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  1. westcruzer

    chicos paradise

    I rented a taxi for the day. Talk with the driver and let them know what you are looking for. He stayed with us the entire time and even showed us a couple view points for beautiful pictures.
  2. westcruzer

    Post Disney Cruise Flight Time Question

    Thank you all for the great information!!! The transfers with luggage is AWESOME. I will make sure to do that.
  3. We are going on a Disney Cruise for the first time and we will be cruising out of Port Canaveral. We booked a cruise around my son's auto racing schedule and the racetrack ended up changing the schedule to have a race the night we get back from the cruise. There is no option for him to miss this race. Based on all flights available there is one flight that seems to give us enough time to get to the airport and get back home in time. I've cruised on Carnival before and we just did self debarkation which got us off the ship right away with our own luggage. My question is directed to those of you who have cruised out of Port Canaveral and flown from MCO (Orlando). Is a flight time of 12:13pm on American Airlines enough time to get off the ship and to the airport? The Cruise schedule says we will get back by 7:30am and I know it can take time off the ship.
  4. westcruzer

    Poker in the Silhouette Casino

    Holy crap! That is sickening. So if 9 people start with $100 at an average of 30 hands per hour, everyone would be broke in 3-4 hours depending on how large the pots get.
  5. I have cruised several times in the past as you can see in my signature so I am familiar with cruising overall. I have never cruised on Celebrity or to Alaska so most of my questions will be related to that. I earned a trip from my work and it is on the Celebrity Millennium going to Alaska in August. I am provided with the flight to Anchorage and stay in the Marriott for the night, on the ship I am reserved in the Concierge Veranda, prepaid gratuities, and the Premium Drink Package. Also the train ride from Anchorage to Seward on the GoldStar Dome with full breakfast is provided. Transfer from the train to the ship is also included. I am 36 and DW is 34. What are some of the differences or similarities between Carnival (probably more differences?) or Princess (probably more similarities?) to the Celebrity Millennium? What are some things I need to bring more specific to the Millennium ship or Alaska itinerary. For example bungie cords, extension cord etc. How many alcohol drinks are included per day with the Premium package? Do they have a hard cider like Angry Orchard, Strongbow, etc.? What are must do's on the ship and off. Any information is welcome.
  6. westcruzer

    Single Digit Dance today!!!!!!!

    3 days for me! Woo hoo!!
  7. westcruzer

    Why I choose FTTF

    I love FTTF. Simple as that.
  8. westcruzer

    Breeze - Spa or not to Spa

    Loved the spa room and the spa.
  9. westcruzer

    Splendor Tandoor Reviews or Pics?

    I don't have pics but I loved the food. Just be prepared for a line.
  10. Thanks for the great pictures and review. We will be on the Imagination next month. I have been on the sister ships Elation, Paradise, & Inspiration so I know this will be another great cruise. You should try some of the newer Carnival ships. The Imagination is an old ship and the Breeze for example is beautiful and offer more storage space in the bathroom.
  11. westcruzer

    Carnival and that proverbial Grain of Salt.

    Consider that a person with a negative experience (in their eyes) will be much more likely to post I take most of the negative reviews very lightly. A person with a positive experience is less likely to post about it because it's expected.
  12. westcruzer

    Casino Winnings

    Last time I was in Vegas I actually saw a lady who had a slot machine slip that was for over $1500 and it was over a year old and she was still able to cash it. Just looking at her and he clothes and purse I can clearly see why she accidentally forgot to cash it in. Her purse alone was worth over $5,000 (according to my wife).
  13. westcruzer

    Faster to the Fun?

    FTTF IS WELL WORTH IT! I like getting on board early and the VIP line at the guest services is awesome. We are going on another cruise in March and we bought it again.
  14. westcruzer

    Will Carnival be getting rid of the casinos and spas?

    That has to be a misprint. I would be VERY surprised if they went with no casino.