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  1. Since I am over 65 and have health problems (lungs among other things), I cancelled an O cruise 5 days before sailing date of March 8. Thursday or Friday comes the new refund policy for cruises beginning March 10 - BEFORE MY SHIP EVEN CRUISED. i told them ( my O agent on his voice mail in my 3rd message) I'd be thrilled to get a credit on a future cruise. I'm not wealthy or healthy, was traveling solo for a low fare, obviously did not have the "right" insurance. My emails to my agent are bouncing back "undeliverable".and my calls to him are not being returned. When I see what other lines are doing for their passengers, I am shocked at their decision not to include cruises departing March 7, 8, and 9. Why not? And now, incommunicado. This was to be my 1st O cruise. No response = never again...not that they care.
  2. FINALLY, I'm sailing aboard Oceania... March, 2020. Great price, nice Caribbean itinerary, longer than 7 nights, and last but most certainly not least, the FOOD!! The ship for my cruise is Sirena, my cabin a balcony. I know the ship has been refurbished, but I cannot find a single photo of the fresh, new Sirena, especially a veranda cabin. I don't know if a photo can be posted here (the photo forum was of no help, but that could be me trying in vain to use a search option). If anyone has photos of the Sirena post-refurb., I would so appreciate seeing them. If nothing else, would some sweet fellow cruiser email pix to malony33@aol.com? Thank you so much, and Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. On Oceania's web cite, there is a video of Sirena's new look. It's very pretty - the red is gone!
  4. Any shuttles in the Caribbean that cruisers would consider a good idea, a necessity, or a blessing? Thanks!
  6. ❓ What extras come with sailing in a Sky Suite (Reflection, to be specific). For instance: --is there a refrigerator that is automatically in the suite's design or is that a special request? --can you request something a bit more specific and unusual for that fridge, in my case Snapple in a certain flavor? 🥤 --is the shampoo/conditioner, etc., upgraded? --are there any additional amenities in the bathroom? in the cabin? --I know there is fresh fruit upon arrival at the cabin; is this continued for the rest of the cruise, and can specific fruit be requested as availability permits?🍇🍊🍌💲 --is the quality of the bathrobe upgraded? --is there an umbrella and binoculars in the cabin?☂️ --I heard there's an upgraded room service menu - true? --I know suites have a lounge and our own restaurant; is it the same one as that in the MDR, or does it have its own? If so, is it different every night?🍽️ This is the 1st time I've booked a suite and probably the last. I even plan to ask the butler to help me unpack👗👠👙👡👒 (back, neck and shoulder injuries have accumulated time)!!! Over the years I cruised many times with my husband, who is now my ex...so it's a solo trip and thus an expensive proposition.💲 💲I'm SO excited and want to make the most of it (especially at this price point), sooo...ANY AND ALL INFO AND ADVICE ABOUT THE SUITE WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED. Thanks, everyone; after a long, tough 2 years, this is the light at the end of the tunnel for me! REFLECTION🛳️⚓, CARIBBEAN☀️⛱️🏝️🏖️🍹🐬🐟🐠🐡 NOVEMBER, 2019.😎😊 THANK YOU!!!
  7. I'm splurging on a Sky Suite when I sail on Reflection in November ; cabin # is 2178. Has anyone stayed in a Signature Suite on this ship? I know it's much more "like a suite", that is, the BR is separate, and it is much larger. Is the experience that much better or more luxurious to justify the extra $$❓ What did you like/dislike about that category? Please share your thoughts. Much appreciated from a suite newbie!😎
  8. So sorry about the font; it shows up very clearly on my end. Thank you for your responses; I learned so much from them. Nothing is ever easy when it involves money, and I certainly understand that. Your info will save me a lot of time and agita. Happy future cruising!!😎
  9. Hi, Fellow Cruisers, Has anybody ever switched, or tried to switch, your reservation from the agency with whom you booked the cruise in the first place, directly to Celebrity itself? I spoke to a rep from the cruise line last night, tho' she was not in the appropriate office to deal with the issue; she said that it can be done within the first 60 days after the reservation was made. After that, the cruise agency could say no. If you have any experience or knowledge in this situation, would you give me your two cents? I realize the agency would lose the money they stood to make from my booking, so I'm not stupid and expect them to deny my request. BTW, I made the reservation in early December, so the 60 days have come and gone. Thanks to all for your thoughts, opinions, and experiences.
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