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  1. This happened to us on a short 3 day cruise. We were invited to HD dinner and the men didnt have appropriate dress. Off the ship we go in Nassau and shopped for ties and dress shirts at a mens shop!! one of our best cruise memories (the evening AND the frantic search for clothing 🤣)
  2. John Denton needs to come to Mariner❤️
  3. We used points for OBC. When we cancelled our hurricane cruise, we were able to transfer our OBC to our next cruise. I stayed on hold for a very....long....time but it happened! We thought that credit was gone forever— but we will use it in Nov.
  4. We received ours within days (Mariner aug 30th) have already booked a new cruise. That was an ordeal. Since we are sailing within 45 days, we had to pay for the cruise and then issued the future cruise credit to the card within 3-4 days. Feels shady— but I am watching my card to ensure full credit is issued getting my onboard credit (150$) from our royal visa has proven to be more difficult. Was on hold an hour and a half while she was “waiting for a supervisor to approve it”. I am going to try again today
  5. We do love Tao, but understand that he is home being a "dad" currently :) Thanks to all; We are going to check DL first, then head to Café Promenade if necessary!!!
  6. Does anyone know if there is any food/sandwiches in the diamond lounge on embarkation day? The royal app says it is open for lunch from 11:00-2:00. I have never entered the lounge other than the evening hours. Curious if they are actually open. We avoid the windjammer on day one. Cafe promenade is our usual spot TIA
  7. On mariner this weekend. Stayed in stateroom 1106. Seemed larger than most JS to me. Nice balcony with lounger, 2 chairs and sm table. My pic is with unmade bed, but maybe you will be able to get the idea I used the walk in closet as a dressing rm
  8. We stayed in one of the new JS on deck 11. Very convenient for the solarium and pool activities. Very quiet, never saw anyone in the hall. Only a few rooms there. A little noise when we were on the balcony from the music by the pool but nothing too bad.
  9. On Carnival a few years ago, we heard the most offensive comedian. He made fun of everyone...used stereotypes, especially picked on gays and African Americans. When people started walking out, he would jump on them, name calling etc. we were afraid to move-- it was really upsetting to me. We actually told our transgender table mate not to go to the show, unless he was prepared for it. 2019-- and this is acceptable??? 😢 BTW--In Ga, we cuss 😂😂
  10. Years ago, before they started auto-tipping I would tell them "if you push your products on me, I will not tip you". Worked everytime!!!!
  11. can someone tell me how to get to the prefences page to select these gifts we are diamond plus, but I cant find the link anywhere merionmom clarea. Bob can yall help?
  12. One more questions please! The wristbands include everything at Atlantis? My 9 yr old wants to tackle the slides.
  13. Thanks...so they know folks do this and dont mind it? I thought we might want the room for rest and showers for the little guy. But not really necessary
  14. We are considering booking a room at comfort suites near Atlantis during our June cruise to Nassau in order to use Atlantis amenities. Since check in time is at 3:00, will they let us use Atlantis prior to that time?? Not interested in spending the $ if we lose 1/2 the day. Thanks for your comments, if you have done this!!
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