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  1. No, but we heard the same about the port. We live 2 hrs away, and always fly to Florida for our cruises in order to sail to the more exotic locations. The airfares are pricey my kids, who have to buy tickets for for their families. We thought we would like to try sailing from Baltimore, but leaving from Baltimore, you are limited in the ports that you get to visit. We enjoy the Southern itineraries best. That's why we thought we would try and get info on a BTB cruise.
  2. Oh ok. I've never booked one. Wasn't sure how to go about it.
  3. Are there any BTB cruises leaving from Baltimore? Thank you.
  4. Do u know how far Blue Bay is from the cruise ship port?
  5. Any recommendations for a beautiful beach experience while in Curacao? Most of what we heard, were that the beaches are about a 45min drive from the cruise port.
  6. Hi! We are sailing on the Horizon in April., we have yet to book anything for Curacao. We want to find a nice beach to visit...can anyone recommend one, and how far of a drive from the cruise port? Do u get there by bus or taxi, or do u book with an independent tour guide Thank you
  7. We're in the same cabin, so they board with me. My daughter's boarding pass says Platinum since she's in my cabin.
  8. Yes, that's what's confusing. We're Platinum and have priority early boarding.
  9. Can anyone tell me what time we can board. The earliest option given when completing online check in is starting at 1pm. We've never boarded that late in the past. We are meeting our kids there, and want to board together, as we are flying down the day before, and they are flying the day of. Thanks!
  10. Can anyone recommend a nice port side balcony that they have stayed in? Are there any extended or" secret balconies " ? We were lucky on a few ships that had extra large balconies for the same balcony rate. Thanks!
  11. We're sailing the 18th, but flying down the 17th for a pre cruise reunion with family and friends. There are a group of us going from all over. Very excited to see everyone!
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