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  1. I will gently suggest that you not debate chengkp75 about the accuracy of his information.
  2. "The Attorney General said the suit was filed Thursday against the Biden administration, HHS, and the CDC, demanding that the court find the no-sail order unlawful." I would love to read her filing and see under which statutes she claims the no-sail order is unlawful.
  3. When I priced Grandeur's December 19 cruise, the OV was cheaper than an interior. A caution to anyone who is thinking of booking an interior guarantee: There ARE some awful interiors on the Grandeur. There are some definitely undesirable OVs, too. Just sayin'. 🙂 And balconies always go fast on the Grandeur - there just aren't that many balcony cabins on this ship, in comparison to other ships and other cabin categories.
  4. Actually, that says that he "says" that he "will", not that he "has". I doubt that it will happen. It's political theater.
  5. So you could Uber to Miami and it would still be cheaper than parking. 😉
  6. For a 7 night cruise, that’s $154. How does that compare to Uber RT your home -POM?
  7. Anthem does not have Starbucks. (and their treats aren't free). It has La Patisserie, and those treats also cost $$$.
  8. It's double. So, you would have gotten 2. Double is 4.
  9. It's shocking, I know, but it actually IS double points. 4 instead of 2 in a suite. (6 instead of 3 in a suite for a solo! 😮 )
  10. Good advice for some ships. The OP will be on the Anthem, which does not have these venues.
  11. I have. It was unexpected and annoying. BTW, they also charge local tax when you buy drinks on CocoCay.
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