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  1. I'm splurging on a Sky Suite when I sail on Reflection in November ; cabin # is 2178. Has anyone stayed in a Signature Suite on this ship? I know it's much more "like a suite", that is, the BR is separate, and it is much larger. Is the experience that much better or more luxurious to justify the extra $$❓ What did you like/dislike about that category? Please share your thoughts. Much appreciated from a suite newbie!😎
  2. So sorry about the font; it shows up very clearly on my end. Thank you for your responses; I learned so much from them. Nothing is ever easy when it involves money, and I certainly understand that. Your info will save me a lot of time and agita. Happy future cruising!!😎
  3. Hi, Fellow Cruisers, Has anybody ever switched, or tried to switch, your reservation from the agency with whom you booked the cruise in the first place, directly to Celebrity itself? I spoke to a rep from the cruise line last night, tho' she was not in the appropriate office to deal with the issue; she said that it can be done within the first 60 days after the reservation was made. After that, the cruise agency could say no. If you have any experience or knowledge in this situation, would you give me your two cents? I realize the agency would lose the money they stood to make from my booking, so I'm not stupid and expect them to deny my request. BTW, I made the reservation in early December, so the 60 days have come and gone. Thanks to all for your thoughts, opinions, and experiences.
  4. I'm sailing on the Reflection later this year in Sky Suite #2178. Two questions: 1. Did you have any problems with noise? and 2. Is there a round window in this suite? Thanks!
  5. How close to the cruise departure date does Celebrity start notifying passengers about an opportunity to bid?
  6. Thanks to all for your assistance. On the deck plan, 2109 is an S1; my TA says it's an S2...I'll clarify that with him today. That would mean there are no S2 suites left, so now the question becomes the difference in price to book the S1 instead. Hmmm...
  7. What was your cabin #? The TA is holding 2109 for me. Do you know if that's beneath a carpeted or hard floor?
  8. For those of you Celebrity cruisers who have stayed in an S2 suite on Reflection: some of these cabins - on Deck 12, maybe - are beneath the buffet. The last cabin available on my planned sailing is beneath tables, not the kitchen. Has anyone stayed in one of the suites and heard much noise right above you? I think the deck plan on Equinox is the same, so if you were in an S2 on that ship, you would have the same information (I hope). Thanks!
  9. This has probably already been asked and answered, but I haven't been here for a while. Caught the flu for the 1st time ever, then developed complications. I'm finally more like myself, and Celebrity cruising and fellow cruisers are on my mind. So... which ships are going to be"revolutionized" first, or has Celebrity laid out an order/timetable for the whole fleet?
  10. Hi, Everyone, Are there DVD players in the staterooms on the Equinox? :cool: Thanks. 5 DAYS TIL THE EQUINOX
  11. There is a very "toney" area for shopping called "The Waterside Shops" at Rt. 41 and Pine Ridge Road. Good restaurants, too. You might enjoy the experience. There is also the Naples Philharmonic, which now has a different name.
  12. Thank you so much. It's my 1st cruise in 10 years and the 1st time I'm cruising solo, so it will be quite an adventure!:cool:
  13. Hi, Fellow Cruisers, I just purchased 3 excursions (using OBC's - that felt good). :D How does Celebrity get your tickets to you? On various lines, they've been on the bed the 1st day we entered the cabin. On others, the tickets for the next day's excursion were placed under the door in an envelope the evening before. Help, please? Thanks! 13 days til The Equinox
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