supposed to be good, like they give to spa cabins/
  12. I understand the Havana area has special toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner. Do they restock those or is it a one shot deal? TIA
  13. That’s just the normal 10% off if you buy before you leave, isn’t it?
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