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  1. Interiors and regular oceanviews, no. Superior oceanviews, junior suites and up, yes.
  2. It is roughly the front half of the Viking Crown Lounge. This is not a dedicated lounge. It is just used 4:30 to 8 P.M. for Suites, Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle. They put up cardboard signs, but people often ignore those and just walk in. Some servers card; not all, though.
  3. I am very surprised. I have cruises in February and March and see dozens of excursions in my Cruise Planner.
  4. Damage to you or damage to the vehicle? 😉
  5. You need and deserve this. Have a fantastic vacation.
  6. Yes, you did. By not simply handing them two cards, they were forced to look her up. They work hard. I see no reason to make them work harder because you are too lazy to carry two cards. As chmusar said above, they're not too heavy.
  7. In Cape Liberty, anyone can check in with the ipad people. If you have already uploaded your photo and it is acceptable, then you are ready to go through the security check and right onto the ship. The ipad people also can take your picture if there is any problem with yours.
  8. I am surprised that specialty dining reservations are not available. I usually see those quite early.
  9. My daughter, on her first cruise at 16, although leery, decided to try the escargot. She LOVED them, and ate them every night. So you never know!
  10. Start your research on the Ports of Call boards: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/456-caribbean/
  11. You have to have each person's SeaPass card to "make" the WowBand.
  12. Kids (and YOU !) can order off either menu. I know people who love the Oreo sundae on the kids' menu. I love your thread title. My first thought: There is rarely harmony when eating with children! 😊 😁 🤣
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