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  1. Thanks Phil-we will be going back to both Canada/USA in the future so wouldn’t change back,Steve
  2. Thank you all for your replies,I only need £400 into Canadian dollars hop on hop off buses,a few light lunches/tipping and small gifts/keepsakes in the 5 or 6 Canadian ports,Steve.
  3. I am getting my US dollars tomorrow for our US/Canadian cruise on Sunday but need Canadian dollars once onboard,question is will Aurora have Canadian dollars onboard and has anyone changed sterling for them whilst onboard recently and if so was the exchange rate close to what it would have been at home-thanks for any help,Steve.
  4. Good morning,can anyone tell me if it’s easy to change £’s sterling(cash) into Canadian dollars at the ports we are visiting on our upcoming cruise from Southampton this Sunday:-Halifax NS,Sydney NB,Charlottetown,Corner Brook-thanks for any help,Steve.
  5. No need Brian-the standard whisker is just fine,I’m a part time bar sreward(semi retired) we use them in the club I work at and you would think that the cappuccino/latte they froth came from one of the high street specialists only half the price😎
  6. You can get them on eBay delivered for £10 Andy,made by Aerolatte to go-Morrison’s sellboxes of 8 Nescafé gold cappuccino/latte etc for £1.50,bargain,Steve
  7. Battery operated latte whisker,packets of cappuccino/latte,lime cordial to flavour water.
  8. Hi Maryann,thank you for your reply and link-the ships Baddeck tour is 4 hours and I think we have enough free time there for lunch otherwise we will be back to Sydney cruise port for 13:00 so could have lunch then,as the Cabot trail(partial) is a long way from the cruise ship and we are only in port for around 10 hours I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it privately for obvious reasons,Steve.
  9. Good morning,we are due in Sydney as our last port of call in September and I’m stuck between 2 ship tours,one a 4 hour trip to Baddeck town ariving back in Sydney at 13:00 to have lunch/sight see/shop or a 7 hour Cabot trail excursion including lunch at Keltic lodge leaving little time in Sydney before boarding-any help/advice welcome,Steve
  10. Would be interesting to know if exchange rates differ much than what you would get say through the post office and if there’s a transaction fee and if so how much?
  11. Thanks for clarifying ,just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too far to make the 10am tour,Steve.
  12. Hi,thanks for the information,Steve.
  13. Can anyone advise me how far the departure point for Arcadia national park is with Pli’s trolleys from the cruise tender port in Bar harbor(is it walkable and if so how long please),thanks for any help,Steve.
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