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  1. I've only sailed on the smaller ships thus far, so haven't yet had a chance to experience Indochine, which clearly has a strong following as well. Smart strategy by Silversea - keeping Indochine on Muse/Spirit and S.A.L.T on Moon/Dawn creates differentiation between the larger ships and if they add a bit of the S.A.L.T experience across the fleet by offering more local culinary-focused excursions, that will continue to enhance their positioning as a cruise line that appeals to foodies.
  2. Not to secure the house. But I always make sure that the house is clean, bed freshly made, dishwasher run/emptied, perishables disposed of, etc. - because it is so much nicer to come home to a clean house vs. one that might be messy from packing for the cruise 😉
  3. Not yet, but my birthday will fall during a voyage that I just booked for next June. Will likely to be celebrating retirement on that cruise too. 🙂
  4. And if you do enjoy a bath, you may come back from a shore excursion to find that your butler has a bath all ready for you, complete with Elemis muscle-relaxing soak to ease those tired muscles.
  5. Can't wait to experience S.A.L.T.! For those that have been on the Moon and also sailed on other Silversea ships (especially the Silver Spirit), any sense how much of the concept can be adapted to the other ships? Obviously, creating the S.A.L.T. Lab and separate dining room and bar are highly unlikely, but adding the local food focus and more S.A.L.T.-type shore experiences could be integrated across the non-expedition fleet. Would it make sense or be feasible at some point without an extended dry dock to remodel one of the Spirit's dining rooms to be a S.A.L.T. dining room?
  6. Sounds like an opportunity for a company like Rent the Runway to add a line of men's jackets/suits!
  7. Ooooh, this hits too close to home!! My darling cat does not scratch any other furniture but for some reason managed to ruin a recliner by stretching and sinking his claws in...many times. I've been looking for some type of slipcover to put on it so I can donate it to someone who can use it (first acquired it for use during recovery from surgery a few years ago)...
  8. Laundry (if not eligible for free laundry), the spa, gift shop, shore excursions that are not the included ones, the additional charge for La Dame, indulging in wine or spirits from the premium list. Some have mentioned taking a bottle of premium wine home with them.... Still - on one cruise, my friends had so much credit that she went to the spa/salon every day to use it up! More mundane, but I always use some of it towards a bottle of that Elemis muscle soak from the spa to use in my suite and to coming home with a suitcase of freshly laundered clothes 🙂
  9. That was one of the BEST purchases that I made for my mother in her later years (she lived until just one month before her 1ooth birthday) and I always recommend that remote to friends whose parents are entering their later years.
  10. I would think that at least part of the rationale is that Silversea is close to all-inclusive. While passengers on mass market lines prioritize every bit of additional on-board credit they can get to offset all of the add-on costs, your cruise fare on Silversea already includes beverages, wifi, shore excursions, gratuities, etc. - and often airfare and onboard credit as well. Plus, your TA and credit card (if you pay with AmEx Platinum) will give you additional onboard credit as well. You'll find a number of posts on here where Silversea passengers are sometimes challenged to find ways to spend all of their on-board credit and ask for ideas on how to use it all!
  11. So sorry to hear this. Here is hoping for a swift and speedy recovery.
  12. Fabulous photos - thanks for sharing! SO envious of all those whom have been able to enjoy the Moon thus far. Just when I thought I might be able to get away for one of the September voyages, business travel is starting up again, alas. So, I'll need to continue living vicariously through everyone's anecdotes and photos for now.
  13. Cheers to that! Fascinating explanation - and agree with you 100% on the best options for bubbly - especially when on Silversea where a fresh bottle is always at hand. But the magic spoon trick has come in handy when traveling and no stopper was available and it definitely worked! cruiseej and Gourmet Gal - someday if we all end up on the same voyage, let's put this to the test, with one of using method 2, another #3 and the third #4. Then we can meet up the next day to do a side-by-side comparison. 😉 Now I just thought of one more option. Would a S'well bottle maintain the bubbles? Hmmm, perhaps I need to try that this weekend! 🍾
  14. I cannot explain how or why it works (magic?), but it does. Try it!
  15. And if they do not, here is a trick to keep it fresh another day (sometimes longer). Insert the handle of a spoon inside the open bottle with the "bowl" of the spoon on the outside.
  16. Spins - Here's an alternate for you to sing... When they check your temperature, It would be better if they find that you're as cold as ice.
  17. This would be a great benefit for some voyages if it covered home to port. I live 59 miles from Port Everglades, so the addtl charge for more than 52 miles should be nominal. Not keen on parking my car there and car service for that distance costs considerably more than the credit they would offer.
  18. When this afternoon’s downpour and accompanying weather alerts started, I did ask myself why I hadn’t moved somewhere else for the summer/fall…Alaska in August is brilliant!
  19. Good for you!!! A great example of making the most of being a free spirit in retirement - and what a great way to get out of the Florida summer heat!
  20. Spins, I had a hunch that you might be a sailor based on your moniker on these boards and agree about the spinnaker run. Seeing a fleet of racing sailboats with spinnakers flying is a gorgeous sight! (My dad's hobby was sailboat racing - SORC, etc. - with his own sailboat and navigating for others including a12-meter...) No wonder we love cruising so much 🙂
  21. Some years ago (2014 and 2016), two of these Venetian Society voyages included a private performance by Andrea Bocelli. That was disclosed in the invitation for those voyages, however.
  22. I'm just a few miles away from you in Palm Beach Gardens 🙂. OK, back to the topic at hand. Lois - you are in final countdown to departure for your cruise. Hope you have the most amazing time!
  23. Based on your fantastic photos and descriptions, I'm ready to drop everything and board next Monday! 😊 Alas, work commitments will keep me living vicariously through this thread for now.
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