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  1. Hi I should know this, but how far out can my daughter, in a Getaway Haven cabin, make dinner/show reservations? I believe it’s 120 or 130 but not 100% sure. thank you!
  2. We were on the Gem this past September. At the last minute we decided we wanted the spa pass. Online it was too late to order so I called the concierge desk. The woman I spoke with said she put a note on my reservation and to speak with the concierge when we got on board. The spa did have our names and we got our passes. It does work. have a great trip.
  3. Just off the Gem yesterday. I don’t know when it happened but smoking anywhere on deck 7 outside has been eliminated (all wall ash trays removed). Deck 13 bar, casino and cigar bar are the only options now.
  4. Thanks for the really helpful answer. I guess that’s how you got to 20,000+ posts.
  5. Hi We’re on the Gem this weekend for NE/Canada. Our cabin is on the starboard side. We’d like to be on the best side for views during sail in. What’s the best side, port or starboard, for Bar Harbor, Halifax, Sydney, PEI, La Baie and Quebec City? Thank you for any tips.
  6. Hi For my upcoming cruise I want to be on the best side for sail in to each port (our cabin is starboard). Which side, port or starboard, is best for Bar Harbor, Halifax, Sydney, PEI, La Baie and Quebec City. Thank you for any tips you can provide.
  7. My wife and I sailed the POA in March 2018. It wasn’t rain free but not enough to hamper our exploration of the islands. I think the rainiest day was on Hilo. Overall the weather was fine. Honestly we were happy to have some clouds around. If it had been 100% sun it would have been uncomfortably warm.
  8. My understanding is the pass is sold for the week and not daily. It can be $20 cheaper to buy online, in advance of your cruise, compared to price when you purchase on board.
  9. If I remember correctly the “wine by the glass” has a $15 max. per glass price point.
  10. On an upcoming cruise I did purchase the spa pass in advance. On our sailing it was $20 cheaper per person to sign up online. We were going to do it anyway so figured I’d save the $40. As for excursions, if there’s one or two you really want to do I would sign up now. I’ve waited, like you, and lost out when the excursion sold out before we sailed.
  11. I wonder if Dorian wreaked enough havoc so the Gem couldn’t dock. The current weather is fine and seas don’t look too bad.
  12. From what I’ve heard the Gem will leave today. The itinerary has eliminated Bar Harbor for tomorrow and added Portland in its place (7 - 3 Saturday). I’m sure this could change.
  13. For my cruise we’ll dock at pier 30. This looks like a good location near the city.
  14. Hi. I’m B2B Boston to Quebec later this month. I do plan to get off and explore Old Quebec. I’m guessing there will be a meeting or notice left in cabin about how the changeover will be handled. I’ll ask questions once I’m on board. Since we’re not staying overnight I’m thinking we’ll have to be back on board between 2 and 3 PM since we depart at 4.
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