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  1. We will be on the Anthem in Bermuda July 30. I was looking to book a day pass at Elbow Beach. I read that some people had difficulty getting taxis back to the Dockyard. Any info on this is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Trainman would love your review.
  3. just checked and no says no longer available so probably a mistake to list it. too bad.
  4. It is not inexpensive, about $135.00 or so a person, and says lasts 2 hours which surprises me as meals at Daniel can be longer than that. It is only on the first night. This is the New Yr's Cruise from San Juan, just a week. I doubt he would be present.
  5. I am booked on Summit over New Yrs. I just checked cruise planner and saw they added a chef's table dinner, but labelled it Daniel Boulud Chef's Table, and only the first night at sea is available. I have been to his restaurant in NY which is amazing. Does anyone have any idea if this dinner will be offered throughout the week ?
  6. Does anyone know where the new aqua class cabins will be located on Deck 10?
  7. we booked the Pullman hotel as we had several hours to kill between getting off the Symphony and our flight home. We had issues re getting food from the bar, as there is no restaurant on Saturday. However, the hotel manager did handle the complaint. ( and part of the problem was a group of other cruisers from another ship who cut ahead of us to demand service). The food we got in the end was very good as well. The hotel did have a pool.
  8. I had this issue when in Costa Maya off the Symphony Thanksgiving week. Luckily a gentleman named Roberto was near the ship with a wheel chair and he was at the entrance back when we returned later in the day. However, the issue for people who have mobility issues is the pier itself. It is awful. We also were going to Maya Chan and the walk to get to their transport was a nightmare for me.
  9. elizabethbp

    Nachi Cocom

    We were there last week off the Symphony . It was our third time and it was not the same as before . You get your own designated area . However we thought the drinks were watered down . The food was ok ( not as good as years past ) but we did not order dessert when we first ordered and no one came back to ask if we wanted it later .Service before had been amazing. This time we had to walk to the new bar a few times to get drinks. Plus though they discourage they say loud drunken groups they did nothing when a loud group of teens got drunk and carried on on the beach . My massage was great and there are new restrooms . Still it was not the same as before .
  10. We just got off the Nov. 17 sailing. We had prebooked the escape room when it showed up in the cruise planner about a month before sailing. However, once on board we had a conflict when the ice show we had scheduled was cancelled due to technical problems ( apparently that happens on this ship a bit- Flight also was stopped during performance due to technical issues but did resume). The Symphony does not make rescheduling or scheduling events easy when on board. They set up mini kiosks at various times- and times may differ between the compass and the app. I rescheduled with the gentleman handing entertainment, I thought, but when I went to guest services to check the next day, it has not been rescheduled. Guest services managed to reschedule the reservation. In the end, we cancelled as I felt it would be too claustrophobic for me, but I was told they take 10 people. My suggestion is to go to guest services when you get on board . They overall were pretty good at handling issues.
  11. We got off the Symphony yesterday, We used taxis each way. Arrival was ok, though the tunnel was closed and the driver had to go the longer alternative way. Getting on the ship was fast- very impressed. The bins are like the ones used at the airport though appeared maybe a little larger. I did not see anyone have any issues. Getting off was the opposite. We chose a late departure time- and got 9 am. We got our bags about 9.15 am using a porter. My daughter then got detained at immigration and that took about 5 min. However, getting a taxi was somewhat difficult . The port moved the taxi pick up to the far left. It had been to the right of the doors before according to our porter. The line was pretty long, and the taxis could not get in because other vehicles blocked the paths. We finally got a taxi about 10 am. Our driver told us that many thought the port was not designed well as to pick up and drop off. It does still seem a work in progress. Also ,on other ships I have been on early departure was not pushed on people. On the Sympathy, it was encouraged as I think they want people off as soon as possible.
  12. We were there yesterday off the Symphony. The wifi is free but does not work well on the beach, but is better in the restaurant. I will add that the place has changed a lot since our last visit in 2012. Although there is a sign telling visitors it is not a "Spring break " oriented place, they did not discourage a loud group of teenagers from getting very drunk.
  13. I am on the Symphony of the Seas Sat. An event called Red Carpet night showed up on the app I had downloaded . Does anyone know what this is about ?
  14. Thanks for the review. On the Nov. 17 sailing- This has been super helpful.
  15. I check my account every day as have 2 cruises booked, one upcoming on the Symphony, and checking every day to see if entertainment posted. Today when I looked on line, the site said I had 3 cruises booked. The latest was in someone else's name for a cruise December 2019 out of Miami . I never booked this. I called RCCl to investigate and was on the phone at least 20 minutes. They said it could taker them a week to resolve. Resolve what? I never booked it, and as I said to the agent, if I had booked a cruise and it did not appear on my cruise account, I would have called to see what happened. I asked if the people who booked this cruise had called but they would not tell me. This is pretty scary to me. I told her they better not mess up the upcoming Symphony cruise, but quite frankly find this all very disturbing.
  16. I called RCCl and was told they call if room becomes available. I was more curious why they were doing this as website shows exactly one jr suite available. He told me likely reservations was holding back other jr suites as well. Will see if they ever call...
  17. I just got an email offering to put me on a waitlist for a jr suite for my Symphony Nov. cruise for a pretty good rate, considering I booked a balcony room over a yr ago on the Anthem and that room now is almost $1800 more than the rate I got. I have no idea why I was offered this, as just Platinum, but not sure how it works. Does anyone know how close to sail date it is determined who gets the suite? On line it appears there is only one suite available, so I find it odd they opened up a wait list as well. Thoughts appreciated.
  18. I will be on the Symphony Nov 17 which has the same itinerary and really appreciated your review .
  19. How did you book Infinity ?
  20. We are booked on the Majesty in December. It is my understanding from that the tap water is not safe. So I am wondering if anyone has had issues with the food or mixed drinks in the local dining spots. I also was curious if you can take bottled water off the ship with you. Thanks for any replies.
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