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  1. Maybe a bit selfish but would be disappointed if our overnight in Venice was moved to the mainland. We were there in 2016 when small boats blocked us in and delayed our departure for about two hours.
  2. The cabin we were in (172) had a power strip that the tv was plugged into leaving a few outlets for us to use. There was also an outlet for their hairdryer. I didn’t see any outlets in the bathroom that I can remember. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. Hi Jacqui, Hope all is well. Still talking about our cruise on the Prinsendsm. We booked a cruise while on board... Zuiderdam..Mediterranean Empires May15,2020 Please add us to the list. gwilli Cheers, Gail and Tom
  4. It’s best to make arrangements beforehand. In April with only a few ships in port, it was difficult for some. They hadn’t arranged with the hotel shuttle and it was full! Tried to get a cab, but saw them walking pulling their suitcases to the port. It was a long walk!
  5. The rain has stopped in Civitavecchia, and hopefully the seas will calm down this evening. Found a local (Italian) wine at a great price to bring aboard for our wine tasting. This is such a nice port town for those that are spending the day here. Lots of little shops and places to eat. Can’t wait until tomorrow! Smooth Sailing!
  6. Thanks for the wonderful posts about Lisbon! Can’t wait for our stop there. One day isn't going to be enough; it’s someplace that we will have to go back to. Can’t wait to catch up with you and our other CC friends. Until then ... (only 13 days!). Smooth sailings ... gwilli
  7. This has/is a wonderful roll call thanks to everyone. Can’t wait to join the journey on the 24. Until then, safe travels and smooth sailing to all on the Prinsendam.
  8. Too much said about this. When I looked at my express documents emailed on March 12, I didn’t notice the change in itinerary until I began to check in the other day. It did show the the change in itinerary but the map wasn’t changed. I didn’t pay attention to it until now. So HAL did know of this change before March 12 but chose not to make a big deal about it and didn’t notify us. Please....enough said. It is what it is. Please don’t jump on OP. She is only trying to be helpful.
  9. Safe travels! Can’t wait to catch up to you on the 24th. Looking forward to cruising on this wonderful ship and meeting Cruise Critic friends. Smooth sailings!
  10. We booked a ship tour in Le Palais and have not been told yet that the port has been changed. They will credit our account with a refundable onboard credit ( if we don’t use it we get it back.) We were looking forward to this island. Been to Guernsey already. Cheers
  11. Thanks so much. Cheers!
  12. How does one add their profile picture? Thanks!
  13. Hi Jacqui, Please add us to the Prinsendam, April 24 to your Bon Voyage list. We have been on many HAL cruises, one of them won in a cruise raffle. Thanks again, gwilli Gail and Tom
  14. Thanks for your posts. Can't wait until April when I get to experience the Prinsendam. Just wondering about the main dining room menus. Are they the same as the other delicious HAL menus or are they able to offer different choices? (With less people....). How is their wine selection? Cheers!
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