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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post this wonderful review. Your pictures are amazing. We are going on the Pride (our 6th time) at the end of August. Until then, I can only dream of our cruise by looking at your pictures.
  2. We got to the port around 11. When we went in through the door to the terminal and showed our boarding pass, they saw the FTTF on it and took down the rope where everyone was cuing up and we went right to security. Once you get through security just show your boarding pass to one of the people directing you where to go and you will be shown to a special line for check in.
  3. Just back from the Pride and we purchased FTTF. This was definitely worth the price. Got to the port and bypassed the line waiting to go through security and were in a special line with no waiting. Then we were escorted right to the front desk for check in. From arriving at the port to getting on the ship was about 1/2 hour. Went right to our room which was ready and dropped off our carry on. Headed up to the Lido for lunch and when we got back to the room, our luggage had already arrived. There was a special area at guest services for FTTF with no waiting. On the final day, we had a problem with our bill and were able to bypass the LONG line and get helped right away. For debarkation, we were Zone 1 and were off the ship by 9:30. I will definitely purchase FTTF for all future Cruises. Just need to buy it early, it does sell out quickly
  4. We used to do the "formal nights", but on our last Carnival cruise decided not too. I wore nice slacks with a sparkly top and DH wore dockers and a nice shirt. Never felt out of place in the MDR. Going on another Carnival cruise in September and won't back formal wear again. Takes up a lot less room. My opinion is you should wear whatever you are comfortable wearing.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I just got this for our cruise on the Pride on 9/8. I've been checking daily, but when I went to check early this a.m., the Carnival site was down for maintenance. Ended up booking from work - lol.
  6. We were on a cruise in early January this year and the decorations were still up when we boarded. They were taken down around January 10th.
  7. Never too many pictures! Love the review - thanks. We leave this Sunday on the Pride and can't wait.
  8. Wow. E mailed the maitre'd for a table for two on our upcoming pride cruise next week. Received a response within 1/2 hour. Thanks for the info. I will however double check when we board the ship to make sure.
  9. I keep it in my pocket or wristlets. But I learned that you cannot keep it near your iPhone or iPad. They demagnetize the strip on the card. I was locked out of my room because of this - twice!
  10. We are paid in full. Sent my PVP an email with no response. I will give it another couple of days before I call. Last time I called the message said the wait was 90 minutes and I hung up. I booked directly through Carnival. Guess they have been overwhelmed with all the requests. I gave requested OBC.
  11. Requested a refund for my upcoming Pride cruise when prices went down last week. I received a confirmation email from CCL but have heard nothing since and it has been a week. anyone else experiencing a delay regarding this?
  12. Great review. We sail on the Pride on 4/2& for the fifth time. Love being able to drive an hour and a half to Baltimore.
  13. Great review. Love all the pics. We leave on the Pride on 4/28 and I cannot wait. Anxiously waiting for your next installment to make sure you didn't hurt your hand too badly.
  14. I would have kept the aft balcony too. They are just asking way to much for these upgrades. I'd rather spend the money enjoying myself on shore excusions, shopping, etc. unless you plan to spend all of our time in the room, it's not worth it.
  15. Booked on the Pride on 4/28 in a Junior Suite. Got a great rate. Carnival just called offering a "terrific unpublished upgrade" to a Grand Suite. Price was ONLY an additional $780! Needless to say, I turned them down. It didn't seem like such a terrific deal to us - lol.
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