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  1. The NCL Joy is sailing the Mexican Riviera (Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan) and the rules are similar to the US. The maps look like it's good to fly close to the areas where the ship docks. My drone is under 250g so no need to register in Mexico or in the US.
  2. A part of me is leaning this way. If I knew they could store it properly with other prohibited items to minimize damage, I'd take the chance to bring it along with me and just hope they'd let me off the ship with it. It's in its own case, but the case is also fairly small. I'm waffling on the idea even though I really want to film some great scenery. It's a DJI Mavic Mini, so it's fairly small and light (under 250g) so there's no need to register it in Mexico where I'll be headed.
  3. Hi all, About to sail on the NCL Joy soon and was going to bring my drone on board so that I could get some nice videos and shots during the trip. I am aware of the NCL policy that states no drones, so I am not going to try and circumvent that. But I have read that security will take it away once I get on board but will give it back at each port stop. My questions are: 1) How would you suggest I properly pack it? Signs with fragile or right side up or anything else? I know that security takes it, but do they carefully put the case away (tagged so they know it's mi
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