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  1. Thanks for this thread. I cancelled the beach bed I booked for Anthem Dec. 28 at $299 and then rebooked at $199.
  2. I am on the Anthem over New Year's and the Holiday dinner was higher than regular price, but not super high. Maybe it depends on the ship.
  3. Thanks for your great reviews. I have booked day beds for Anthem Dec. 28 cruise and still completely confused about them. Do you know if they are preassigned or first come, fist served?
  4. July 27, 2019 Anthem cruise- I believe this was on July 31.
  5. We did this on a recent Anthem cruise. We paid close to $170 a person and I did not think it was worth it. The ride to Clearwater is an hr or so. The beach was still pretty rustic though had when we got there clean bathrooms. There is a water shortage in Bermuda, severe at that end of the island, and without telling the woman who managed the facilities, the Water Authority shut off the water right before our group was leaving, which rendered the bathrooms a mess. People could not wash off the sand as well. ( She did arrange for our group to stop at a nearby restaurant if people needed to wash up, etc.). The lunch is a box lunch, a burger or fish cake, and a pasta. You get one rum drink and a water. There was a bar there, but we did not go to it. I was not impressed by the beach- lots of shells and not very clean. ( That could also have been because Bermuda allows public camping on beaches and many were already camped out due to the upcoming cricket match in the area.) My daughter walked to another beach- I think Turtle Beach- and she said it was a lot prettier though no facilities. We did this due to time constraints and I wanted to make sure we had no issue getting back to the ship. I had wanted to go to Elbow Beach but had read it could be difficult getting a taxi back to the ship.
  6. I think it depends on your sailing and what your concerns are. For us, having it for the 5 night recent Anthem was a bonus- though one had been bought at the discount rate and the other at the "regular rate". I am getting it again for the New Yrs cruise. We would get the Internet regardless, and then I figured in the price of the Chops lunch ( liked it) breakfast last day ( very good), other perks we used as well before and would use this time, as the priority arrival and priority departure . ( Also, I hope we can get off early at CoCo Cay...) The Anthem I have found is the worst ship in my years of cruising RCCL for embarkation and departure. At my age, to have those expedited, as I am not in a suite, I believe it is worth the Key.
  7. I just called RCCL to ask about this, and the agent I spoke to insisted it was not discontinued and just sold-out on my cruise, but who knows. I really liked the benefit ( though I understand many questioned it). I hope it is not discontinued or markedly changed, for the worse.
  8. This is odd. I had previously booked it for Dec. 28 Anthem. It still shows I paid for it. And now, it has disappeared as well from the cruise. I was a fan on recent Anthem cruise , too.
  9. I think agent mentioned something about a Beat the Clock promo but not sure. It is weird the New Yrs Cruise went down in price.
  10. Yes. I saw the difference of $100 on line and called and then the agent also told me there was another promo and I got another $35 off.
  11. I am not sure what is going on, but I have been checking the prices for the almost sold out Dec 28, 2019 Anthem ( looking for a jr suite), and the price for the cabin I already have, Oceanview with large balcony, dropped about $135 today. Apparently there is some promo today.
  12. The ship has an excursion called the Bermuda Triangle and Nature Reserve. I realized we would have an issue Tuesday re the ferries due to schedule and ship departure so booked that. Monday was somewhat of a disaster. We had been in Bermuda before, 2 yrs ago. We originally planned to spend the day Monday in Hamilton shopping and dining. My daughter had wanted to buy handmade sandals from the specialty store there. It was to be a present for her for finishing second yr of law school. However, personnel in the store were very, very rude, so we decided to return to the ship. We got back about noon. We went to Snorkel Park, which was horrible ( small, dirty, $40 for chairs and umbrella,) and then had a late lunch at Frog and Onion ( ok but pretty expensive) and went shopping in the Clocktower. I booked the ship excursion to Clearwater that day as did not want to deal with the crowds at Horseshoe on Tues. While Bermuda disappointed, I will say we loved the Anthem this time- crew were great, specialty dining was excellent. I preferred the Boleros bar staff to Schooners- super nice people. We also had the Key, and I was glad we did. We enjoyed the trip overall so much we booked the New Yrs cruise while on board! ( I just wish I knew about the single cabins with the balcony before as daughter would have loved her own cabin). And again, I love your pix!
  13. We did the ship's excursion to Clearwater Beach the second day and did not feel it was worth it. The cost was about $170 each which covered the van trip to the beach ( a little more than an hr ) and about 2 3/4 hours on the beach, including a box lunch ((burger or fish sandwich) and one rum drink. There was also free internet. The bathrooms were fine when we got there, but there is a water shortage in Bermuda, particularly acute on that end of the island, and the Bermuda Water Authority with no notice to the manager of the beach facilities, ( who was a lovely lady), turned off the water right before we left. The beach chairs were fine but the beach had a lot of shells and you needed water shoes. My daughter did explore and go to Turtle Beach and she thought it was much nicer. Also, Bermuda allows public camping on the beaches, and due to the upcoming cricket matches, by Tuesday the beach was filled with campers and pup tents. But we are not picture takers so I am really appreciating all of yours!
  14. I was on this cruise with my daughter and I am really enjoying your review!
  15. Thanks for the info. We just got off the 7/27 Anthem and the beds were rock hard, even with some extra padding. We discussed bringing toppers next cruise. I will say the beds on the Symphony in Nov. were no way as horrible as the ones on the Anthem.
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