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  1. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23726-aida-clamps-down-as-passenger-leaves-tour-group.html?fbclid=IwAR1hG3bFYjg3vNcZR_zjfYmc-qlyvVxBtNFBY5HO8vqqGATAKKYjjxD3xBM
  2. When I go to Costa Maya and I am with a group of friends, we just walk through the port area and get on the shuttle bus to Maya Chan. LOVE IT. Other people walk through and get a shuttle or taxi to the beach in Majahual. One time when I was cruising solo, they were discounting the Port Pass excursion to about $37 (IIRC, which is highly suspect), and I decided that "how bad could it be? Three drinks would make it worthwhile." So off I went. First of all, it also includes access to the swimming pools, which are very nice pools. There are lots of loungers. I REALLY liked the Aviary. They give you a little cup of bird seed to offer the various birds, and I encountered a couple of families whose kids were afraid of the birds and they gave me their cups. It was very enjoyable to observe and admire the birds, and a lot of fun to feed them treats. You walk from area to area, and there are, indeed, crosswalks of the "suspension bridge" type. They are very short and not at all intimidating. There are doors and curtain-like hangings to separate the areas. The chocolate museum presentation is rather cheesy, but fun, and they give out free-flowing samples of the different chocolate flavors. Of course they sell "everything chocolate." The tequila "tour" and lesson is nicely educational, and the tasting is...............well, you're drinking tequila. What else can I add? 😉 And of course, they sell tequila there. The free drinks were only available at one central bar - or was it two? Can't recall. They gave you a punch card. The guy neglected to punch my card for the first drink, so I ended up getting four. 😄 It was too much. They are generous with the alcohol pours. HUUUUUUUGE sugar overload. But I made it back to the ship. I THINK that was the day that I decided to try the fish pedicure. You know, free drinks and all that.
  3. I am sure that you are as unsurprised by that as I am. 😉
  4. It used to be "7 night Caribbean cruise", but it no longer is. It does NOT have to be in the Caribbean to qualify for the "free" cruise. It DOES have to be 7 nights. Otherwise, as you wrote, it's just a $2400 credit against whatever fare you book. You do not receive C&A points if it is FREE. You DO receive points if you pay ANYTHING (beyond taxes/fees).
  5. But then your checked bag isn't overweight. 🙂
  6. Grandeur Jan-March prices are actually quite normal.
  7. Put it right on top in your carry on. Take it out and put it in the bin with other small things. If they want to inspect it, it's easy for them and for you.
  8. I can't believe that no one has posted the whole pretty picture. 😉
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