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  1. I had the same issue and ended up calling. I messaged the FB page to let them know and they thanked me and said they would look into it. This was four days ago....
  2. Okay thanks, so may as well book a higher level room to use it all....
  3. Sorry-not to beat a dead horse-but I am thinking my FCC will cover the entire cruise cost that we are looking at, including the deposit. Does that make sense? If I have FCC for $4000 (for example) and the future cruise is $3800-what happens to the balance? On board credit or do we lose it? That is also why I want to use the entire FCC to pay deposit as well. Does that make sense?
  4. So would we get reimbursed for the deposit? Or we can't use FCC on the deposit? If we want to use FCC for the entire payment (deposit and balance), we need to wait until we receive it (April 13 or whenever they are going to issue it?) Thanks!
  5. Thank you-I did just see this and it looked walk-able. Looks like they have restrooms there as well?
  6. I realize I can purchase by the can but the Freestyle machine has a lot of fun options that my kids love-but literally, will just want 2-3 total over the week.
  7. Hi-Is it possible to get one or two drinks from the freestyle machine throughout the week and not have the soda/beverage package to do so? Ie, can I pay for just one or two freestyle drinks when I want them? Not sure how that works with the cup, etc? Thank you!
  8. Thanks-we certainly don’t need arm fulls of water! Just wanted to make sure we could each grab one from the lounge during happy hour!
  9. Thank you-for number 3-the bottled water-I meant is it available during happy hour in the lounge? Ie if we are all in the lounge for happy hour, could we each take a bottle of water with us?
  10. Hi all-I have read through the threads on Diamond lounge/voucher drinks and have a few specific questions as I saw different information. Thank you for any information you can provide! -My two teens are Diamond-they are allowed in the lounge, correct? And can get sodas there during happy hour? Are there frozen virgin drinks in the lounge? -Do the teens get the three free vouchers for drinks at bars on their cards as well? Ie, can they go to a bar and get a frozen virgin drink during happy hour with one of their vouchers since most ships now provide frozen virgin drinks?
  11. @mitsugirly one more question about Lost Mayan Kingdom-do you remember walking directions? Will it be obvious once we get outside the port which way to go? Or do you have a general recommendation for direction we should follow? Thank you!
  12. Hi, Haven't been to Grand Cayman in a long time. We are looking to walk to Eden Rock and rent snorkeling gear for a short bit and then hit a beach, again for a short bit. Does anyone have insight for the best beach access area from Eden Rock? We don't mind walking a decent distance if there is public beach access near Eden Rock. And also don't mind getting a cab but not sure if we can get one near Eden Rock? We also don't mind going somewhere like Royal Palms or Calico Jacks-just not planning to stay at the beach for over an hour or so. Thank you!
  13. Just to clarify-three drinks at the bars-but unlimited in DL-so one could go to DL and have a drink or two and then go and use the three additional drinks at bars, if within the happy hour? Or is it either/or-go to DL or bars but not both? Does bottled water count as one of the three?
  14. Yes I knew it changed per cruise-just wondering ball park and if it would be worth it to wait a day or two to purchase it.
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