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  1. Who do you call (phone #) or email (address) to get the more sturdy tags? Thanks. TRGirl
  2. Have patience with me, fellow X cruisers, but as of today, OCT. 3, do ALL passengers have to be vaccinated in order to board and cruise on a Celebrity ship? I'm vaxxed and will get the booster if it becomes available, but I'm reading/hearing a variety of answers about this. It would just be nice to know. ALSO, anyone cruising on the APEX in mid-January? I'm doing my 1st ever B2B then...heaven! Can't wait. Hope you're all well and making your cruise plans.🖐️😊 TRGIRL
  3. Hi, fellow Celebrity cruisers, I'm scheduled to cruise the Caribbean on the Apex , leaving Nov. 4. I've been out of commission with a health problem - surgery soon - so the Nov. 4 cruise might have to be put off anyway. Some info on the latest rules and regs re: COVID... anything you know that is the most recent news would be so appreciated, since I've felt too crummy to read even Cruise Critic - oh, no! Thanks, as always. Barb Malony ♥️ Fort Myers, FL, formerly Toms River, NJ
  4. Any thoughts on what Celebrity will require/accept as proof that a passenger has been vaccinated? I was given a credit-card sized CDC card with dates, etc. and told this would suffice as proof where I got my shots.
  5. I'd like to see a poll about the new rules on Cruise Critic. For me, I now have a lot to think over. Going to the pool with my mask on is very unappealing, for example. Only guided cruise line tours? I like to meander around shopping followed by a drink. And sometimes a cruise stops at an island where I have a favorite beach, but there's no tour that includes that beach. I'm vaccinated yet feel as if on my expensive 10-day cruise I'll have to be restricted as if all the other passengers and I are not. Why can we not have ONE RULE: GET A VACCINE OR DON'T CRUISE. These rules might be a deal breaker for me, and I hate the thought of cancelling my November cruise.
  6. By the time cruise lines that depart out of U.S. ports again, won't proof of vaccine inoculation be a requirement to sail? And if this is so, will masks and social distancing still be mandatory? Does anyone know if any lines have made a statement about this? I hope all who are reading this are well.
  7. Since I am over 65 and have health problems (lungs among other things), I cancelled an O cruise 5 days before sailing date of March 8. Thursday or Friday comes the new refund policy for cruises beginning March 10 - BEFORE MY SHIP EVEN CRUISED. i told them ( my O agent on his voice mail in my 3rd message) I'd be thrilled to get a credit on a future cruise. I'm not wealthy or healthy, was traveling solo for a low fare, obviously did not have the "right" insurance. My emails to my agent are bouncing back "undeliverable".and my calls to him are not being returned. When I see what other lines are doing for their passengers, I am shocked at their decision not to include cruises departing March 7, 8, and 9. Why not? And now, incommunicado. This was to be my 1st O cruise. No response = never again...not that they care.
  8. FINALLY, I'm sailing aboard Oceania... March, 2020. Great price, nice Caribbean itinerary, longer than 7 nights, and last but most certainly not least, the FOOD!! The ship for my cruise is Sirena, my cabin a balcony. I know the ship has been refurbished, but I cannot find a single photo of the fresh, new Sirena, especially a veranda cabin. I don't know if a photo can be posted here (the photo forum was of no help, but that could be me trying in vain to use a search option). If anyone has photos of the Sirena post-refurb., I would so appreciate seeing them. If nothing else, would some sweet fellow cruiser email pix to malony33@aol.com? Thank you so much, and Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. On Oceania's web cite, there is a video of Sirena's new look. It's very pretty - the red is gone!
  10. Any shuttles in the Caribbean that cruisers would consider a good idea, a necessity, or a blessing? Thanks!
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