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  1. So are they telling us to book specialty restaurants now and cancel once onboard if you choose? Do you get a full refund? Also... does Celebrity really want people to reserve spots at specialties to only cancel once onboard? Those are all serious questions. Thank you-
  2. floralscent

    The Cost For Dinner on The Edge Was Revealed!

    Thank you for the info vtcruising! i am considering canceling our 5 night dining packages and so we can reserve specialties prior to boarding. Does anyone know if we would get a full refund if we cancel now and our cruise isn't until late January?
  3. floralscent

    Specially dining pkgs

    We have sailed on S class ships multiple times and have always had a 5 or more night specialty dining pkg.. I have never been able to reserve dining in advance of boarding and since we like to eat at 8 or 8:30 when cruising, getting a reservation at a specialty was never an issue. We are sailing on the Edge in January and we have purchased a dining package once again. I am beginning to wonder if we should cancel the pkg and pay for each restaurant as I fear we won't be able to get reservations. Does anyone one have any info on specialty pkg and the Edge as far as reservation availability? I fear having the pkg and no place to eat. Thoughts?
  4. floralscent

    Online check-in question

    Does anyone remember if you need to enter your passport number during online check-in? We are still waiting for our renewed passports to get here and I wanted to check-in this weekend, if possible. Only 86 days until we live on the Edge! We haven't sailed on Celebrity for 3 years and the passport number detail is gone from memory. Thank you all and happy sails!
  5. When I used Value Trips for the first time I was extremely skeptical. The large savings on the hotel room seemed like a scam for sure. I trusted my Cruise Critic friends and decided to just go for it! The savings are very real and this is not a scam. Not sure how Value Trips is able to offer this rate but they do. I’ve stayed at the Hyatt Place in Fort Lauderdale two times in the past and reserved through VTrips. Now I’m anxiously awaiting 2019 rates! Go for it! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. floralscent

    Where's My Cabin?

    You are amazing! Thank you so much... Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. floralscent

    Where's My Cabin?

    This is so exciting! Thank you for identifying our cabins. Do you happen to know where 11259 is? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. floralscent

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    Does anyone know what the empty looking space is between room 11259 and 11257 on the deck plan? When I look at the newest Edge pics (thank you!!!) it looks to me like it could be a thick metal piece. Wonder why that piece is there and if it is an obstruction? Thoughts? Great looking ship!
  9. floralscent

    Equinox - Bring Your Hairdryer

    The good ol rubber band trick works like a charm and is must lighter than bringing your own hairdryer. Do not bring an extension cord onboard. Not worth it. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. floralscent

    Macallan Tasting

    Ooohhh...so sorry your experience was a disappointment. Thank you both for your honesty and for saving another scotch lover from disappointment. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. floralscent

    Macallan Tasting

    Can someone please tell me about the Macallan Tasting event that is offered onboard? I'm interested in knowing the years offered and the cost of the event. My husband is interested in taking part in the event as he loves Macallan but is not interested in doing it if the tastings are mostly 12 year and below. Any info you can offer or pics of the event would be much appreciated. Thank you! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. floralscent

    Celebrating 25yr Anniversary

    We are celebrating our 25 yr anniversary and my birthday on our Edge cruise in January 2019. When I reserved this cruise in 2016 my TA asked if we were celebrating a special occasion and I said 'no'. As our vacation gets closer I am wondering if I should mention the occasions we are celebrating or if it's even worth mentioning. We are now Select on Celebrity and this Edge cruise will make us Elite (this probably doesn't matter though). Thank you-
  13. floralscent

    What to do in Fort Lauderdale pre-cruise

    Thank you CruiserBruce! Can you please tell me where you picked up and dropped off the rental car? Was it at the Airport? How did you get to Port Everglades? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. We have cruised out of Fort Lauderdale countless times and we always fly in the day before departure just to make sure we are there and rested for sail day. This time we are considering flying in mid-week and taking 3 or so days to sight-see and relax prior to cruise day but I am wondering what people like to do or see in Fort Lauderdale or surrounding areas. The only places we have visited are restaurants close to port and Total Wine, all of which we have walked to. We like the beach, nature and although I love shopping...my other half would not see that as a vacation at all. What do you like to do in Fort Lauderdale? At this time we have not selected a place to stay or have plans to rent a car. If we were to stay at a hotel or rental home that was not close to port, how we we handle car rental return without too much hassle on cruise day? Thank you so much for any input you can give us. I have planned many trips both domestic and international and find it to be just as fun as the actual trip but for some reason this trip is stressing me out when I think about the logistics of flying in early and figuring out fun things to do without being bored. Please help! I appreciate it!
  15. floralscent

    Europe Pricing - That's me done

    I have a few thoughts/opinions on Celebrity pricing- - Celebrity pricing includes charges for the ‘perks’. Although the ‘perks’ are less expensive than paying for them separately, I still believe we are paying for them. Finding a TA that has additional incentives will help offset these charges. When people weren’t traveling and prices were great, I believe Celebrity tossed in perks that were essentially free to get more business. - The economy is better than it has been so more people are traveling and spending money. Supply and demand is the name of the game. When the economy was not good and less people travelled we were able to snap up some great European itineraries with all the perks for crazy low prices in CC and above. Would love those prices again but we can’t except that again until maybe another recession. - The Edge. Pricing is insane now but it doesn’t upset me. We reserved our trip early 2017 for January 2019 and pricing was crazy low with all the perks. I don’t understand why the now expensive pricing shocks people. This class of ships is new to Celebrity, the concepts are incredible and they have a new ship to pay for. IMO Celebrity is aiming for a different image and wants to be a higher class line than what we know them as. They are striving for more which equals more revenue. Can’t blame them. Does it sadden me a bit, sure...but I don’t feel I can complain about it as that’s business. My moto is everything changes in life. Learn to enjoy things in life when you can and expect that things will change. Don’t get angry just move on and look for other great opportunities if you need to. Just my 2 cents. Happy sails!