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  1. Has anyone done a cruise to the Caribbean islands during Carnival season and seen any of the parades? I remember reading up on some of the islands our cruise was docking at a few years ago and seeing some info of their Carnival activities. Unfortunately our cruise missed out on their dates for Carnival. Just wondering if anyone has been fortunate to be in port and participate in Carnival. I think the island I was reading about was St Maarten or maybe Barbados, can't remember for sure.
  2. St Maarten. We love it because everything we need is right near the port. You have the nice beach, shopping, restaurants, everything right there so you don't have to pay for a taxi to take you anywhere.
  3. We did these same ports on a Carnival cruise and loved it! There's nothing like waking up every morning and going out on your balcony and watching the ship dock in a different port.
  4. Do you guys realize how much time, effort and ingredients it would take for Royal to make the needed amount of ice cream from scratch daily?
  5. I don't smoke but, I'm a construction worker who works around smokers daily. Both my parents and sister were/are smokers. And we go to Las Vegas yearly and love to gamble. SO, with that being said, we went to the casino every night of our Allure 7 night cruise last year. And to be perfectly honest, I couldn't tell you how bad the smoke smell was in the casino because I really didn't notice it. But that could just be me because I'm one of those people that doesn't let a lot of things ruin my plans.
  6. On the Hooked menu they offer a "turf n turf" entree of steak and chicken. I would highly doubt if they were to cook beef and chicken on the same grill as seafood/shellfish. But if you alerted them to your allergy I'm sure they could accommodate you or make sure the grill or pan is properly cleaned before they were to cook your food.
  7. We would absolutely LOVE this addition to our cruise. Not only do we love St. Maarten, but we would much rather be exploring a different island every day than just sitting on the ship.
  8. Just a suggestion, but you might want to add a, "In my opinion", when you compare Nachi to Sancho. I've been considering both beaches so I checked out a bunch of youtube videos comparing the 2. It's pretty much even on which beach has the better food and drinks. The only certain things are that Nachi has less people and a more relaxing atmosphere. Taste in food and drinks is very subjective. I did see one youtube video of a couple that did a b2b cruise and visited each beach a week apart. They found the food to be equal for both beaches. But they enjoyed the greater variety of drinks at Sanchos.
  9. Any of the ports. We will be sailing RCI so I think we'll be docked at the International port. I know Carnival's port is next to the International port, and there is a port downtown. So we're planning on hitting a beach first for a few hours, then catching a taxi wherever we can sight see, shop and eat.
  10. I've been checking "Trip advisor" and "Yelp" trying to get some ideals for some local mexican restaurants in Cozumel close to the cruise ports. I would prefer local restaurants but I'll take any and all suggestions. Thanks.
  11. Let's first be clear about something that might have been missed by first time or those new to cruising, "travel insurance will NOT immediately pay your medical bills if you should get sick or hurt while in another country and have to go to their hospital". Even your own personal medical insurance will probably not be usable in a foreign country. Out of country hospitals will most likely require CASH or CREDIT CARDS. Unfortunately many people cruising don't have an unlimited credit card and a lot don't even have a $50,000 limit. But please don't let that deter you from taking a cruise. I don't know the exact numbers but the vast majority of illness and injuries that occur on a cruise can be handled by the ship doctor. And I'm sure that many people that post to this board have never been on a cruise where there was a medical emergency that needed to go to a foreign hospital. It can happen, but if you're already in decent shape and take the proper precautions you should be fine. The vast majority of people who purchase travel insurance and have to use it are those who for whatever reason, miss their cruise or cannot go on their cruise. Once you're on your cruise if you get sick or hurt or some how have to cut your cruise short and come home then YOU must pay out of YOUR pocket and the travel insurance will reimburse you for the money you spent. I just want to make sure everyone, especially those new to cruising understand this.
  12. My wife fell in love with the top shelf Mango Margaritas on Allure last year
  13. Sorry, it's not my nature. And I'm human. I wouldn't go online and brag about it, or run tell others about it. Personally speaking, I would be very grateful to RCI and continue to give them my business. And I also would never take another cruise WITHOUT buying trip insurance. Just because I wouldn't want to go through that scenario again. That's what I think most humans would do.
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