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  1. HAL and Celebrity are good options, though one needs to remember the age group on HAL. Also, there is much to be said for the smaller ships on RCCL and NCL cruises. We have had some great times on these ships, as have many others in this online community. I've received good reviews from friends on Azamara, though we have not yet sailed on those ships.
  2. We love our sea days but with only 5 days to cruise, I think we would take the Western Caribbean rather than the Bermuda. Having three stops will help the trip feel longer. And trust me, the last day on any cruise is always sad, whether is is the 4th day, or the 16th day. Wishing you both a Bon Voyage and happy honeymoon!
  3. My husband and I have been on several HAL cruises and have found some interesting cruise companions at some of the meetups. If the timing matches your schedule, they can be an interesting cocktail hour. But I agree with you - there at least has to be some common interest.
  4. My apologies to SRQbeachgirl and rkacruiser who seem to think that my comment "Carnival caters to the "we just want to party" crowd" implies that everyone is a drunk. Chill out! If you follow the videos posted on YouTube one can see that Carnival passengers do like to party, and by that I mean they focus on the nightlife and dance clubs, the pool parties and activities on board, and where to go for this or that food on the ship. Do some of them drink? Yes. Drink too much? Perhaps. But you can find drunks on any cruise, if you look for them. What you might not find on another ship is a group o
  5. For your first cruise, I'd suggest you choose by itinerary and price. MSC has more tiers (levels) to the services they offer, Carnival caters to the "we just want to party" crowd. I would encourage you to check the message boards for each of the ships, and see what past travelers have to say about the pluses and minuses for each ship. And once you do make a decision -- stop looking at other options and instead spend time doing research on your selected cruise and the ports of call.
  6. You can purchase an international SIM card for your current phone, or get a hotspot device and add the international SIM to the device. This article might help you find the SIM you need: http://www.twobirdsbreakingfree.com/best-international-sim-cards-travel.html
  7. We have had a good experience with an iPhone app called Pocket Earth. It is not free, which means not powered by advertising, and you can download the maps you need over wifi when you have it, then use the app without cell or wifi connections when you need it. The data for the maps includes shops, banks, restaurants, and similar points-of-interest.
  8. Yes, there are options out there but as sanger727 says, this website doesn't allow us to list travel agents by name or website so you'll have to google it. And I would also not rule out checking via two or more online agencies since each one has different add-ons to offer and you might find a deal that fits your needs better if you look at several sites.
  9. We would agree that CC works most of the time but if you do like to get out and about on your own, local cash is a boon. Sometimes we can change money on the ship, but most of the time it is easiest to use your debit card and a local ATM, provided your bank supports foreign ATM networks.
  10. I will use the online check in option as soon as it is available, simple because I like to know that everything is ready for boarding. Is there a benefit? If reduced stress can be counted, then yes!
  11. I can agree with those who recommend checking the times-in-port part of the cruise if you are interested in the cities on the cruise. Also, we would look for ships of 2000 passengers or less, and if we could afford it, ships under 1000 passengers. Smaller ships can often visit ports that the larger ships do not, and then the number of people ashore might be less as well.
  12. Always one of the options when searching flights, but that trip was found by searching for the lowest cost one-way from Europe and then searching for the best inter-city flight from Rome. We considered an overnight high-speed rail connection to Amsterdam but it did not leave from Rome and the best connecting rail out of Rome did not get us to the overnight train in time to board the same day. It's mostly about examining all options. We also considered renting a car and driving, and had the ship not docked in Italy, we could have done that. (Rentals leaving Italy are ver
  13. We also enjoy these types of cruises. I've been on 3 transatlantics and would like to try a transpacific someday. We like the increased number of sea days, though I prefer to opt for a balcony room so I have plenty of outside space to myself. As for the one-way airfare, I find that is not a problem if you seach all options. For example, our return from Italy at the end of the cruise was much cheaper by flying from Rome to Amsterdam and then back to USA, plus we has a couple days to sightsee in Amsterdam.
  14. We, too, would choose Azamara over Carnival but only because we prefer smaller ships, and more refined dining and service. If you're looking forward to lots of nights out, and like to bar-hop and party, then Carnival might suit you better. You will be pampered in the Grand Suite, plus there are more entertainment options on Carnival's larger ships. Carnival is going to offer poolside parties, loud music, and probably more games and organized activities - it's what their ships are known for.
  15. We've booked direct and through an online TA and the determining factor has always been the total package. We have had good luck booking direct with the cruise line, including one or two great upgrades, but if a TA offered a better total package, we would take it. I guess my best answer then is to do your research, check prices, and ask friends. We do have a couple of tips: Don't pay the complete price before the due date, especially if booking direct. Should the room rate drop, you can always ask for the new rate, or an upgrade, and not having made final payment gives you be
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