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  1. Merion_Mom

    RCCL Doesn't Care

    What would a reasonable person expect? A trouble-free move to the Harmony.
  2. Merion_Mom

    Liberty of the Seas cruise opinion

    Marc Walker is generally regarded as one of the finest Cruise Directors in the fleet.
  3. Welcome to Cruise Critic, Allure2020.
  4. Merion_Mom

    RCCL Doesn't Care

    I think that you seriously misread the post. They had a reservation on Oasis. They can only sail that week, because that is the week of their children's school's spring break. RC offered Allure, but there are no cabins on Allure to accommodate the family. RC offered Rhapsody, with no money back, and Rhapsody is hardly equivalent to Oasis. OP asked for Harmony and was turned down. I hardly think that this is a case of "they offered you every opportunity and you find reasons to turn them down." IMO, RC should have offered them the Harmony.
  5. Merion_Mom

    Symphony of the Seas -Junior Suites ?

    It's for safety reasons.
  6. Merion_Mom

    Spring Break Cruise

    Then you are basically already in full payment window. Book when you can stomach the price. Check airfare to the appropriate airport, too. Airlines increase prices during spring break, too.
  7. Merion_Mom

    Grandeur - Has MDR service collapsed?

    Do you know who the Hotel Director is with Adriana not there? These things depend on good leadership.
  8. Merion_Mom

    how do you find b2b cruises

    I love you, too. 😍 😘
  9. Merion_Mom

    Ship to Replace Anthem in Bayonne

    Anthem has only 3 seven night cruises to Bermuda in 2019. A single overnight there. All in April - timed for spring break. There has to be a reason that Anthem is not doing more. Now I am leaning towards the "Bermuda isn't ready for an Oasis class ship" argument. 😉
  10. Merion_Mom

    Dining Package Question

    There are no guarantees, but somehow they always seem to be walking around, making offers. 😉
  11. Merion_Mom

    how do you find b2b cruises

    He doesn't like the Serenade because she doesn't have a Suite Lounge or a Coastal Kitchen or Sky and Star class suites.
  12. Merion_Mom

    Diamond member question

    Rhapsody is the ONLY ship reporting this new restriction. Time will tell.