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  1. I just realized last week that my Global Entry would expire at the end of June. Applied for renewal online on 4/28 and received notification of approval on 4/30 - only 2 days! No interview needed. And already received credit from American Express for the renewal fee.
  2. Ha! That's when you need to train the squirrels to push it to the edge. 🙂
  3. I wish that I could still get the paper delivered. Our local paper still offers the service, but unfortunately they don't follow through and actually deliver it much of the time. It just became too much of a hassle to call them every time there was a missed delivery.
  4. The Grande Bretagne is my favorite in Athens. As others have mentioned, the location is perfect; add breakfast with an amazing view, lovely rooms and excellent service. And as JP noted, a stay there can be free if you have points in the hotel program (used to be SPG; now Marriott program points). But free as in your rep is picking up the bill is also hard to beat 🙂
  5. I'm surprised and delighted to have been able to secure an appointment very quickly after becoming eligible this past Monday. I had tried the Publix site to no avail on Monday and this morning, but also registered with our county health department (they have 2 separate sites, which is odd) on Monday. This morning I received an email with a link to set up my appointment time at the Fairgrounds for this Saturday. After sharing this information, a friend's husband also registered this morning - and was notified a few hours later of an appointment for tomorrow! And if anyo
  6. Gosh, Lois, was simply trying to help by sharing that example more local to you, since you seemed to be under the impression that Jupiter Medical Center was running rogue 😉 Several of my friends with underlying conditions were able to receive a vaccine by contacting their Doctor, who made the necessary arrangements with the facility. Best of luck to you and hope that you are able to receive the vaccine soon!
  7. Hi Lois, The state "system" for those with underlying conditions is different than the process for 65+. The vaccines for eligible people under 65 are administered in certain local hospitals and you're not able to register for an appt. using the 65+ system; you get on the list with the local hospital. The pool of available vaccines is smaller for that group, so I have heard that those who have been a patient of one of the hospitals or of a physician affiliated with the hospital have an easier time getting an appt. once the physician submits the eligibility letter. . ht
  8. Lois, Did you check with your Doctor? In Palm Beach and Martin counties, both diabetes and kidney disease are among the conditions listed to be eligible for vaccination among those younger than 65 (requires a form to be submitted by your physician). Here's the list of conditions : https://www.jupitermed.com/covid19-vaccine/ And a colleague in New York who is in her early 50s but has kidney disease received her first vaccine shot last week.
  9. Yes, absolutely am looking forward to cruising again on Silversea! But - two of my cruises on Silversea have been as a solo cruiser. I always meet lovely people onboard and enjoy joining "social" tables at dinner. My concern is that safety/sanitation measures in the nearer-term may inhibit dining with people you're not traveling with, striking up conversations with passengers at the adjacent table in the lounge or before a show, etc.
  10. Love this idea! Especially since I was supposed to board the Shadow in Lisbon today.. I'm thinking that I may need to open a bottle of champagne and prepare a lovely dinner this evening to enjoy the fist night of "virtual cruise." Thanks for the idea!
  11. Not surprised, this seemed inevitable. The TA voyage that was bringing the ship to Spain has been cancelled and it also looks like Spain may be announcing a lockdown soon due to the spread. ☹️
  12. Agree, wise advice from Stumblefoot. Time to enjoy a staycation instead and spend time picking itineraries for when this all is (hopefully) behind us.
  13. Agreed. And that so many on the larger ships use the buffet for many of their meals.
  14. Big spike in cases confirmed in Spain over the past 2 days - from 589 on the 8th to 999 on the 9th to 1646 today. Portugal still only has a handful of cases. Based on this, I'll definitely cancel this voyage and book something for later this year/next year. But...will still consider a land trip to Portugal at this time.
  15. Indeed. Ultimately the decision about cancelling before Monday is out of my hands because unlikely to reach my TA this evening/weekend. So - one less decision to make this weekend and can continue to keep an eye of how everything continues to unfold. Latest update from the Johns Hopkins dashboard map shows Spain now at 400 confirmed cases, just under the number reported in Japan. Portugal still only reporting a few cases (13).
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