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  1. Thank you Paul for all your pics, thoughts and for once again sharing your precious vacation time with us! I was very interested to hear your thoughts on Fine Cut to see how they compared to ours. Our thoughts are much alike. We we were on the Edge in mid January and were really excited about Fine Cut since we are big steak eaters. We, like you and Edward know quality and have eaten in many great steakhouses in Chicago, NY and even in smaller cities like St. Paul. To us a great steak is like cutting through butter and melts in your mouth and isn’t doused in sauces. Although we enjoy bone-in ribeyes the most but will eat any steak as long as well prepared and attractive when plated. We ate at Fine Cut twice on our cruise and were very disappointed on both service and quality. We had ribeyes and bone-in fillets and I will say the cuts certainly weren’t ‘fine’ and the quality all around in the steak arena was sub-par at best, in our opinion. I will give credit where credit it due...Appetizers were great! Service? It was unbelievably terrible...the restaurant wasn’t busy but the service was incredibly slow and the wait staff on both nights had the personality of an ant. The sommelier forgot our drinks multiple times, even when we had ordered drinks above our premium pkg. I thought steak in the dining room was better than this place. We left our cruise longing for a nice dinner at Murano where quality, service and attention to every detail is above top notch.
  2. On our last cruise, which was a month ago on the Edge, we had specialty restaurants reserved for 6 of the 7 nights and we were still hounded. I find it super annoying to have paid extra for meals and then still having to deal with being asked to visit the restaurants. I know the crew didn’t know we had already reserved dining but come on Celebrity. We reserved prior to boarding so we didn’t have to think about it. The other annoyance to me was the number of voicemails being left on our cabin phone about deals on spa services, invites to events, etc. Celebrity...hear this, stop the madness! It’s out of control.
  3. Before sailing the Edge a few weeks ago, we had been on many S class cruises. We loved the Ensemble Lounge and true live talent there. We are big specialty restaurant users so the Ensemble was a great spot for before and after dinner drinks. Love the S class! We were very excited to sail the Edge in January as it would be a new different experience. We reserved our cabin 685 days prior to our sailing and After following along for ship build, watching the Edge pull into Port Everglades 'live' for the first time and reading VT's great summaries, we were ready! I'd read pluses and negatives of the Edge but decided to go in with a total open mind. My thoughts- elegant, upscale and different. We thought all specialties, aside from Raw (allergies to seafood so we didn't go) were lesser quality than S class restaurants. Service and quality were not matched with our past S class experiences. Fine Cut...not so much, I felt we were able to make much better steak dinners at home and the cuts we buy are superior. Maybe this isn't fair though since DH is a fantastic grill master. One night we decided to eat at the Cypress and we were very impressed- no wait without reservations and the food was better, in our opinions than the specialties on Edge and the main dining on S class. The Oceanview was not good IMO and I am typically a fan of the buffet on X. It didn't seem clean enough to me and I thought the meals were odd and tasteless. The wall behind the coffee bar had haze marks on it as though it had been wiped down but an icky haze was left behind. Sort of gross. The sinks outside the buffet were a big score for me. Thank you X! The infinite verandah was a different concept and shouldn't/cannot be compared to a balcony...two totally separate things. In fact we loved the infinite balcony and the impact it had on our cabin. Is a regular verandah great? Yes, but that isn't what we signed up for this time and the two balcony rooms cannot be compared. Could the shops have been more focused on the masses instead of high ticket items? Sure, but obviously Celebrity is trying something different and you can't fault them. We did not like, however, that Celebrity is nearly forcing all passengers to go mid ship to the martini bar area for before/after dinner drinks and entertainment. That sort of got old for us after a few days so we enjoyed the casino bar sometimes instead. The live music was good and I give kudos to X for trying something different. The issue we had with these singers/bands is that they only had a handful of songs that they played over and over again all week in a variety of areas on the ship. That was a bit shocking and I would think rather boring for the entertainers. Eden. Went in very open minded and tried many of their specialty drinks. Are you kidding me though? I am a person that loves a good drink and has a large variance in tastes but, wow...those drinks were nothing but awful and I tried hard to find one that I liked. Bizarre smells in Eden, almost dirt like, and the service in the seating areas was lacking. Dinner was fantastic in Eden and the interaction with the performers was fun during dinner. We had a wonderful relaxing week onboard the Edge and stayed on ship for most ports. Do we LOVE the Edge? No. Did we LOVE our cabin? Yesssss! The vacation served its relaxation purpose for sure. We aren't sold on the new concept just yet but we realize that cruising on a new concept ship will/should be different and one that cannot be compared to other ship classes because it is meant to be different. i am in my late 40's and have a job that demands use of technology all the time. I appreciate the fact that X is encouraging passengers to use their phones onboard but I did not want to carry my phone with me ever while on vacation. We bought a digital photo onboard and the girl wanted us to take a picture of the code on the screen after purchase. We didn't have our phones with us and I was made to feel out of it because we didn't have them. Eventually the girl wrote the code down for us. I have to say the disco was so fun! The silent disco was especially fun and entertaining! What a great concept and use of a space that often lacks presence. We are looking forward to more X ships but still love the S class best.
  4. Exactly! You never really know. It's easy to judge and make up stories but...
  5. We reserve a dining package before every cruise and have always had to reserve once onboard. I think it is a great business decision for Celebrity to allow those that pay full price to reserve ahead of time and those that choose a discounted pkg to reserve once onboard. This concept makes perfect sense. We we have never had an issue the getting dates/times we've wanted with the package and this includes our Edge sailing a few weeks ago. The frustration to me is when people complain...you know the policy so the choice is reserve once onboard with flexibility in mind or pay full price and reserve before boarding. Why complain?
  6. On the Edge January 20 cruise we had a women with a small white dog. The dog was carried and if memory serves me right, in a backpack type thing once in a while. Maybe the dog walked along the women but I never saw it. My first instinct was what the? As I thought about it more I came to the conclusion that this person either didn't want to leave their animal at home (I mean heck, I didn't want to either, but did) OR there was a real reason for the dog. Maybe the reason just wasn't visible. I know we are all quick to judge if we don't see a visible disability but honestly, you never really know what is going on. It appeared the dog wasn't necessary but I have no idea what the real reason might be. I know society is off the rails these days and people can be selfish. The truth is the reason could be emotional and the only way a person can function is with a dog. For those that work the system, shame on you. My motto is live an honest life and hopefully those that don't will face the truth some day.
  7. I sanitize my hands before entering the buffet with washy washy. After getting my food at the buffet I go to the restroom and wash my hands. When eating a chip, French fry or other type of finger food, I touch in the same area when I pick it up and don't eat the area where my fingers were. This is probably not all germ free but I do my best
  8. We are still considering. a Celebrity shore excursion and I am wondering how close to sailing can one book an excursion online. I know you can also reserve once onboard but if we are going to do it, I'd rather reserve prior and just be done with it. We sail this coming Sunday-1/20!!! Thank you
  9. What nights on the Edge (7 night) are considered evening chic? We are sailing 1/20. Thank you
  10. I don't want to go on a complaining rant as I am not a complainer, however- As a captain on a Celebrity cruise once said in his announcement...there is no substitute for hand washing. I am a big handwasher on land and even more so on a cruise ship and people that have total disregard for others by not washing or using the sanitizer is very disrespectful to other passengers- just my opinion. I dislike the feel of hand sanitizer but will use if a sink is not available. I do this not only for myself but out of respect for others. Aside from the lack of hand cleaning, my other pet peeve is when people cough and don't cover their mouths. I don't think this can cause noro but seriously...where are your manners. Simply cough into the bend of your arm or your hand and then wash it. I'm done now😀
  11. What nights on the Edge (7 night) are considered evening chic? We are dining in a specialty venue every night and I am wondering if a coat for hubby is in order. We are fine bringing one of course...just wondering. I know Murano is a very upscale restaurant on S class ships and I am wondering which specialty is considered as upscale on the Edge. Thank you!
  12. Has anyone noticed Escargot on an Edge menu? I ask because it is one of my favorite appetizers on Celebrity and I have not found a restaurant on land with as good of a recipe. Thank you-
  13. All great info.! Thank you! In regards to blended or iced coffee drinks with the classic pkg...does anyone have a favorite that's included in the pkg? On land I am a hot coffee drinker and I was hoping for suggestions for blended or iced coffees for the Caribbean.
  14. Current Edge Captain? Is it Captain Dimitrios?
  15. Since the Edge has sailed a handful of times now, can anyone share their boarding time story? we were 'assigned' 12:30-1 as a boarding time but we'd prefer to get on the ship as soon as possible. Can we check in at 10:30 and then board shortly after 11 when passengers can start to board/ship is cleared? Have people been directed to their rooms after boarding for key pick-up?
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