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  1. @girlsandpop We are from Florida and used to hot weather. We sailed in early October 2019 on the Rhine, we loved the cool weather. We dressed in layers and were very comfortable. You will love the trip!
  2. @marthalee How frustrating to not be able to get the same “single” deal when rebooking. I’m glad you were able to get some discounts, though. We booked the Danube Waltz for Dec. 2021.
  3. We are not retired, and we do not yet qualify for Medicare. I have to call our insurance company to determine if we are covered outside of the U.S. This is all good information. Thanks!
  4. @Peregrina651 I definitely understand your point. In fact, I purchased insurance on my last planned cruise, and I filed a claim because my mother passed away 2 weeks before we were to sail. I was definitely glad to have the insurance. You bring up good points, though, about the concierge service which would be a great help when abroad.
  5. Thanks, everyone, for the feedback. I’m leaning towards not getting insurance. We can only get a voucher for all but about $2000 of the total trip cost, and we don’t need insurance to get a voucher for the total cost (thanks to Viking’s current Risk Free Guarantee.) The real value is the medical coverage, I guess. We have a few more days to decide. 😊
  6. We just rebooked the Viking river cruise we cancelled in March. I used the vouchers and received some good extras with the recent promotion. My question is this... Is it worth spending money on Trip Mate since Viking currently has their Risk Free Cancellation Policy? We cannot get any refunds for the amount covered by vouchers. Basically the insurance would be for the extra $2000 we are paying for the new cruise and for the medical benefits. Am I missing anything?
  7. @sharkster77 We were on the Viking Kara, B-A. I didn’t care for the Cologne Beer culture dinner tour. The guide was good, but I’m not a fan of bar hopping. We did the Top of Cologne Cathedral, which was amazing. The guide for the included Cologne tour was probably our least favorite. We also did the Colmar WWII tour and the guide was excellent. We, too, liked Strasbourg and stayed in town until the last shuttle back to the ship.
  8. @cleob my husband and I are 60. We have been on several ocean cruises, and we took our first river cruise last October—Viking Rhine Getaway. We found the days to be as full as we wanted. We did the included tours and booked three optional (one I wish we hadn’t booked, but that’s another story. 😉) We love sightseeing and history, so we would spend extra time in the stops. We left one of the included walking tours to explore on our own. We didn’t feel the need to be back in time for lunch and would stay in the town/city for lunch on our own (if the itinerary allowed.) After full days of explor
  9. Good to know. My husband and I caught a cold near the end of our Rhine River Cruise. We went to a pharmacy in Amsterdam and learned we could not buy decongestant over the counter like in the U.S. I will be packing extra cold medication on our next trip!
  10. @bubbulz Thank you for the recommendation! Our cruise offers a tour of Český Krumlov, so we are good to go.
  11. We received a Free Air offer via email. There was a link to the Viking website that showed the sailings that offered free air. We called Viking, gave them the emailed offer code, and booked our cruise with free air. This was just two weeks ago. We also paid for Viking Air Plus, and we already picked our flights. No issues what so ever.
  12. Thank you, @Iamthesea, for the suggestion!
  13. We are ending a river cruise in Passau and would like to hire a private transfer to Prague. I’m looking for any other suggestions anyone might have. Prague Airport Transfers has good reviews, but I’ve found two different websites with this name. Prague-Airport-Transfers.com and Prague-Airport-Transfers.co.uk I’m hoping someone can shed some light on which is the company with great reviews or give me some recommendations. Thanks.
  14. Thanks! I’m definitely getting those hooks!
  15. @Hoyaheel This is a fantastic idea! Amazon shows 3 different size hooks. Which size of hook did you purchase?
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