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  1. I’m waiting 90 days from when we cancelled to see if and/or what they have refunded. Hopefully they will honor the cancellation policy that we cancelled under and we won’t have to fight for it.
  2. richwmn ... but who wants to fly into the middle of it if they aren’t allowing those folks onboard. I think they did this so they won’t have to change so many flights once they figure out where our cruise will go.
  3. We are thinking we may cancel and take the loss on our May cruise from Venice. We don’t want to be quarantined either on the ship or when we come home. Even if they change the itinerary if they don’t have Corona under control. I think HAL will look out for all of us and theirselves.
  4. We’re on this cruise too. Now waiting to see what HAL will do. Bet they will wait and see where else Corona shows up before changing our itinerary. Not sure if I want to go now. 😢
  5. They use the knuckle bump on Azamara. Thought it was strange then realized it was for health reasons. 😉
  6. We were lucky enough to have a suite on our first Azamara cruise. It’s worth it for a few reasons..the cabin and veranda are much bigger than a veranda cabin, the bathroom is a nice size with a full shower, specialty restaurants are very good, internet service is included, the butler brings “tea” daily if you wish and will help with any issues you have. (We wanted more towels and they appeared.) We thought the suite was so sweet that we upgraded our next cruise while onboard to a suite. Enjoy!
  7. Booked our flights with Flight Ease the other day and just checked our booking. They ran our first and middle names together with no spaces or capital on the middle. Do you think this will be a problem at the airport? We may need to deal with it...then it’s not so easy. Has this happened to anyone else and was it a problem? TIA
  8. If you are in a suite, do they give preference to specialty restaurant dining times? Should we book as soon as we board? TIA
  9. Cadcruiser...we are on this cruise too but didn’t get that email. Thanks for sharing...I may not have brought my whites!
  10. I find that those looking for private excursions use the roll call more. It may be too far out on your cruise to book any. Some cruise lines are very active on CC, and others not.
  11. We are on that cruise too...seeing what it’s like. Looking forward to experiencing Azamara.
  12. gwilli

    Pre-Cruise Hotel

    Thanks ... we’ve booked our hotel ourselves getting the room that we prefer. Smooth Sailing!
  13. Is there any advantage booking our hotel through Azamara? We are thinking of booking a pre-cruise hotel but not sure how. When I look up hotels there is no place to book, and no code to use on the hotel’s site. Any advice is appreciated. Smooth Sailings! Gail
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