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  1. Great prediction! Last Monday the Silversea Venetian Society members had donated $103,000. As of today, while checking on their donation website, it is now over $112,000. These donations are amazing and one can't get over the fact that the bond between Silversea crew and its' customers is so great. We looked for other ***** efforts to support furloughed crew on other cruise lines and nada. Just a few attempts with no traction. What do you think is the secret(s) here? Who or what are the factors driving this donation train? Although Silversea is now part of the Royal Car
  2. Latest news on their campaign website is they've now raised $103,000. This is amazing and doesn't include an additional $70,000 that Silversea is contributing. 100K.pdf
  3. Silversea sent out an email on Friday which is their blog that told this story. The article can be seen here http://discover.social-link.top/vixg0k . When it was written the effort had raised $75,000 and within a day or so after the publishing of the article they donations increased to nearly $100,000. The sponsors (The Randall's) originally set a goal of $80,000 when it started late December. They then raised it to $100,000 and now it was raised again to $125,000. As of this moment there is little evidence that I can find that loyal travelers of any other cruise lines have either do
  4. As this is not a solicitation for donations Cruisecritic should not delete this post. Today, Silversea sent out its' newsletter featuring a story of a grass-roots heartwarming gesture of how its' Venetian Society members reciprocated their appreciation for the approximately 2500 crew members who remain at home without any income. It is reported that in approximately one-month nearly $90,000 has been raised for distribution to crew members. At a time when cruise travel has been curtailed due to COVD-19, stories of this nature are truly inspiring.
  5. As always, the CC forum provides the opportunity to share a multitude of views as well as being educational. Having spent two-decades experiencing multiple marketing approaches by Silversea and multiple management changes, many of us have experienced that when a single longer voyage became modified into an A/B booking the Guests that were unhappy were the ones who booked it before the change. IMO and experience this hasn't happened all that often and I'm not sure of the relevance + or - to children so I may be missing the point. The longstanding Silversea children's policy has
  6. In January 2021 there will be a Grand Voyage of 69-days on the Silver Moon. The same "Family Savings" promotion is listed for every segment of the Silver Moon 2021 Grand Voyage. Many "World Cruisers" have decided that the 2021 World Cruise is too long for them as it is 150 days and have opted for the 2021 Silver Moon Grand Voyage of 69-days and other longer voyages. Once again, we implore Silversea not to promote "Family Savings" on Inaugurals and Grand Voyages. These trips are too long for such a promotion. Even the individual segments of the Grand Voyage are too long (21 days; 22
  7. Children's discounts have always been available on Silversea subject to their terms and conditions. Promoting Family Savings during holiday and summer seems logical as one would expect children in any case if they chose to take one of these voyages. But promoting Family Savings across the gamut of cruise choices implies a change in marketing position that runs contrary to the long-standing reputation amongst cruisers and travel agents. Here in Florida you have many choices where to live which include 55+ communities. You have your choice what kind of living environment yo
  8. The World Cruise segments have now been removed from the Silversea website. Although that has been accomplished, many cruises still remain. A further dive into the remaining cruises presently listed seems appropriate. I was led to believe and received confirmation that the intent of the Family Savings promotion was to list a few summer and holiday cruises. The remaining cruises seems not to be the case.
  9. Indeed it has not! Although the "mission"initially was to get to the bottom of this "promotion" was self-serving (World Cruise), I was certainly getting ready to focus on Grand Voyages and Silversea in general. Once I got into the weeds with management and satisfied my immediate concern, I moved in the direction of the entire Silversea "brand" and pushed hard that someone created -- whether purposely or not, big smoke signals that Silversea had decided to move in a new direction. A direction that I thought was contrary to what loyal SIlversea guests thought Silversea was all about.
  10. Hi Folks! This was just posted by Mark Conroy Managing Director, The Americas on a Facebook forum: Mark Spencer Conroy MARK HERE! This was a mistake. We do have a children offer for some of the summer cruise & holiday cruises. There is no children offer on any segment of the World cruise. I hope that this now puts to rest that this was not intended as a game changer for the Silversea luxury brand and was intended as I reported earlier that it was only intended to be some summer and holiday cruises. The website will take a while to change and please empty your cache so you
  11. I believe the many voices and opinions here have been heard and everyone should stand down and give it time to be adjusted. Conspiracy theories about RCCL are just that - conspiracy theories, as a number of views have been posted on Cruise Critic. RCCL is well aware of the position Silversea has in the luxury cruise market which is why they acquired over 66% of the crown jewel. I believe that nobody wants to intentionally shoot themselves in the foot and tarnish the Silversea brand. So I offer many thanks to those on Cruise Critic that brought this situation forward as it clearly shows the val
  12. Let me share this. In my discussions today with management it appears that only certain holiday cruises when children would probably be on vacation should have been the only voyages. The list as you know has over 300 voyages. I wouldn't be surprised that we might see a lot of these voyages removed. So let's cross our fingers and see if this is so. I totally agree that Grand Voyages have no place in this type of promotion.
  13. Attention News Flash!!! I have been in touch with management on and off today and I can confirm that I was informed in the last hour that all segments of the World Cruise will be removed from the Silversea website's list of voyages that the Family Savings will apply to.
  14. Attention!!! I have been in touch with management in the last hour and I can confirm that all segments of the World Cruise will be removed from the listing of voyages that the Family Savings promotion will apply to.
  15. Happy 25th Anniversary!!! As a serial World Cruiser I have just learned what I consider to be a real slap in the face perhaps to many of us! Silversea has announced a new "Family Cruise Savings" and have listed every segment of WC 2020 as part of the over 300 cruises to which it applies. Full fare guests can now avail themselves of the following: 50% SAVINGS FOR GUESTS BETWEEN 2-17 YEARS OLD/ 75% SAVINGS FOR GUESTS UNDER 2 YEARS OLD. Unlike other ships in the fleet with multiple restaurants, the Silver Whisper has basically only one main restaurant. This promotion w
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