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  1. The great thing about flying from Aruba is you go thru customs there, so when you are back on US soil it’s like a domestic flight. Customs coming is pretty much a breeze also.
  2. After our cruise to Aruba we have done 2 land vacations there. Love it, and would go back but it is SUCH a hassle. It took us 3 plane rides and 19 hours travel to get back home to Oregon. UGH. Having said that, I’d do the ABC islands like everyone else suggested.
  3. We are cruising and then going to stay at Universal for a few days. Trying to figure out best option to get us there. 1. Should we book a shuttle? (I’ve googled and can’t find a clear one to book). 2. Take a taxi? 3. Outside box I was thinking taking the Carnival shuttle $35 to the airport and then taking a taxi from there? Any suggestions?
  4. My first thought when I started reading this thread was, when will the travel insurance people start denying claims because of covid. Definitely need to do research and make sure it’s covered. We were supposed to do a cruise 2/2021 for my 60th, which got cancelled of course. But, while I would have been on the cruise, I ended up with a GI bleed. Not to say it still would have happened, who knows. But if it had happened while we were cruising who knows what would have happened. I ended up in ICU with a blood transfusion. My hospital bill was $34,000. I’m very healthy, this was just a freak thing. Don’t think it can’t happen to you!
  5. I remember early summer 2020 when I thought things would be over by the fall. Now were almost fall 2021 and not much has changed. I’m now of the opinion this is the new normal and we will be masking up for quite some time. I’m ok with it, masks don’t bother me as much as they seem to a lot of people.
  6. Not at all surprised by this. FYI, we had to have a test to go to Hawaii in April. I made appt thru Walgreens a couple days in advance. Drove thru for testing, got results emailed in about 1.5 hours. No charge, didn’t even ask for insurance info. Hawaii had mask mandate indoors, no big deal. I was just thrilled to be able to travel again. Not sure where we will be in March when we cruise, my guess with so many people refusing to vaccinate the same place we are right now, but I plan to have a great time.
  7. MIddle of the road. Our first cruise was an interior, but have had balconies since, no plan to go back. We have to fly to a cruise, so refuse to skimp with the added expense. We can’t cruise as often as many people on the board can. Living in OR and having a timeshare we can get to Hawaii pretty cheap, so usually switch back and forth between there and a cruise. Food wise there is always good food, so we don’t splurge on the pay places anymore. Have in the past, just didn’t think it was worth it. Buy drinks as we go, as we wouldn’t get the worth of cheers. I would rather spend money on cool excursions in port myself. Have checked many bucket list items off.
  8. I sure hope we can get it for our March cruise. Getting on early and having our room is nice but we are going to HMC, so want priority tendering without having to pay $360 for a cabana. I think we paid $199 when we went a couple years back, and that was a lot.
  9. Thank you. I believe the Magic still has the casino bar. It does say “while playing” so I was just wondering how much of sticklers they were on that.
  10. On our Magic cruise in march we have free drinks while playing in the casino. How strict are the on if you are playing or not to get a drink? Can we just walk up to the casino bar and get a drink? Just wondering how it works. TIA
  11. We’ve stayed in rooms where you wear a rubber bracelet that unlocks the door. I would LOVE it if Carnival did that. No need to carry a card.
  12. We have one reserved for our March cruise. My days of baking all day in the sun are well over…. We also reserved a floater, but they would only allow one “excursion” per person and I had the clamshell in my name so couldn’t reserve a floater for me. Stupid.
  13. We had Vista 5239 and loved the Havana area. We are early to bed, never had an issue with noise, and it was the last room before the pool area. But, just me personally, I’d save the money on one of those rooms and get an interior on the 6th deck Havana area with access to the stairs down to the pool. We used the patio area, because we paid for it, but it’s quite a bit more expensive. Just my opinion on if I’d do it again….
  14. We are going on the magic march 6 and they all show on my excursions. The poolside ones are sold out.
  15. You will LOVE HMC! It’s beautiful. I’m hoping they open FTTF for our March cruise so we can get priority tendering there. Last time we had one of the cabanas but they are over $300 and I’m not gonna spend that kind of money.
  16. I read somewhere that one of the cruise lines (Royal maybe?) is punching a hole in the S&S card if you are not vaccinated. I wonder if Carnival will do something similar?
  17. If. I were to cruise in a Vista or Panorama Havana room again I would do an inside on deck 6. We had one of the cool patio rooms with the swing, but it was so easy to just go to the pool area and lounge chairs always available, pool hardly used. Deck 6 you can just go down the stairs to the Havana area. Just my opinion…
  18. We had bracelets that alerted the crew we were Havana guests, on Vista. BTW, loved it.
  19. We enjoyed our B2B on the Breeze. Do you have the same room booked? We are doing an alaska cruise next may, but jumping ship to a different line. Carnival doesn’t usually do Glacier Bay, and that is a requirement for me. 🙂
  20. Unless I’m on lido deck, I’ll pick a cove every time. (Even then it’s a toss up) It’s like having your own oceanfront room, much more private. Love ‘em.
  21. I hardly drink and by hubby drinks a few beers per day. The only code we get is the RU9, so I still think no rhyme or reason….
  22. 2 people in Italy just tested positive on an MSC ship. Here we go…..
  23. It was always about a year out. Obviously, this year is a bit different. I’m looking for our March cruise everyday, and I know it will get posted here as soon as it starts appearing. Fingers crossed!!
  24. A lot of us wouldn’t be blessed enough to be financially or timewise-able to spend 3 months traveling anywhere. I’ll throughly enjoy my week on a cruise.
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