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  1. Big Foot

    Accessible Balcony Cabins on Ventura.

    Hello, Although it’s not on C deck you might find the photos I took on board Azura (Sister ship) useful. https://flickr.com/photos/63185733@N02/sets/72157674471189918 Joan
  2. Big Foot

    Azura Show Cabins

    Just book it & then surprise him 😀
  3. Big Foot

    Azura Show Cabins

    Glad I was able to be of assistance & was able to put my time to good use. Joan
  4. Big Foot

    Noise in Cabins by Lifts

    Hello, Whilst not the same ship, I have just returned from 2 weeks on Azura & had a cabin not too far from the lifts, D412 if you look at the deck plans. I can honestly say that we didn't hear any noise whatsoever from the lifts. I have to say it was very useful coming out of the lift & being in the cabin within seconds & likewise when leaving the cabin you were by the lift / stairs.
  5. Big Foot

    Azura Show Cabins

    Glad I could be of assistance.
  6. Big Foot

    Azura Show Cabins

    You're welcome.
  7. Big Foot

    Azura - Brodies Drinks Menu

    Not whilst we were on board. Our wine stewardess informed us that they were looking to launch the packages from November, but who knows?!
  8. Big Foot

    Ventura last minute questions

    Hello, The welcome bottles are only small, so it will depend on how often you wash your hair & the length as to how much shampoo you use, personally I always take my own. Yes they do supply body lotion, but again it’s a small bottle. That said I sail from Southampton so luggage isn’t an issue for me. There are lockers within the spa area & on Azura last week they were asking for a deposit for they key, which was returned when you’d finished. Again personally I get changed in my cabin & walk to the gym in my gym attire. There are water fountains & they also supply towels. The machines do have slots for water bottles but depending on what yours is like it may not fit. If you just want to use the gym as opposed to attending classes then there is no need to book. You just turn up & start your routine. You will find a list of classes on the front desk if you wanted to sign up to any. The equipment have TV’s on them so you can watch things as you’re exercising. All P&O ships have UK style plugs, but we always take an extension lead with us so we can charge more than one thing at a time. Please note however, that you should never leave anything on charge when you are not in your cabin & this will be covered when you attend your safety briefing. Hope this has helped to answer your questions. Habe a wonderful cruise. Joan
  9. Hello, if anyone was wondering what sort of drinks were on offer & the prices, here’s the current (Sept ‘18) drinks menu from Brodies. https://flickr.com/photos/63185733@N02/sets/72157674532172588 Regards, Joan
  10. Big Foot

    Azura - Back to Back 28th & 30th September

    You’re welcome; glad the link worked. It seems like a long time I’m sure, but it will come round before you know it; have a wonderful time.
  11. Big Foot

    Azura Show Cabins

    Hello, I have recently returned from back to back cruise on Azura. Some may say I was mad (my Husband being one of them) however, I spent the morning of our ‘turnaround day’ walking around the ship & taking photos of the show cabins. I have uploaded these to Flickr and hope that some of you may enjoy looking at them & that they might help you decide on what type of cabin you wish to book. https://flickr.com/photos/63185733@N02/sets/72157674471189918 Joan
  12. Big Foot

    Azura - Back to Back 28th & 30th September

    Hello, sorry it has taken longer than expected but if you look at the attached link you will see photos of 2 Seaview cabins on P deck. https://flickr.com/photos/63185733@N02/sets/72157674471189918 As previously mentioned, I was unable to take pictures of your exact cabin as this was too near the crew exit on the day. Hope this helps. Hope this helps. Joan
  13. Big Foot

    Azura - Back to Back 28th & 30th September

    We spoke to our wine waitress last night who indicated that the packages would be available again from November. The gentleman at the table next to us who we’ve been chatting to is a frequent passenger & knows a lot of the staff, however, he wasn’t aware of the packages. So he’s off on a mission to find out what he can & report back to me! If and when I ave anymore facts, I will let you know. Joan.
  14. Big Foot

    Azura - Back to Back 28th & 30th September

    Unfortunately not; they are are not being advertised & the staff I’ve spoken to don’t know what’s going on. You can still purchase the 20 soft drinks card for £35 & they’re offering wine packages but that’s about it.
  15. Big Foot

    Azura - Back to Back 28th & 30th September

    Hi Lee, No problem,; we’re having a great time on board. Joan