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  1. My online trade account says sell or sit on it, do not buy right now.
  2. We booked the Vista Havana patio balcony room and liked it, but if I went again I’d just book an inside room, much cheaper. It’s so easy to just walk out to the pool area anyway. We did use it, because we paid for it. 🙂 it was VERY nice to have an area that was NOT crowded around the pool. No problem ever getting a lounge chair, 2 hot tubs, pool, bar. I don’t like lido because of all the people.
  3. They keep sending me RU9 emails. I wish they would STOP.
  4. Only trip in 2020 was a road trip, stayed in Oregon. Wildlife Safari with the grands, and then lots of social distance camping/boating. Going to Hawaii 2x this year. Once in april, once in October. Just have to have a negative test before we go. We have one vaccine down, the other coming in 2 weeks. Hawaii has talked about letting visitors come with a vaccine card this spring, but who knows if that will happen. They say you can still carry the virus so that may be out. Fingers crossed that the trips pan out this year.
  5. When we rebooked, we decided 2021 was probably a no-go. We rebooked for March 2022, and booked an alaska cruise thru NCL for may 2022. (40th anniversary, yikes!!) I wanted to try a different line, and wanted to cruise Glacier Bay. Lets hope the lines can stay solvent until then.
  6. For me it’s that first sailing out of home port. It’s just such a feeling of adventure/fantasy. I giggle about 90% of the answers are food related.... 😋. I received my first vaccine today, back on feb 19 for 2nd dose. We are getting closer to this coming to an end. It will be a while but there is a light at the end of the very long tunnel!!
  7. Our last cruise was out of Galveston and I have too say, the line was long and the sun was hot. It was definitely worth it that day!
  8. We are cruising in March 2022, and one of our stops is to HMC. Interested in a cabana and was wondering if excursions are still opening up like they use to? I remember we got one before and it was about a year in advance. Just want to make sure I keep an eye out for it. Thanks
  9. Got RU9. Mock booking for a 7 day out of Long Beach was $440 per person more over a casino rate offer. Ya, thanks a bunch Carnival. 😶
  10. March 2022. I’m of the opinion that there won’t be cruising until at-least late summer at best.
  11. Omg, that 12 hour French toast, YES! And the baby spinach salad, YUM. I made a crock pot chocolate cake (triple chocolate cake mix, chocolate pudding, chocolate chips) much like the warm chocolate melting cake, if anyone is interested. It’s my hubby’s favorite dessert and it turned out pretty close.
  12. Thanks everyone for the input! I’ve been thinking about planning a march trip to Fairbanks and will not look more into that. It’s just a hop and skip up there from Portland. 🙂
  13. I just got an email today for free cheers. Must book by 12/13. Might just have to take a look....
  14. Thank you! We don’t go until 3/2022, so just planning ahead, and not sure whether to book an excursion. I think there is a catamaran cruise we might look at.
  15. Cruising 2022 early May with NCL. Anyone with experience for that time, we are wondering if you saw northern lights? Does the cruise line notify people in their rooms, even in the middle of the night, if there is a light show? Tia!
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