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  1. Keep in mind that some rooms/areas are being blocked off for crew and/or quarantine. You might not be able to get your original room back.
  2. Just keep in mind you will be paying 3x the cost for it....
  3. Look to be underneath a repeater (you'll see them on the wall or ceiling). However, you are still restricted by the fact that you are on a satellite.
  4. My crystal ball is a bit foggy. Once it is known, changes will show up in your cruise manager.
  5. Can't speak for Princess, but I know Carnival is not allowing private slot pulls. I know the Princess policies tend to mimic Carnival, so this might also be the case. They aren't allowing congregating in the casino.
  6. No, Disney doesn't have split beds.
  7. The rules are if you arrive early, you need to wait. If you arrive late, you should be accomodated.
  8. Having seen the way they load luggage onto a ship, I wouldn't check a walker.
  9. While I have not sailed, in this situation, I think what I would do is towards the end of the cruise, give a tip to those who served me exceptionally. That way, no carrying $1 bills.
  10. Have fun. You might want to post to your roll call.
  11. We aren't allowed to share names in this forum.
  12. Usually these are held twice a year, when they need to reposition the Wonder to/from Alaska.
  13. No, your assigned dining is early, not MTD. If you choose not to eat early, your choices are a specialty restaurant or Windjammer (if serving dinner).
  14. Key West is not currently accepting cruise ships. Combination of them not wanting them, and Covid.
  15. It's a glitch, don't worry about it.
  16. I don't believe these types of cards are accepted for cruising.
  17. Possible maintenance that requires the ship to be docked a specific way?
  18. If you are getting into Houston at 3:00, I'd head down to Galveston. More to do there than by the airport.
  19. Just note that in Seattle, the service is offered by the port, not the cruise line, so no charge. The idea being that since a lot of flights back east are later in the day, it will give people a chance to tour Seattle before heading to the airport.
  20. I've done the encounter at Chankanaab. Now, this was 11 years ago. Not going to speak to the condition of the dolphins or as to whether or not they enjoyed it. At the time, they allowed cameras, if they were waterproof, so I brought my point and shoot in the underwater housing I bought for it and took my own pictures. My understanding is that now this is no longer allowed. The activities done were for the sole purpose of taking pictures. If the picture came out terribly, you redid the activity and they retook the picture. IMHO, the cost of the pictures was exorbitant. But then again, when I went to the Johnson Space Center on an excursion, I thought the food concessions could give Disney a run for their money on cost.
  21. The offer your wife got would have needed to specify drinks for everyone.
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