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  1. Thanks for a very interesting review of St. Barths. We are booked on a cruise to visit in December 2021...hopefully it will cruise. Lots of helpful tips in your posts.
  2. Made-to-order omelets, Guy's burgers, escargot, spring rolls, vegetarian Indian.
  3. Great review...thanks. We're on Divina at the end of the month for the third time and can't wait!
  4. Here's a question that I can't seem to get a straight answer from MSC. Am on the 28 Feb 2020 sailing of Divina, which has an 11-day southern Caribbean itinerary. According to the timetable on the MSC website, we arrive Willemstad, Curaco Day 4 at 09:00 and depart 11:59. Day 5 of the itinerary has arrivial Willemstad, Curaco at 00:01 and departure at 18:00. Now I'm assuming that the ship will spend the night in Curacao port, but I'd like to get a definite confirmation of that. MSC customer service is pretty sure that that is the case. So I'm putting the question to my knowledgeable friend
  5. Ditto! Anyone know where he's gone?
  6. We did several CTN back in the day. Sailed out of Norfolk. Wasn't aware that they offered a 2-day. I can tell you, the CTN cruises were definitely PARTY cruises.
  7. Ditto, except I use one suction hook to hang a shaving mirror in the shower.
  8. Thanks for the update. We will be on Divina at the end of February. Was sorry to hear your report of the missing cart up on the pool deck. We loved the omelet station in the morning and the fresh pasta at lunch...oh well, I guess we'll work off some of those breakfast calories to and from Le Muse 😉.
  9. Ditto. We will be there late February. Can not wait.
  10. Looking forward to your review. Never been on Elation, but love the Fantasy class. Been on Fascination and Ecstasy.
  11. Greg, I'll bet the captain saw your post above on the first leg of the B2B 😉.
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